Brand Review: 43 CBD

43 CBD started as a small effort between friends to help people live naturally healthy lives but has quickly become much more. The brand boasts a full selection of full-spectrum and THC-free CBD oils, topicals, and more. 

What’s most impressive is that many 43 CBD products carry a USDA Organic Certification—something that is no small feat for the cannabidiol industry. At the forefront, we love that the brand promises clean, effective formulas that are 100 percent free of pesticides and heavy metals, including unique products like the CCOF Certified CBD Oil Ultra Deep Tissue Salve.

43 CBD Review Results:

  • Organic hemp
  • Locally farmed in Colorado
  • Broad and full-spectrum formulas
  • Variety of oils, topicals, capsules, and pet products
  • Ethanol extraction
  • Environmentally-friendly practices
  • Focus on sustainable sources
  • Premium, organic ingredients
  • No palm oil
  • Multiple flavor and potency options
  • Third-party lab tested for potency and purity
  • Great customer service!

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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

43 CBD at a Glance

Although 43 CBD’s organic certification (which they’ve procured for many of their products) is impressive, we know there’s more to high-quality CBD. Thankfully, the brand covers all corners.

They offer multiple formulas designed to offer the unique, boosted benefits of hemp’s entourage effect, including full-spectrum and broad-spectrum formulas. Each is artisan-crafted CBD with a mix of other high-quality, organic ingredients (a requirement to obtain the USDA Organic Certification).

Some products include targeted botanicals like cinnamon, rosemary, or clove oils, while others feature a pure, potent formulation with organic hemp seed oil and their CBD extract as the only ingredients.

Through choosing their ingredients and manufacturing processes, the brand focused on sources and extraction techniques that had the lowest environmental impact. One unique way that the brand shows this dedication to the planet is by ensuring that all products are “Orangutan Safe,” meaning they contain no palm-oil, a culprit of continuous deforestation.

Finally, 43 CBD also emphasizes their customer service–give them a call and speak directly to their small team. We love to hear about brands with this type of dedication to consumer support. There’s no better way to get accurate and reliable information about a brand or product before you buy.

43 CBD was started by owners Greg and Dontje, who are good friends and business partners that share a passion for healing and helping their customers feel good naturally. Greg’s background in chemistry and engineering and his love for farming led him to his position as the brand’s “master formulator.”

Dontje takes the role of talking to customers to help lead them down their own unique path of wellness with one of the brand’s artisan-crafted formulas. Together, the two lead the brand with soul by choosing sustainable practices, reducing their carbon footprint, and offering products and support that will truly align their customers (and their pets) with total health and wellness.

43 CBD Product Reviews Highlights

43 CBD offers a straightforward, potent line of CBD products with just enough variety to make your wellness routine your own. At the forefront of the product line is the USDA-Certified Organic CBD Oil selection, which includes three different potency options ranging up to 2000 mg per bottle. The oils are regularly available in three flavors—natural, peppermint, and cinnamon—but the brand likes to shake it up with seasonal additions, too. Alternatively, the brand offers two THC-free CBD Oil formulas, a 500 mg and 1000 mg bottle, in the same three flavors.

Full-spectrum consumers can also enjoy the convenience of CBD capsules, which offer a 25 mg dose and come 30 to a bottle. 

The CBD Salve collection includes a small variety of beeswax-based topicals. Each is formulated with the brand’s full-spectrum CBD extract and a blend of organic carrier oils. The regular USDA Organic CBD Salve contains 300 mg of CBD, and the Extra Strength variety has double that amount. If thick topical salves aren’t your cup of tea, you might prefer the CBD Massage Oil, which has a powerful 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD per ounce. 

Finally, the brand offers an artisan-crafted CBD Oil Tincture for pets, the Furry Friend Formula, which is made with 500mg of CBD and sustainably harvested anchovy fish oil, which is packed with the omega-3’s your pet needs. It’s an easy way to add the power of CBD to your pet’s regular meals without much fuss and offers the same powerful full-spectrum formula for complete relief.

Product Quality

43 CBD is centered in the Western Slope of Colorado, which is both close to home for the brand’s owners and the perfect environment for growing quality hemp—cool, sunny, and high altitude. 

At first glance, the brand’s dedication to quality is apparent. They start with hand-selected natural seeds and support their local farmers, who carefully test soil quality before growing each hemp crop organically, which means there are never any harsh chemical fertilizers or pesticides used. 

Harvested plants are then transported to a state-certified facility, where they are processed using an ethanol extraction process. The brand chose ethanol extraction for several reasons—like using less energy to provide more potent yields of hemp extract.

From there, the brand uses the full-spectrum extract in several products, or carefully refines the oil to remove all traces of THC in a final step, resulting in artisan-crafted broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract. 

Lab Results

43 CBD outsources to Aurum Labs for third-party testing for every product batch. These test results are easy to find on the brand’s website and verify accurate CBD potency and the full spectrum of cannabinoids, as listed on each label. 


All in all, 43 CBD’s line isn’t huge. We’ve found, however, that many brands get great results from putting their focus where it matters—real relief and customer satisfaction—rather than spreading themselves too thin. The line offers enough variety to create a well rounded CBD routine, as well as multiple USDA-Certified Organic products, so even the most health-conscious consumers can find a CBD product that meets their needs. Thanks to the range of potencies, we happily recommend this brand to beginners and experienced users looking for a superior, chemical-free CBD experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 43 CBD full-spectrum?

43 CBD has full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD (THC-free) formulas, which means there are products to meet the needs of those who are THC restricted.

Does 43 CBD actually work?

43 CBD offers a full line of artisan CBD products designed to offer potent, organic doses of cannabidiol and the full benefits of cannabinoid synergy. The potent formulas cover systemic and topical dosing needs, so it’s easy to create a full coverage CBD routine that works for you.

Where is 43 CBD located?

43 CBD Solutions LLC is located in Durango, Colorado. 

Where to buy 43 CBD?

You can order any of 43 CBD’s products directly from their site, which ships to all 50 U.S. states.

You can find 43 CBD on Facebook and Instagram!

Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

Where to Buy 43 CBD CBD: