Brand Review: ShredCBD

ShredCBD is an unparalleled wellness company that uses CBD to target a new angle—reducing body fat. The brand uses potent doses of CBD isolate and a blend of industry-leading fat-burning ingredients to rival the caffeine-laden weight loss supplements that saturate the market. They only offer one product, but they promise premium quality and hasty results. 

ShredCBD Review Results

  • Fat burning CBD isolate formula
  • No stimulants
  • Natural ingredients
  • Third-party lab tested
  • THC content below WADA threshold
  • Great for athletes
  • Free Shipping

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

ShredCBD at a Glance

ShredCBD balances on the belief that CBD is scientifically backed to help burn fat and promote weight loss. According to the brand, daily CBD doses can not only boost metabolism, but can target fat storage, reduce snacking, and promote focus that helps you reach your weight loss goals. Plus, the brand does its part to support you in your weight loss journey by including a helpful Fat Shredding Guidebook with every order and offering multiple packages to help you keep your fat-burning CBD on hand. 

We dug around, and we’re happy to say that ShredCBD’s quality checks out. The formula uses premium ingredients, including U.S. grown, hemp-derived CBD isolate, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green Tea. Every batch is formulated in a GMP-approved facility, and third-party lab tested for accuracy. 

The brand doesn’t just cater to those with serious weight loss goals, but also to serious athletes. Shred CBD promises a CBD formula that has the absolute lowest THC content possible, far below the threshold set by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which means professional and amateur athletes can benefit from the fat-burning formula. Aside from burning fat, ShredCBD suggests that its formula can help athletes sleep better, recover faster, and reduce stress. 

ShredCBD Product Review Highlights

ShredCBD’s single product comes in capsule form, which makes it convenient to add to your wellness and weight loss routine.

CBD Capsules for Weight-Loss

Shred CBD Capsules

The CBD capsules come 60 to a bottle, which is a one-month supply. Each capsule contains 20 mg of CBD isolate and 50 mg of Garcinia Cambogia, a combination that supports fat burning and promises results. We’re delighted by the simplicity of the product line, which isn’t the least bit gimmicky or misleading. 

You can purchase the ShredCBD by the bottle at $46 each, but they also offer bundles that help you save on your fat-burning CBD. Plus, shipping is free every time. Combine that with our unique discount code and you can grab this one-of-a-kind formula at a price that’s more than fair. 

Is ShredCBD Legit?

ShredCBD is a legit CBD company, and as far as we can tell, their quality standards really check out. Reviews around the web are mixed, but we know weight loss is not a linear path, and many different factors affect your personal weight loss experience. Many people have shared success stories after using ShredCBD products, and the benefit of a natural, non-stimulant weight loss supplement is truly an advantage for many. 


We think that ShredCBD has a truly unique take on hemp-derived wellness, and their approach to CBD really makes them stand out. We’ve yet to see another CBD product that specifically targets fat burning, and ShredCBD makes it pretty simple to get started on your weight loss journey. 

We like that the product is distinctly natural and free of stimulants, which definitely makes it stand out from other “natural” weight loss products. Since the lab results check out, we think that ShredCBD could definitely be advantageous for anyone looking for a natural route to shedding a few pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do ShredCBD products have THC?

ShredCBD uses CBD isolate with incredibly low THC levels that are below the WADA threshold. 

What is ShredCBD for?

ShredCBD is a unique CBD formula designed specifically to enhance fat burning, but the company claims that it may also benefit athletes by enhancing muscle recovery, improving sleep, and reducing stress. 

Where is ShredCBD located?

ShredCBD is located in Kington, United Kingdom. 

Where to buy ShredCBD products?

You can grab any of their products from their online store.  

Does ShredCBD Have an Affiliate or Referral Program?

Yes! You can learn more about it by checking out their affiliate page.

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

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