Canna Comforts Lifter CBD Flower Strain Product Review

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  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic


Canna Comforts at a Glance

Canna Comforts grows their boutique hemp flower without genetic modification, under organic, sustainable conditions.  The plants are protected from potentially harmful environmental stressors that could increase their THC content and raised with care, by hand, by seasoned growers with years of experience cultivating cannabis.  The raw hemp flower produced by Canna Comforts is of outstanding quality and contains all the beneficial cannabinoids and secondary compounds necessary for full-spectrum benefits.

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Canna Comforts Lifter CBD Strain First-Hand Review

Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

The high-CBD Lifter strain from Canna Comforts smells interesting in the best way: a ripe pineapple scent mingles with notes of white pepper and lime zest, layered over the scent of damp earth and cedar.  It smells awesome – we could sniff this particular strain for days.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

The herbal notes of cedar and pepper come forward in the flavor, tempered by the subtle sweetness of pineapple and that subtle, earthy flavor. This strain is delicious, from a joint or a water pipe especially (pair it with a pineapple rolling paper for a tasty experience).


The nugs themselves are small to medium in size, with long, spindly, deep-green leaves coated in a generous layer of trichomes. Rust-colored hairs concentrate at the center of the buds, thinning toward the edges. It’s quite crystalline—this stuff makes for plenty of excellent kief when you use your preferred catching method.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

Because this is an inhaled product, we felt the effects nearly instantaneously, with anxiety and stress relief in moments and pain relief within minutes. We felt better the more we smoked, as the effects intensified with each passing hit. High-CBD hemp flower is nice in that it helps you fine-tune your dose easily. The effects lasted about 4 hours, with peak effects about 30 to 45 minutes after ingestion.

We felt relief from anxiety, high blood pressure, chronic pain, arthritis, and depression, as well as symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramping. We especially like this strain because of how quickly we felt its effects—it’s ideal for sudden flare-ups of symptoms like panic attacks, muscle spasms, or nausea.

Canna Comforts Lifter CBD Flower Strain Suggested Use

Best Used For:

The beauty of this raw, organic hemp flower is that it can be used whether or not you choose to smoke. While it is very effective when smoked or vaped, it can also be used to make your own CBD oil at home, potentially making high doses of CBD more affordable. This hemp flower is a great option for people who need a high dose of CBD, as it’s the most potent strain that Canna Comforts offers (to date, at least!).

High-CBD hemp flower offers the advantage of a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile, in addition to the flexibility in potential modes of consumption and application. It can be used for just about any condition you could use CBD extracts for, and the complete cannabinoid profile may provide synergistic health benefits that you wouldn’t get from a pure CBD isolate alone.

Best Used With:

While this is a great systemic product that can help ease symptoms in both the short and long terms, you might benefit from a topical CBD product such as a salve or a soak with a bath bomb to help ease sore muscles, soothe inflammation, and reduce joint pain.

Price & Comparison

Containing 20.94% CBD, Lifter is the most potent strain carried by Canna Comforts. It’s the same base price of $10 per gram as their other strains (which, we should note, drops off significantly when you purchase in larger quantities), making the price for each of the 209.4 mg contained within that gram just under $0.05.

The high potency of Lifter combined with its very low cost per milligram makes it an attractive strain for people looking to incorporate higher doses of CBD into their daily regimen.


While there are a few other growers producing high-end hemp flower, we think that Canna Comforts’ attention to detail and commitment to sustainability and transparency sets them apart from their competition. Canna Comforts passes our CBD Buyer’s Guide test for quality and purity.


  • CBD Hemp Flower
  • 50 State Legal Industrial Hemp
  • Strain: Lifter
  • 3.5 grams
  • CBD: 20.94%
  • Less than 0.3% THC

First Hand Review


I've tried several different strains and Lifter is my favorite, so far. Really nice taste and smell, it has a "take the edge off" head I always like to have. Will definitely continue to buy.

Carol C


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