It’s an exciting time to be taking CBD. To help you keep track of the ever-changing, ever-evolving entity that is the CBD market, we made a list of 10 new CBD brands to keep an eye on as we progress through 2021.

Our hope is that this list of 10 new CBD brands helps you select a product that’s right for you. We’ve distilled down the research so you can feel empowered to choose wisely. Keep scrolling to see which brands made the list for 2021.

Key Takeaways

  • Not all CBD brands are created equal
  • Not all brands work for every person or condition, but we’ve done our best to categorize our favorites
  • Finding the best products for you can take some trial and error, be patient and continue experimenting!

Up-And-Coming: Seabedee

new CBD brands

While all of the CBD brands on this list are taking their momentum with them into 2021, the number one spot goes to a new brand that has become quickly risen to the top.

Founded in December 2018, Seabedee has spent the last year attaining quantum-level growth rates and helping thousands of happy customers. Their products are simple, refined, and reliable.

What do we admire about Seabedee, besides their awesome products? They have what we’d call a “consumer-forward mindset.” Their CBD is verifiably free of additives, chemicals, and allergens, so even customers with special dietary needs can feel cared for and catered to.

Key Highlight:  A transparent new brand with reliable products and impressive results.

Potent & Powerful: Restorative Botanicals

new CBD brands

Restorative Botanicals is on this top 10 list for more than a few reasons. The biggest one? Their PURE6 Hemp Oil, which contains a whopping 1,800 milligrams of cannabidiol per one-ounce bottle. That’s 60 mg/mL!

This oil is so potent that it’s more concentrated than ‘normal’ CBD oil. It’s more fragrant and ‘terpy,’ too. If you’ve been looking for max-strength CBD, look no further. Interested in our full review? Read it here.

Key Highlight: A truly functional new brand with truly powerful CBD products.

Most Affordable: CBDistillery

new CBD brands

CBDistillery has quickly grown to become an established name in the CBD industry. Because of its size, it can offer premium CBD cheap. Their 1,000 mg CBD Isolate Oil, for example, costs only $65! That’s way under the industry’s 10 cents/mg standard.

Key Highlight: Lots of product options, lots of quality, lots of money saved.

Most Unique: Hemp Bombs

new CBD brands

True to its name, Hemp Bombs has experienced “explosive” growth recently. Hemp Bombs product offerings are impressive. From CBD-infused tattoo ointment, beard balm, pleasure gel, Relaxation syrup, vapes, capsules, and more. Even with all this diversity, Hemp Bombs manages to maintain full quality control over each batch of their lab-tested products.

Key Highlight: Hemp Bombs pretty much offers a CBD product for everything under the sun.

Organic CBD: LEEF Organics

cbd soap

LEEF Organics is all about doing organic CBD right. They offer USDA-certified-organic, CBD-centric soaps, bath products, extracts, and even paleo products…for pets. 

It’s all part of LEEF’s mission to provide “CBD products that rebalance and harmonize your body from the inside out and outside in.” We’d say the brand is succeeding.

Key Highlight:  Highly refined organic CBD…LEEF is the purist’s choice!

Hemp Flower: Pure Relief

Pure Relief Raw Hemp CBD Flower Relief Rolls Product Review

Is there any CBD product as futuristic as hemp flower? Probably not. Up until very recently, the thought of smoking something that looked like, smelled like, and tasted like high-THC cannabis without getting high was pretty much unheard of.

Times have changed, and no one is doing smokable hemp better than Pure Relief. They offer several delicious strains of high-CBD hemp, including Lifter, Elektra, and Super Silver Haze.

Key Highlight: Pure Relief’s premium pre-packaged hemp flower makes getting healthy fun!

Premium Products: Joy Organics

new CBD brands

Joy Organics could be on several different 2021 ‘Best Of’ lists because their products are tried and true! They are a family-owned business, and leaders in the premium CBD industry.

So many aspects of their brand are worthy of attention, but this year they’ve been creating some amazing new gummies. Check out their new flavors, including Strawberry Lemonade and Green Apple.

Key Highlight:  A premium organic brand that not only strives to be the best but in doing so by giving back to the community. 

CBD For Athletes: Ambary Gardens

new CBD brands

Ambary Gardens probably didn’t set out to cater to athletes but many of their products are actually ideal for the athletic type.

Their Hemp Hydrate Water, for example, makes taking CBD while staying active easy! We coupled it with some weightlifting and noticed tangibly less muscle soreness. Want to really level up? Combine with Ambary’s CBD Roll On for even better results.

Key Highlight: A gold-tier brand that focuses on purity– that just so happens to make athlete-friendly CBD.

Best CBD Coffee Brand: Subduction Coffee

the best cbd infused coffee

Turns out,  CBD and coffee are a match made in heaven. If you want to try the best of the best, consider Subduction Coffee’s blends! They’ve managed to merge fair-trade certified, organic coffee with nano-enhanced, water-soluble hemp. If you want to get ready to take on the day, this is the CBD product for you.

Key Highlight: Artisanal coffee meets high-tech CBD.

CBD & Sexuality: Quim

cbd for vaginal health quim

If we’re being honest, CBD never used to be sexy. But now it’s 2021, and times have changed!

Which is only fitting, given that CBD and sexual health go hand in hand. According to Quimthemselves, their CBD-infused products are practically bedroom essentials—they can increase sensation, relaxation, even blood flow.

Key Highlight: Quim offers premium CBD products for all things feminine health and sexuality made by women, for women.