Brand Review: Health and Wellness Botanicals

Health and Wellness Botanicals is a “botanical superstore” of sorts offering an impressive selection of CBD tinctures, topicals, edibles, vapes, and more. The diverse collection includes multiple formulas designed to meet the varying needs of consumers. While most of their focus is on providing a variety of CBD formulas to meet these needs, the brand also offers other cannabinoid-based products, like the Water-Soluble CBG Tincture.

Health and Wellness Botanicals Review Results:

  • Organically grown, Colorado-farmed hemp
  • Full Spectrum and THC-free formulas
  • Botanically enhanced and terpene enhanced formulas
  • Minor cannabinoid products, like CBG tinctures
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Oral, vape, and topical skincare and beauty products
  • Targeted formulas for stress and sleep
  • CBD designed for pets
  • Free Shipping over $75
  • Great customer service!

Where to Buy Health and Wellness Botanicals CBD:

Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

Health and Wellness Botanicals at a Glance

Health and Wellness Reviews

Health and Wellness Botanicals takes an educational approach to CBD wellness. Instead of pushing products with fancy marketing and bold claims, the brand is dedicated to educating consumers about their alternatives to prescription medications, which often come with a lengthy list of side effects.

The CBD formulas offered vary greatly in order to provide a range of suitable replacements. The selection includes both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum formulas, so there are options for users looking for a THC-free solution. The brand also offers multiple water-soluble products formulated with nanotechnology to offer a boosted bioavailability.

Health and Wellness Product Review Highlights

As we mentioned, Health and Wellness Botanicals isn’t a small, streamlined CBD brand, but more of a “superstore,” and covering their entire product line is no easy feat. Still, a few highlights stand apart from the crowd:

The brand offers a large tincture selection that includes multiple water-soluble formulas, CBD oil tinctures, and terpene infused formulas (like Rest and Relax) with potencies ranging as high as 3,500 mg per bottle. Most of these tincture selection is unflavored, but they do offer one blood orange-flavored variety to help mask the full-spectrum taste for those with a picky palate

The CBD topical selection also shines brightly, with Lavender or Peppermint infused roll-ons and an Extra Strength 3,000 mg botanical blend salve at the forefront. We like that the topical selection extends past pain solutions and also includes various Health and Beauty products, like a Rosehip and Hibiscus CBD Facial Cream and a simple CBD Massage Oil.

The brand also offers a fair variety of CBD pet products that may be useful even for picky pets, like CBD tinctures designed for pets, plus CBD Pet Shampoo, CBD Peanut Butter, and even multiple varieties of CBD Pet Treats. 

Not every category is quite as bountiful, but the brand still has other useful botanical formulations to choose from. For instance, they offer three CBD vape cartridges, including Lavender, Tangerine, and Peppermint varieties, that are free of propylene glycol and feature 250 mg of CBD each.

They also have one edible, the CBD Fruit Chews, that are packed with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD and come in three delicious flavors—Watermelon, Mango, and Lemon.

Product Quality

No matter the formula, the majority of ingredients are derived from natural sources. The brand uses essential oils, MCT oil, and a wide range of botanicals to boost CBD’s efficacy. The selection offers formulas designed to combat full-body aches and pains, anxieties, sleep ailments, skin conditions, and more. 

We like that Health and Wellness Botanicals also offers a Subscribe and Save option that helps users access these formulas at a lower price. The subscription option has flexible shipment frequency and saves up to 20 percent.


Lab Results

Health and Wellness Botanicals verifies the potency and purity of every formulation through third-party lab tests. These tests are available on the brand’s website and include information about each batch’s cannabinoid profile and the absence of potential contaminants, like residual solvents and heavy metals.


Even after a deeper investigation into the brand’s product line, we found that the Health and Wellness Botanicals didn’t seem to waiver on quality. Many products are made with all-natural ingredients and multiple botanicals or targeted ingredients, and most offer a variety of potencies to meet varying consumer needs, which make us comfortable recommending the brand to health-conscious consumers at any point in their CBD journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Health and Wellness Botanicals full-spectrum?

Yes. Health and Wellness Botanicals offers many full-spectrum formulas, and also includes some broad-spectrum options that are free of THC. 

How to use Health and Wellness Botanicals?

The way you use Health and Wellness Botanicals’ products depends on the product you choose, but there are multiple options designed for internal and topical use that make it easy to personalize your CBD regimen to meet your needs. 

Where can I buy Health and Wellness Botanicals?

All of Health and Wellness Botanicals products are available online from their store, which offers 100 percent secure checkout and ships to all 50 U.S. states. 

Are Health and Wellness Botanicals products organic?

Health and Wellness Botanicals products are made from organically-farmed and premium ingredients, are not yet USDA-certified organic.

Health and Wellness Botanicals provides some upfront information on their hemp source—it’s organically grown in the U.S.A. at a Farm Bill approved farm. Upon further investigation, we found that the hemp is sun-grown in Colorado, where the brand maintains oversight from seed to sale. 

After harvest, hemp is processed via CO2 extractions, which the brand deems superior to solvent-based methods. The CBD extract is then used to create a variety of formulas, including some with and without THC, as well as formulas designed to offer enhanced benefits, like terpene-infused products. These unique formulas are aimed at a variety of ailments, like arthritis, stress, sleep ailments, and more.

Does Health and Wellness Botanicals Have an Affiliate or Referral Program?

Yep! You can check it out on their affiliate page.

Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

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