Brand Review: Specktra

Disclaimer: This brand is no longer active, to find an alternative CBD Brand, check out our Brand Reviews page

Specktra represents a portion of the CBD industry committed to harnessing the full synergistic potential of cannabis. They do this by utilizing a top-quality full-spectrum hemp extract, which carries the benefit of hemp’s complete natural terpene and cannabinoid profile. To further support this healing synergy, they employed a selection of licensed aromatherapists to help blend the power of cannabidiol with therapeutic essential oils, offering proprietary blends that definitely pack a plant-powered punch. This unique product line is then divided into multi-faceted bundles that help supply relief from all angles.

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Discount Code: K2C15

Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made

Specktra Review Results:

  • Harvested from California-grown hemp
  • Small, but thorough product selection
  • Full-spectrum CBD Formula
  • Complementary products offer full coverage relief
  • Unique essential oil blends for targeted effects
  • Potency, quality, and safety tests available on the website


Specktra describes itself as a nutraceutical company—one focused on purity, consistency, and quality that doesn’t cut corners. Their primary focus is on the quality of their ingredients—every carrier oil, essential oil, or hemp additive is completely natural and organic. Their team consists of true CBD advocates, those whose own lives’ have been positively impacted by the cannabinoid, and highly-trained aromatherapists committed to their symptom-specific targeted CBD wellness approach. They support this approach by offering access to a CBD + Aromatherapy Glossary of sorts, which can help users design a thorough, personalized dosing routine that works for them.

Common Questions

Is Specktra THC-free?

Not quite, but it only contains THC in the trace amounts (less than 0.3 percent) allowed by federal legislation. The small amount of THC provides synergistic effects alongside other cannabinoids and does not result in psychoactive effects.

Does Specktra actually work? 

Specktra products work together to combat even some of the toughest ailments from every angle. The combination of vaporizers, oral tinctures, and topical patches helps boost the efficacy of their full-spectrum approach and they provide unique blends and dosages that may work for all CBD users.

Where are they located? 

Specktra operates from Torrence, California.

Where to buy Specktra?

Orders from  Specktra’s website ship to all 50 U.S. states.

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All of Specktra’s products begin from the same source: High-quality hemp organically grown and carefully harvested at their very own Californi- based hemp farms. Locally grown, U.S. hemp definitely has its benefits—including being less likely to be contaminated by heavy metals or degraded by poor-quality soil. Because Specktra oversees their own farming process, they have total control over the quality of their hemp yield.

Lab Results

Specktra performs in-house batch tests to ensure each batch lives up to its high standards. Then, they ship a sample from each batch off to a third-party lab for double-assurance, and they proudly display these test results with each product listing.

Product Line

The brand covers four main areas, which the products are aptly named after, including Relief, Tranquility, Recovery, and Awake. Each product line includes high-quality CBD combined with pure essential oils, each hand-selected by aromatherapists. This unique approach makes these CBD products stand out, and each line includes a vaporizer and a tincture.

The vaporizer, intended for fast relief, is meant to be paired with the tincture, which kicks in slower but offers solid and extended effects. The Relief line takes it a step further. It still offers the formula in both the vaporizer and the tincture form, but also includes a Relief Transdermal Hemp Patch, which suggests that it provides relief for up to 96 hours.

What’s best? You can buy these products on their own for managing mild to moderate ailments, or you can save a little money and time by purchasing the complete bundles for managing anything more severe. The Pain Relief Bundle includes all three products we mentioned from the Relief line (including several transdermal patches) and is suitable when fast and lengthy relief is needed. The Better Sleep Bundle includes the 400 mg Recovery Tincture and the 250 mg Tranquility Vaporizer, designed to offer fast-acting calming effects and sustained relief throughout the night. The Performance Bundle contains two vaporizers, a tincture, and the Relief patch to provide you everything you need to boost your performance and recovery throughout the day and night.

Our experience with the brand has been pleasantly reassuring—Specktra definitely put great consideration into each CBD formula they offer. Their unique product bundles take the guesswork out of designing an effective CBD wellness routine—a great benefit for regular users looking for a 360-degree approach to symptom management. With all details in mind, we happily extend our full seal of approval to this unique, consumer-friendly CBD brand.


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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made

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