Brand Review: Pharm Organics

Disclaimer: This brand is no longer active, please see these other #TCEApproved brands for similar product offerings.

Pharm Organics holds a unique spot in the CBD industry that makes them a top choice among regular CBD users. In addition to offering a diverse line of CBD tinctures, topicals, beverages, pet supplies, and more, the brand features an option to build your own monthly CBD subscription. This program, called FastPharm Subscriptions, is a set-it-and-forget-it option that supplies subscribers with the products they use at the same time every month so they never have to go without CBD relief. Subscribers benefit from a hefty discount on every product they add to their subscription package, and the subscription can be cancelled, risk-free, at any time. 

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Brand Details

  • USA Made


Pharm Organics was founded by a military veteran who understands the stressors of life and wanted to offer a natural, safe option for dealing with them. From its start, the brand has taken the low regulation within the CBD industry seriously. Their eyes are always open to the ever-evolving industry, as well as the quality of their products and their customer’s needs and concerns. Every batch they manufacture undergoes a rigorous inspection process before hitting the shelves, and they are so confident in the efficacy of their products that they offer a money back guarantee. 

Common Questions

Is Pharm Organics THC-free?

Yes! All of Pharm Organics products are made from Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. That means all of the hemp’s THC is removed during manufacturing, and these non-detect levels can be verified with their test results. 

Do Pharm Organics CBD products actually work? 

CBD affects every person differently. Your experience with the Cannabinoid will be unique to you. However, Pharm Organics is being talked about by some of the largest news sources in the industry, and they take great care in ensuring the products they offer are top-quality. You can find many glowing reports from their customer base.

Where are they located? 

Pharm Organics is headquarters in Kansas City, MO.

Where to buy Pharm Organics products?

You can order their products  directly from their site and get free shipping to all 50 U.S. states. 

Lab Results

Pharm Organics is committed to a thorough and consistency quality control approach, and they lay it out for everyone to see. Every product is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis from a third party laboratory. These tests serve to prove the accurate potency and non-detect levels of THC in every product. They also include a pesticide and contaminant analysis to ensure the safety of each product. You can find a full list of test results on their site. 

Product Line

Pharm Organics has a colorful selection of CBD products that may work for just about any person, and they even offer a selection of products for pets. Each product is available for a one time purchase at regular price, but can be added to your personalized FastPharm Subscription (where you receive a discount!).

One product that perfectly represents the brand’s innovative nature is their CBD Hemp Energy + Focus Drink, which comes in powdered form and adds a blast of berry flavor, as well as caffeine, chain amino acids, essential vitamins, and CBD to your water. The brand offers other systemic dosing options with many of these same benefits, like 10mg CBD Gummy Multivitamins, which are vegan and offer assorted fruit flavors. 

They have a variety of topical products to be used on their own or in combination with a systemic dosing method. The Deep Freeze Roll-On features 750mg of CBD that can be applied exactly where you need it. Pharm Organics offers this roll-on in their Muscle CBD Bundle, which also includes their 500mg CBD Tincture and topical CBD Salve. If that bundle doesn’t fit your fancy, the Athlete CBD Bundle may be the boost you need. This bundle includes the same tincture and salve, as well as the CBD Hemp Energy + Focus Drink mix. A great option for dosing on-the-go, the Travel Bundle includes the same Energy + Focus Drink mix, as well as their premium CBD softgels and topical salve. 

And if you want to extend this CBD relief to your furry friends, Pharm Organics has you covered. Their soft and chewy 2mg CBD Dog Treats are great for pups of all sizes and make it easy to accurately control the dose. The Puppy Pamper Bundle may be a great option for larger pets (or where a larger CBD dose is needed), as it combines these same 2mg treats with their 500mg CBD Pet Tincture.

We’ve looked them over, and Pharm Organics gave us nothing to fret about. In fact, they exhibit consideration everywhere we like to see it–with thorough test results, clean extraction methods, a diverse product line, and carefully curated CBD bundles. After reviewing the brand, we are happy to extend them our full seal of approval. 

Pharm Organics Product Review Results:

  • THC-Free Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Clean CO2 and ethanol extraction methods
  • Third-party test results available on site
  • Diverse product selection
  • Curated product bundles
  • Monthly subscription program for convenience and discounts


Brand Details

  • USA Made

Where to Buy Pharm Organics CBD: