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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic

Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

When you open the zipper sealed pack,  Canna Comforts Full Spectrum CBD Gummies initially have a light, fruity smell. Upon deeper investigation, you can smell the light, hempy aroma, too. Overall, the scent is not overwhelming, but pleasantly sweet and tangy.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

Much like the smell, most of these gummies are sweet with fruity, tangy undertones. The pack comes with an assortment of flavors, and some are a bit sourer than others. Potential flavors could include Apricot, Blueberry, Coconut, Kiwi, Blueberry Cream, Lemon, or Sweet Cream. With the more tart flavors, the hempy taste was a bit more apparent so they may not be best for people who don’t care for strong flavors.


The consistency is exactly what you’d expect, much like the consistency of sour gummy worms. Also, like gummy worms, these gummies are coated in sweet crystals. The chewable doses are tiny (about the size of a pinky nail) and easy to get down. These gummies would make a great alternative to CBD capsules for those who have trouble swallowing pills.


As a postal carrier I have a lot of overuse injuries to my joints. These gummies work great. Take one before bed and when I wake up I feel great. Taste great too

Rylan S

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