Brand Review: Honest Paws

Honest Paws has cornered the CBD pet market by offering a vast selection of high-quality CBD oral supplements and treats, as well as uniquely formulated bundles for managing pet owner’s most common concerns. Unlike many CBD brands that may offer a pet-specific product here and there, Honest Paws has dedicated their efforts in entirety to creating tasty, effective CBD pet supplements. This fine-tuned focus allows them to create CBD pet products that are truly beyond compare. They offer a variety of formulas created for cats and dogs (with a special selection for puppies), and extend further to offer a premium CBD tincture for horses as well.

Honest Paws Review Results:

  • Organic, full-spectrum CBD Oil
  • Wide variety of products to fit every pet’s needs
  • Third-party lab-tested results displayed on the website
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy-free

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Discount Code: K2C15

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Discount Code: K2C15

Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

Honest Paws At a Glance

A company founded by passionate animal lovers, Honest Paws set its goal high: To help one million pet owners and their furry friends enjoy their time together to its fullest extent. This mission centers around their proprietary Organic Hemp Oil formula with naturally occurring CBD, which they use in all of their convenient pet supplements. This hemp formula works to provide endocannabinoid balance to our furry friends in order to help them look, move, and feel better and live long, healthy lives!

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Honest Paws Product Review Highlights

In terms of CBD pet product shops, Honest Paws is one of the largest. Unlike CBD brands that dedicate a small section of their time to formulating pet-friendly products, Honest Paws gives our furry friends their undivided attention. The result is a pretty expansive product line that includes oral CBD oil, pre-portioned treats, and soft chews, and even infused edibles that can be used to make homemade treats or to top your pet’s regular food.


Honest Paws Review & Coupon Code

Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Bites 

Their CBD formula  is packed into their CBD Dog Bites, which are regularly available in three beneficial varieties including Calming Bites with Roasted Peanut Butter (pictured above), Relief Bites with Tasty Turmeric, and Restore Bites with Creamy Coconut. The Calming CBD Dog Treats are formulated with organic ingredients designed to help your dog relax. 

Product Type: CBD Bites | CBD Type: Full-Spectrum | Price: $29.99 | Potency: 150mg CBD per Bag| Size: 30 count |

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Honest Paws Mobility CBD Oil

Extra Strength CBD Oil for Dogs – Mobility

Product Type: CBD Oil | CBD Type: Full-Spectrum | Price: $99.99 | Potency: 1000mg CBD per Bottle| Size: 30 mL. |

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Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Oil For Cats

Product Type: CBD Oil | CBD Type: Full-Spectrum | Price: $39.99 | Potency: 125mg CBD per Bottle| Size: 30 mL. |

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CBD with Peanut Butter

Organic Peanut Butter Infused With Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

In the same light, Honest Paws CBD Peanut Butter is great for making treats or makes a great treat on its own. It may also provide a useful option for owners of picky pets.

Product Type: CBD Peanut Butter | CBD Type: Full-Spectrum | Price: $29.95 | Potency: 160mg CBD per Bottle| Size: 15 oz. |

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Product Quality

This CBD brand uses some of the highest-quality hemp available, which they source locally from Colorado hemp farms. They utilize a clean CO2 extraction method to produce the full-spectrum hemp extract used to manufacture their line of CBD pet products. The extraction process is carefully monitored and batch tested to ensure consistency and quality.

Is Honest Paws Legit? 

The Honest Paws team loves their pets, so they understand the importance of providing clean, safe, and natural supplements to pet owners. Each product is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis from a third-party lab, which you can look up by batch number on the site, or find by scanning the QR code on the package.


The brand really leaves nothing to be desired, and their expansive shop offers options for cats, dogs, and horses of all sizes. We commend their commitment to quality and efforts to supply pet owners with CBD products that make dosing easy for even the pickiest pets. With this in mind, we feel no hesitation in extending the brand our full seal of approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honest Paws CBD Oil organic?

Yes, all of Honest Paws products are made with organic hemp oil.

Do Honest Paws products actually work? 

All animals have an endocannabinoid system that may benefit from CBD, but it affects every animal differently. Honest Paws products deliver a high-quality dose of cannabidiol that will be useful for any pet that benefits from CBD. 

Where are they located? 

Honest Paws is headquartered in League City, Texas.

Where to buy Honest Paws CBD?

There are multiple stores across the U.S. that carry Honest Paws CBD products, and they have a store locator on their site. You can also order directly from the Honest Paws website, which ships to all 50 states.

Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

Where to Buy Honest Paws CBD:

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Discount Code: K2C15