Canna Comforts Sour Space Candy Hemp Pre-Rolls Review

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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic


Pros & Cons


  • Pre-rolled for convenience
  • 1.5g each for sharing or multiple uses
  • Fast-acting benefits
  • Full Spectrum


  • Not appropriate for public use in most cases
  • Hard to meter dose

Canna Comforts at a Glance

Canna Comforts offers a small but diverse line that centers around premium CBD hemp flower that offers the aromatic and therapeutic experience of cannabis without the THC-induced high. You can check out Canna Comforts for more information about the brand and what they have to offer.

Canna Comforts Coupon Code

When we find a CBD brand we trust, we’re eager to spread the word. We partnered with Canna Comforts to get you a discount code to help you get these Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls at a price you’ll love.

Use our special Canna Comforts discount Code “K2C20” to get 20% off your next purchase. 

Canna Comforts Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls Overview

Canna Comforts Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls don’t offer potency information, but according to our own web search the strain is about 18.5% CBD. These pre-rolls pack 1.5g of premium hemp flower in each expertly rolled cone, and they come six to a pack. Canna Comforts also offers these 6-pack of pre-rolls in other strains, like Lifter, Suver Haze, and more.

Before we even opened the package, we could smell the earthy sweetness of these pre-rolls and were eager to light up. Each pre-roll is well rolled and uniform in size and definitely large enough to share. Actually, after looking at them, we stored them away until we could try them out with a friend. You could just as easily smoke enough for yourself and then put it out for later, but we love to share CBD relief whenever we can

Canna Comforts Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls First-Hand Review

These Canna Comforts Sour Space Candy Pre-rolls are enticing immediately after opening the box. We love that they come in a hard-bodied case, which seals pretty well and helps keep these pre-rolls safe and fresh until you’re ready to light up. As soon as we had a smoking buddy present, we didn’t waste any time. These pre-rolled joints burn smooth, slow, and evenly, and make for a pretty enjoyable smoking experience overall. 


These pre-rolls are equal parts earthy and sweet with deep citrusy undertones. The smell is sweet and hempy and pleasant.


The taste replicates the smell pretty well, beginning with a slight earthy or skunky flavor and leaving a sweet hemp aftertaste. They aren’t as bold as some cannabis flower we’ve tried before and would be a perfect beginner strain for new hemp smokers.


Each Sour Candy Pre-Roll has 1.5 grams and is expertly rolled, fit with a filter and twisted at the end to prevent fallout. 


It only took a couple of minutes after our first few tokes to begin to feel a sense of calm overtake our body. We shared the 1.5g Sour Space Candy Pre-Roll with a friend and smoked the whole thing, which is a pretty large dose. We experienced a small sensation of euphoria (not a psychoactive high) that definitely seemed like it could smooth over the toughest anxiety. 

Since we had six pre-rolls, we wanted to put this to the test. We kept one at the ready, waiting for an anxiety-inducing situation to arise like it often did. These rolls come in handy just before hopping on public transportation, something that usually induces social anxiety long before the bus arrives. Instead, we took three or four puffs from a Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls before leaving the house and found ourselves at ease through the bus ride, and even slightly more energetic and focused during the following errands.

Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls Price & Comparison

Canna Comforts Pre-Rolls cost $30 for a six pack of 1.5 gram joints. That’s 9 grams, or about $3.33 per gram, which is a great price for pre-rolled premium hemp flower. Other brands exceed this price by far. For instance, Pure Relief pre-rolls are 1 gram each and cost $12 for a single joint.

Even though this is already an amazing price for these top-shelf hemp rolls, you can use our coupon code “K2C20” to get an extra 10% off your purchase. That means you can get 6 Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls for only $27. With our discount code, these premium hemp rolls come at a price that makes CBD relief affordable to consumers everywhere. 



Canna Comforts Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls Quality

Canna Comforts manages their own hemp yield and only uses high-quality. U.S. grown hemp for their pre-rolls. Like all other Canna Comforts products, these pre-rolls are accompanied by a third-party certificate of analysis that shows the high cannabinoid content (over 24%) of the raw material. 

These hemp rolls smell and taste like high quality hemp should. The paper is unbleached and unrefined and finished with a filter tip that keeps you from having to smoke it down to your fingers to avoid wasting product. The fast-acting and prominent effects, paired with the COA that proves the high-cannabinoid content, make us comfortable in recommending these even to users who need serious relief. 

Customer Reviews

“This strain is one of my favorites. I can feel it right away. Does help with pain and anxiety and stress will order again.” – Carol C.

“Taste and aroma are excellent…very helpful in pain relief?” -Allison F.


We’ve tested a variety of CBD hemp flower from different brands, and Canna Comforts consistently scores at the top of our list. We’ve loved other strains we’ve tried from the brand, like the sweetly sour Elektra strain or the Wife Strain Palm Wraps, and these new Sour Space Candy Pre-rolls were equally delightful.

We’ve also had great experiences with other brands, like when we tried Pure Relief’s Relief Joints to see if they take the edge off of pain and discomfort. Still, Canna Comforts pre-rolls are a great value and offer multiple strain selections, so we feel confident in recommending them to anyone looking for a fast acting CBD product to help personalize their CBD regimen. 


First Hand Review


I love the flavor packed into these pre rolls. Takes a lot of the hassle out of smoking on the fly. Great packaging and excellent product.

Erika E


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