Could Caliper CBD be the best CBD for an Active Lifestyle?

CBD for Exercise

CBD for Exercise

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – CBD and Exercise go together like bread and butter. Known for its wide array of health benefits, CBD has become increasingly common within the world of exercise. Whether it’s paired with a protein shake or pre-workout, the cannabinoid can help your health regimen reach the next level.

However, there are two major downsides to using traditional CBD. Specifically, CBD Oil can leave a protein shake feeling a bit, well, oily. Similarly, for the most part – CBD can take a while to kick in. So what do you do if you’re seeking a fast-acting, water-soluble, pain-relieving CBD product to bring with you wherever you go?

We recommend Caliper CBD, which we would argue is the best CBD for an active lifestyle.

Caliper CBD

What is Caliper CBD?

If you aren’t familiar with Caliper already, Caliper CBD is a fast-acting, dissolvable CBD powder that’s backed by rigorous science and human clinical studies and lab-tested to ensure purity, potency, and exceptional quality. Unlike CBD oil, their tasteless powder cleanly dissolves into both hot and cold beverages. It can also be added to everyday recipes, making it the most versatile CBD product on the market. Their pre-measured packets are convenient for everyday life and those on the go (no worrying about oil spills, broken bottles, or overheating!) and contain precisely 20mg of CBD to ensure consistent and dependable dosing. The effectiveness and versatility of this product truly set it apart from other CBD brands.

Caliper recently partnered with Colorado State University and ran the first human clinical study to measure and compare the absorption rate of CBD delivered through food and supplement product formats. Caliper CBD started absorbing fastest—in just 10 minutes. What’s more, within 30 minutes, Caliper had more than 30 times more absorption when compared to standard CBD. You can read more about that study here.

Caliper Swiftsticks 

Caliper Flavored CBD powder

Caliper’s brand-new product is even easier than before. With 20mg of CBD per packet, you can pour the Swiftstick directly onto your tongue and feel the effects within minutes. So wherever you go, the Swiftsticks can conveniently and discreetly join in on the adventure. Whether you’re seeking a new supplement for your post-workout regimen or want something quick and easy throughout the day, the Swiftsticks are offered in three different flavors, Cool Mint (pictured above), Mixed Berry, and Lemon Lime.   Similarly, the CBD packets are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and THC-free, making them the perfect option for all demographics.

Caliper Dissolvable Powder

Caliper Dissolvable CBD powder
Besides the 20mg of CBD, the dissolvable powder provides three unique benefits – flavorless, convenient, and consistent. Making it the perfect product for on-the-go, allowing you to implement the CBD into any protein shake or meal without notice.  This product checks all of our boxes, and we firmly believe that this may be the best CBD for an active lifestyle. So whether you’re on the run doing errands or looking for a post-yoga pick-me-up, this product could be quickly intertwined with your daily routine.


Here at The CBD Encyclopedia, our top priority is associating with brands that act with full transparency. Caliper CBD goes above and beyond our standards; with science and doctor-backed studies, Caliper focuses on the well-being of its customers. As a result, they have created two consistent and precise products that can be incorporated into a holistic routine with ease and certainty.  So try Caliper CBD today and incorporate the benefits of CBD into your lifestyle.