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Philter Labs presents itself as a social movement we can get behind—one that bridges the gap between vaping advocates and those who prefer not to partake. The handheld, personal smoke filters are designed to use on-the-go to help you vape discreetly, while also reducing secondhand emissions. In other words, Philter Labs is simultaneously working to end cannabis stigmas, protect personal freedoms, and create a healthier world.

Philter Labs Review Results:

  • Personal Smoke Filters
  • Innovative five-step filtration technology
  • Made with high-quality, non-toxic materials
  • Works with cannabis, CBD, and tobacco
  • Designed to effectively filter varying vapor consistencies
  • Reduces smell, VOCs, and overall emissions
  • Spearheading a social movement to de-stigmatize vaping

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Brand Details

  • USA Made

Philter Labs at a Glance

Philter Labs’ Personal Smoke Filters harness the power of unique Zero-5 Technology, a first-of-its-kind layered smoke filter with a five-point nanofiltration process. These filters are carefully designed to effectively filter the many different vaping and smoking mediums of the modern world, which each carry highly varying formulas and viscosities.

In fact, Philter Labs’ Personal Smoke Filters can be used to filter cannabis, CBD, and nicotine, for a smoke-free, smell-free vaping experience. The filtration process is effortless, “as easy as an exhale” according to the brand, and aims to be the “catalyst to social change” that creates socially-conscious vaping behaviors and nurtures respect between vapers and non-vapers.

According to Co-Founder and CEO Christos Nicolaidis, Philter Labs is 100-percent committed to reducing vaping emissions to protect their users, the general public, and the planet. This passion runs deep with the Philter Labs team, who have collectively dedicated decades to creating consumer-centric solutions to life’s problems and helping to de-stigmatize controversial human behaviors. Philter Labs believes that vaping advocates deserve the right to vape as much as non-vapors deserve the right to clean, unpolluted air.

Philter Labs Product Review Highlights

Philter Labs CBD

Philter Labs offers two different unique, portable Personal Smoke Filter designs. The Philter Pocket is a one-size-fits-all personal filter that easily fits into any bag, purse, or pocket (as the name suggests). It’s the most basic Philter device, but uses the same powerful five-step filtration technology and can be seamlessly used alongside any of your favorite vaping devices to eliminate clouds, smell, and keep your vaping low-key.

The Philter Phlip is an innovative personal smoke filter design that allows you to attach your favorite stick vaporizer for an all-in-one experience. The silicone sleeve includes a place to simply slide in any standard pen-style vape, including any standard 510 threaded device. You vape from one end and simply “Phlip” the device over to exhale through the mouthpiece on the other end. All smoke and smell is filtered for a stress-free vaping experience.

Each filter is good for up to 150 exhales, and Philter Labs offers Filter Refill 3-packs, so there’s no need to purchase an entirely new device each time. The filter refills and silicone sleeves each come in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match your Personal Smoke Filter as you see fit.

Product Quality

Philter Labs Product Quality

Philter Labs offers a couple of different designs to best serve the widely varying vape community, but each design balances on the same Zero-5 Technology. This five-step nanofiltration system starts with an Emission Pre-Treatment and ends with a Particulate Treatment and Odor Reduction phase that completely filters secondhand smoke and vapor. This thorough process captures and dissolves particulates, pollutants, and VOCs associated with air pollution, resulting in a cleaner experience for everyone.

Each Personal Smoke Filter is made with high-quality, non-toxic materials. The sleeves are made from quality silicone, a highly durable polymer material that can withstand incredibly high and low temperatures without off-gassing hazardous chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Philter Labs?

Philter Labs is a one-of-a-kind supplier of a handheld nanofiltration device that hopes to solve the problem of personal vaping emission and the negative stigma that it may carry. The filters fit in your pocket and eliminate smoke, smell, and harmful chemical offput from any vapor or smoke you exhale.

Where is Philter Labs located?

Philter Labs, Inc. is based in San Diego, California.

Where to buy Philter Labs?

You can order Philter devices and replacement filters directly from their online shop.

How big is the Philter Pocket?

It’s about four inches long and a half-inch wide. Definitely small enough to slip in your pocket!

How to use Philter Personal Smoke Filter?

Just give a slow and steady exhale into the Philter mouthpiece. Try not to exhale too softly or the vapor may not push through the filter or exhale too harshly, which may push the vapor through before it’s completely filtered. The devices are simple to use and it shouldn’t be hard to find a middle ground. Just do what feels right!

Brand Details

  • USA Made

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