Calm By Wellness CBD Gummies Product Review (2021): 300mg, Assorted Fruit

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic


Pros & Cons


  • Beginner’s dosage
  • THC-free
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Third-party lab test results are easy to find


  • Moderate hempy aftertaste

Calm By Wellness at a Glance

Calm By Wellness is a small hemp brand powered by a team of doctors, scientists, and wellness experts who believe that a sense of calm is essential to optimal wellbeing. The product line supports this sense of calm by targeting what ails you, be it sleep disruptions, pain, or anxiety. These CBD Gummies are a mild THC-free option that showcases exactly how functional the Calm by Wellness line is, and while they fare well on their own, they also pair well with the brand’s many other tinctures and topical products. 

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Calm by Wellness Assorted Fruit CBD Gummies Overview

Multiply your relaxation with Calm by Wellness CBD Gummies. These fruity CBD gummies are made with the finest quality organic ingredients, including Calm By Wellness’s proprietary blend of terpenes that complement the effects of Cannabidiol (CBD). Sourced from organically grown hemp, Calm by Wellness can deliver you a sense of calm with each delicious gummy. It is the perfect, sweet treat for any time of day.

Although much of the Calm By Wellness line includes targeted products, these broad-spectrum CBD gummies are a general formula designed to help consumers reap the benefits of daily CBD doses. The CBD gummies come in only one potency option—10mg CBD per gummy—so each 30 count bottle contains 300mg of CBD. 

Although the original CBD gummies contain gelatin, there’s a vegan option that’s free of animal products. Both varieties contain clean ingredients, like organic cane sugar and plant-sourced colors, and are free of artificial additives or other potentially harmful ingredients, like corn syrup. The broad-spectrum formula is promised to be completely free of all detectable amounts of THC, so these gummies are fully accessible even to those who are THC restricted.

Our Calm By Wellness delivery came neatly packed in discreet packaging. The gummies come packed in a vitamin-style bottle with a child-proof lid, an excellent safety touch that we always appreciate. We also noticed that the gummies were smooth, not sugar-coated like many gummies on the market, so we were eager to give them a shot.

Calm By Wellness CBD Gummies First-Hand Review

We received the original version of the Calm by Wellness CBD gummies (although the vegan option looks exactly the same). The label suggests that the gummies come in assorted fruit flavors, including orange hibiscus, strawberry guava, and key lime, though we didn’t know how to tell which gummy was which. Still, we grabbed two gummies (a 20mg dose) and dove right in. Here’s how it went:


These CBD gummies smell similar to a can of tropical fruit but with an herbal undertone. The smell isn’t too potent and is overall pleasant, but it indicates that an herbal flavor is in play.


As far as CBD gummies go, these aren’t the worst by a long shot, but the hemp flavor is more robust than other brands we’ve tried. We honestly liked it—we’re typically a fan of the “hemp” flavor in our edibles—but we can see where it may not be a favorite flavor for those with a sensitive palate. While we could tell that one color of gummy tasted different from the next, we still couldn’t quite pinpoint which flavor was which.


We mentioned that these gummies are not sugar-coated, which made us eager to try them (the sugar coating sometimes leaves a residue on our teeth that we don’t love). Overall, the consistency of these gummies is solid and chewy, something like a traditional gummy bear, but maybe a little more firm. They did melt away quickly without sticking to our teeth. Our only complaint is that the gummies stuck to each other in the bottle (probably due to having no powdered coating), but we were able to pry them apart pretty quickly with just one finger. 


We waited over an hour to feel the effects of these CBD gummies, which is pretty typical for a digested dose. All in all, the gummies could easily replace our regular CBD dose (we took two, 20mg total). We felt generally relaxed and at ease, but most importantly, we felt the tension in our neck and shoulders release. This broad-spectrum dose gave us a moderate amount of relief for a little over four hours, but we do feel like a slightly larger dose could have staved off the pain in its entirety.

Calm By Wellness CBD Gummies Price & Comparison

A bottle of the Calm by Wellness CBD Gummies costs $39.99, which works out to be about $0.13 per milligram of CBD. This is a mid-tier price, and while it’s not the cheapest CBD gummy on the market, it’s not an unreasonable price point for CBD gummies that contain no artificial colors or additives. In fact, a formula this clean can often cost even more, so if avoiding synthetic dyes, sweeteners, or other potentially harmful ingredients is essential to you, this price point is more than fair. 

Competitor’s CBD Gummy Pricing


Strength (mg) Price ($) $/mg


300 $29.99


Big Sky Botanicals 300 $34.95


C4 Healthlabs 900 $79.00


Our Calm By Wellness discount code saves you 20% off your order so that you can get the 300 mg CBD Gummies for only $32. 

Calm By Wellness CBD Gummies Quality

Calm By Wellness is consistently transparent with the quality of its products and these CBD gummies are no exception. The third-party lab reports are easy to find on the product page and include information about the potency of each gummy and the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and more. The test results check out for these gummies, and we’re happy to report that the quality of both the product and the packaging was in line with what we expect from a high-quality CBD brand.


The Calm By Wellness CBD Gummies are a great non-targeted dosing option that could help you effortlessly supplement your CBD routine, but they also make a convenient one-off daily dose. The quality of the gummies checks out, and we love that they even have a vegan version. Ultimately, pretty much anyone looking for a mild, THC-free dosing option can benefit from these 10 mg CBD gummies either on their own or as part of a more intricate dosing routine.

First Hand Review


“My first time trying anything CBD related. The Calm gummies have been helpful with my anxiety and helping me get through some of the harder days.”

Jessica W.


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