Bespoke Extracts Manuka Honey Cream (1000 mg)


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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic



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Pros and Cons!


  • Incredible consistency
  • Provides a very balanced aroma
  • Does not dry sticky 
  • A little goes a long way


  • Wish there were more size options

Bespoke Extracts at a Glance

Bespoke Extracts creates CBD products that seek to use the power of nature to help their community. Bespoke has the mission of using the highest quality, natural ingredients to create versatile and delicious CBD products. They also are community-focused, offering discount codes to three groups: frontline workers, veterans, and people aged 55 and above.  

Bespoke Extracts Discount & Coupon Code

Interested in trying the Manuka Honey Cream? Use our unique Bespoke Extracts discount code [CBD25] to get 25% off your entire order!

Bespoke Extracts Manuka Honey Cream Overview

Like the Bespoke Extracts Manuka Honey Tincture, the Topical features Manuka Honey, a honey product sourced from New Zealand, and as they say, not all Manuka is the same. They explain that they use only the highest-quality Manuka with an Ultra-Premium Grade Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) of 15+. 

CBD Infused Manuka Honey Cream Highlights

  • CO2 Extraction
  • All-Natural USA Grown Hemp 
  • Third-party lab tested
  • CBD Isolate
  • Infused with authentic Manuka Honey 
  • THC-free
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Light minty aroma
  • US Hemp Certified

CBD Infused Manuka Honey Cream First-Hand Review

In general, I’m quite hesitant to use topicals; I often stray away from anything that can make my skin feel sticky. Perhaps, I get that trait from my father, one of those crazy people who eats pizza with a fork and knife. So in terms of a CBD Topical, I’m really seeking three things: smell, texture, and effects.


  • As previously stated, the Manuka Honey Cream has the slightest of aromas. It gives off the most delicate smell mixed with a bit of sweetness. This can only be smelled from inches away, and after a few minutes on the skin, it begins to fade away.


  • Given the size of the packaging, this CBD product seems to have the motto of “A little can go a long way.” With just a dime-sized amount of the cream on my finger, I was able to give it an even spread across my forearm. Bespoke’s product feels a bit runnier than traditional topicals but not quite as oily.


  • In essence, my girlfriend is essentially my CBD Guinea Pig for Topicals. She has been having a flare-up from her rheumatoid arthritis, which causes severe pain in her joints (among other things) throughout her body. So, as a result, we have the baseline (me) and the extreme (her). My soreness is typically mild; perhaps after a run, I will throw on a CBD topical; as a preventative measure to stop future muscle aches. For this, the Manuka Honey does wonders; within about 15-30 minutes, the soreness begins to fade. While on the more extreme side of pain, this product does make the discomfort a bit lessened, but not to the degree we often seek.

Bespoke Extracts Manuka Honey Price & Comparison

At first glance, the $60 price tag for this product seems a bit steep. The added X-factor of 1000mg of Manuka Honey and $0.059 per mg honestly falls within industry standards. Similarly, considering the longevity of this product, I’d say this is more than reasonable.

Bespoke Extracts CBD Infused Manuka Honey Cream Pricing




1000mg $59.99


Compared to cbdMD’s CBD Recover Inflammation Cream, the Manuka Honey is cheaper per mg, even with 250mg more than the competitor. 

cbdMD CBD Recover Inflammation Cream Pricing


Price $/mg
750mg $51.99


However, by using our Bespoke Extract’s Coupon Code [CBD25], we can drop that price by 25% and save $15, or $0.015 per mg. So at the new price of $44.99, this CBD Topical comes in below the industry average, and you have a great deal. 

Bespoke Extracts CBD Infused Manuka Honey Cream Pricing with Discount Code





$44.99 $0.044


Bespoke Extracts Product Quality

Bespoke Extracts uses only the highest quality ingredients to create the best quality product. Their hemp starting material is all-natural, USA grown, processed in an FDA registered facility, and 100% GMP certified. For more verification, all of their products are sent to a third-party lab with easy-to-find test results (for this cream, the results can be seen below).

Verified Customer Reviews

Teresa R. – 5 Stars

“I have been using cbd-3c and the manuka honey CBD cream for a few months and so happy with the relief I get from chronic pain…the customer service is A1, the sales and discounts available for 55 and over has made it possible for me to keep plenty on hand at amazing prices..thank you and God bless your mission to help others!!” 


Aimee L. – 5 Stars 

“Recommended by friend and UFC fighter Impa Kasanganay. Was skeptical as we’ve never used anything with CBD oil in it. Wow it’s been amazing for my wife’s knees. She does kickboxing workout and has always complained about aches. Thanks to Bespoke. Definitely a customer for life.”



Overall, this product has benefits that can meet various needs. I would certainly recommend this product to a friend in search of remedies for Muscle Aches and Joint pains.