Ambary Gardens CBD Tincture: Full-Spectrum Daily CBD Hemp Extract (500mg) Product Review

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  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic


Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

After opening the glass vial, you’ll notice the Ambary Gardens CBD Tincture has a mild scent of coconut oil with an unidentifiable earthiness to it. The light, yet pleasant aroma is sweet and plant-like. There are no scents (artificial or otherwise) added to this product. For reference, Ambary Gardens makes these same tinctures in a peppermint flavored version as well.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

The taste is very similar to the smell and could be described as mild, sweet, and slightly earthy. It tastes quite like coconut oil but with an added earthiness to it. It definitely doesn’t taste as bad as other CBD oil tinctures we’ve tried—you certainly won’t need a “chaser” to wash it down with. That said, you shouldn’t taste the liquid for more than a few seconds as you swallow it (after holding it under your tongue). There are no flavors (artificial or otherwise) added to these tinctures.


The Full Spectrum Daily CBD Oil Tinctures have the consistency of coconut oil. Technically, its MCT fractionated coconut oil with a proprietary blend of organic therapeutic grade high CBD hemp extract. There are no other additives in this full-spectrum CBD hemp oil extract.


Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

The effects of Ambary Gardens CBD Tincture is impressive. These are the same tinctures that help treat seizures and muscle spasms. They are exceptionally effective at reducing the inflammation that causes the most pain and disease. The onset takes up to 45 minutes, but the relief lasts for 6-8+ hours. The effects are soothing with zero psychoactivity. Great for general wellness and mood enhancement—we found ourselves more relaxed and generally happier when using the tinctures regularly. Most importantly, there is no impairment in everyday life.

Best Used For

The Full Spectrum Daily CBD Oil Tinctures are best for treating anxiety, depression, inflammation, migraines, PTSD, sleep, and pain. We also recommend them for reducing the frequency and intensity of seizures and muscle spasms. Great for hangovers and anything that requires restoring internal balance in the body, also known as homeostasis. We found that these tinctures fight the psychoactive effects of THC, making you feel more upbeat, alert, and happy as opposed to tired, lethargic, and spacey.

Best Used With (Complimentary Product)

This is a systemic product, so we recommend combining this product with topicals when you need localized relief. While the Full Spectrum Daily Peppermint CBD Oil Tinctures will help reduce pain and inflammation from the inside out, a salve like the Deep Rub or Muscle Recovery will help treat specific sore spots on the surface level. If you’re looking for more immediate relief, we suggest pairing these tinctures with a vaporized form of CBD like the 99% CBD Isolate or the pre-filled CBD Vaporizer Cartridges from Ambary Gardens.

Value/Price of the Ambary Gardens CBD Tincture

The Full Spectrum Daily CBD Oil Tinctures come in four different potencies: 250mg, 500mg, 1,000mg, and 5,000mg of CBD. With dosages varying from 8.3mg to 83mg CBD per ml (one dropper), these extracts are perfect for your daily dosage of CBD. When it comes to CBD oil tinctures, you get what you pay for—these tinctures are made with the highest quality inputs available.


There are many CBD companies making tinctures. There are two main factors to consider when choosing a tincture: was the starting material grown organically, and are there any synthetic ingredients or residual solvents in the tincture? In the case of the Full Spectrum Daily CBD Oil Tinctures, the hemp starting material was grown all organically, and the tincture contains no nasty chemical ingredients. This means the Full Spectrum Daily CBD Oil Tinctures from Ambary Gardens pass our CBD buyers guide test.


Suggested Use: Adults take one dropper as shown two times daily. Apply dropper directly into mouth or spoon.

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend Organic Therapeutic Grade High CBD Hemp Extract and MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Grown using only sustainable, organic methods and formulated under strict lab conditions ensures Ambary products are of the highest quality possible. All products are third-party tested to ensure consistent potency & quality. Vegan, small-batch, no animal testing. No flavor added. Store in a cool, dry, dark location.

First Hand Review


I used to take ibuprofen every day prior to surgery and pain meds, muscle relaxers, plus Valium following surgery… but no more at all since I started this!



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