Canna Comforts CBD Pain Cream Product Review

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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic


Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

We received the Paris OG version of this product (it is also available in Menthol and Blueberry Yum Yum scents), which smells softly sweet, with hints of citrus zest, pineapple, pine, and fresh flowers.  There is a subtle spice to it, similar to that of cedar, that adds a lively note without being overwhelming.

The scent is noticeable upon application, but not so strong that you’ll need to worry about clearing a room while wearing it.  The intensity dissipates upon application and the scent is hardly noticeable after about an hour of wear (unless someone is well inside your personal space), making it a good option for people with sensitive senses of smell.  Strong scents tend to give some of us a headache, but that wasn’t an issue with this product.


In the jar, the cream is a soft and spreadable consistency, with a subtle granular feel that comes from the blend of skin-nourishing natural oils and butters the product contains.  The texture quickly melts into the skin as the product warms up, spreading easily. While it can be used as a massage oil for short periods, it absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t leave a residual greasy feeling like some balms.

The product is off-white in color and mostly opaque.  It isn’t runny at all (and wouldn’t be unless you melted it), allowing you to put the product exactly where you want it and avoid messes.  It adheres to fingers easily and is user-friendly, absorbing quickly into the skin without an oily residue after use.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

The product contains a tiny amount of menthol, which helps to soothe inflammation and pain within minutes.  Our muscles started to relax, and we felt the beginnings of pain relief within about 5 minutes from application. After about 30 minutes, the effects were more pronounced and we felt a deeper relaxation in our muscles,alleviating tension and helping to soothe sore spots.

We felt the effects of this product for about 4 hours after use.  It was able to relieve mild pain entirely and helped reduce moderate to severe pain quickly and effectively.  While it probably won’t make much of a difference for 10 out of 10 pain, we found it useful for about a 7 and below.  The product packs a hefty dose of CBD and can be layered to help reap more benefits.

Best used for

We like this product for localized relief from chronic pain and inflammation, post-workout soreness, and muscle tension from repetitive tasks or prolonged sitting.  While it may not be suitable for use on broken skin, it works very well to soothe pain and relax muscles. It also makes a solid massage product for shorter sessions, boosting manual relaxation with the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD.

Best used with (Complimentary Product)

Canna Comforts’ CBD pain cream works very well for localized relief from pain, tension, and inflammation.  That said, most consumers will benefit from coupling it with a systemic form of CBD like a tincture or softgel capsule for long-acting symptom relief from within while the topical pain cream works from without.

If you prefer a faster-acting systemic product than oral CBD, we suggest a bowl of organic hemp flower (Lifter strain from Canna Comforts shown in image below) or a vapor product.  Inhaling CBD allows it to enter the bloodstream more quickly, providing fast-acting symptom relief for up to four hours. Canna Comforts Raw Hemp CBD Flower Lifter Strain Review

First Hand Review


Compared to other topical products from notable CBD brands, this topical pain cream holds its own.  It’s effective, affordable, and produces excellent results. Canna Comforts produces all its products according to strict standards that meet the criteria for quality, purity, and potency outlined in our CBD Buyer’s Guide.  The pain cream provides measurable results at an affordable price.


Directions:  Rub a small amount on the affected area as needed.

All Natural Ingredients:  A proprietary herbal blend, EV Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Menthol, Hemp CBD, & Terpenes

First Hand Review



What a great product. I honestly use it for anything topical, and I love it. We have the menthol and Yum Yum, both work great and fast!

Julianna B


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