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Twin Flame Tea Co. specializes in creating natural, hand-blended loose leaf teas that are infused with both “love & hemp.” These hemp-infused teas are always made in small batches and are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure each batch’s quality. Tea infused with hemp is an incredibly innovative product that not very many companies out there are doing, certainly not with the attention to detail that Twin Flame Tea Co. provides. With options like their Cha-Cha Chai Hemp-Infused Tea and the fact that their tea can be purchased as either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum, Twin Flame Tea Co. uses both innovation and love to create a unique hemp product that is definitely worth a try. 

Twin Flame Tea Co. Review Results

  • 100% Quality Guarantee
  • SSL Encrypted Checkout
  • Teas available in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options
  • Hemp-free classic teas also available
  • All tea products third-party tested to verify less than 0.3 percent THC
  • Offer a unique CBD product!
  • Seasonal tea options

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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

Twin Flame Tea Co. at a Glance

Twin Flame Tea Co. Reviews

Twin Flame Tea Co. was founded by Amanda S. She states that she founded the company after a walk through a local farmer’s market with her partner. The inspiration came after not being able to find a quality, organic iced tea with real herbs and natural flavors. She wanted to create a hand-blended loose leaf tea made with natural flavors, and Twin Flame Tea Co. was born.

Twin Flame Tea Co. Product Review Highlights

While Twin Flame Tea Co. has 17 different hemp-infused tea options, there are a few that especially stand out for their innovation.


One of those products is their Hemp-Infused Sugar Gems. Each gem contains as much sugar as two regular sugar cubes and comes with 10 mg of either full or broad-spectrum CBD. There are eight sugar gems per box, made with their high quality nano-ized high absorption hemp.

They also offer seasonal teas, like Pumpkin Pie Hemp-Infused Tea. Made from organic ingredients, like organic black tea, organic marigolds, and other natural flavors, their pumpkin pie hemp-infused tea is the fall season in a cup. While their tea can be enjoyed without sweeteners, the company recommends using one (like their hemp-infused Sugar Gems) to help bring out the best flavor in the tea. 

All of their tea comes in 10 sachet packages, with 10 mg of either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp in each.

Product Quality

Twin Flame Tea Co. doesn’t have a lot of information about where their hemp is grown, but they do state that all of their products are made from the “highest quality Hemp-derived full-spectrum nano-ized water-soluble powder around.” This is so that, according to the company, their customers are able to get the most benefit possible from their teas. 

All of the hemp that Twin Flame Tea Co. uses for their product goes through third-party laboratory testing. Those results are posted on their website but are not as comprehensive and easy to find as they could be. 

They currently offer 17 different hemp-infused tea products, and each can be purchased with either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. Their full-spectrum hemp-infused tea has all been verified by third-party testing to contain less than the 0.3 percent legal THC limit set by the federal government so that customers can consume it without concern of psychoactive side effects. There are 10 tea bags per pack.

Twin Flame Tea Co.’s teas are all caffeine-free, which makes them perfect for consumption at any time of the day. They do not currently offer a subscription option.

They also have a section for tea accessories on their webpage, but there are no items currently for purchase. 

Lab Results

Twin Flame Tea Co. has all of its hemp tested at a third-party laboratory. The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is posted for each product on its individual webpage. However, the lab results aren’t very easy to read or find.


Twin Flame Tea Co. provides a unique CBD option that not many other hemp companies are currently offering. With a focus on small-batch, hand-blended teas (which can also be purchased hemp-free) made with love and verified by third-party laboratory testing, the company is one of the more innovative CBD choices out there. Their hemp-infused teas can be purchased as either full spectrum or broad-spectrum as well, and both are made from the company’s high quality nano-ized high absorption hemp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twin Flame Tea Co. THC-free?

All of the products sold by Twin Flame Tea Co. have less than legally allowed 0.3 percent THC content.

Does Twin Flame Tea Co. actually work? 

While the company is fairly new on the hemp scene, all of its reviews are incredibly positive. 

Where are they located? 

The company is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Where can I buy Twin Flame Tea Co. products? 

You can purchase tea from Twin Flame Tea Co right here.

Does Twin Flame Tea Co. have any hemp-free options?

Yes, they currently have 13 different “classic” teas for sale that do not contain any hemp at all.

In addition to their featured hemp-infused loose leaf teas, Twin Flame Tea Co. also has a fairly large selection of classic teas. These teas can be purchased in a sample size as well as a 1.5-ounce bag. 

Twin Flame Tea Co. can be found on both Facebook and Instagram!

Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

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