CBDistillery Pet Tincture (150mg) Product Review

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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Vegan


Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

CBDistillery CBD Pet Full Spectrum Hemp Derived Cannabidiol smells pretty hempy and doesn’t contain any additives to alter it’s fragrance. For pet owners with a sensitive nose, the almost grassy smell of this tincture is a delight compared to the artificially flavored pet tinctures that reek of strong, “meat-flavored” scents.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

We didn’t taste this CBD Pet tincture for ourselves, but judging by the pure, hempy smell, we assume it has at least a mild hemp flavor.


The oil is thin and golden greenish in color. The thin nature of this oil makes it incredibly easy to accurately measure and dose, and it mixes well with wet food, peanut butter, or another pet-friendly treat.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

We used CBDistillery CBD Pet Full Spectrum Hemp Derived Cannabidiol on our trusty product tester, Caesar, who uses CBD everyday to alleviate joint pain. Caesar is just under 100lbs and generally takes 2mg doses of CBD, up to three times a day as needed. This tincture fell right into place with his normal dosing routine. 

When waking, the large pup usually experiences stiffness in his rear leg due to a hip injury. Within an hour of his morning 2mg dose, he began to loosen his leg and walk normally as if the discomfort was gone. The effects didn’t begin to wane until after lunch (about 6 hours later) when another two milligram dose was needed. Again, the effects kicked in after about an hour, and he was once again able to walk normally on all four legs. No redose was necessary in the afternoon, and we made it with only two, 2-milligram doses each day, similar to his usual dose. 

The hempy smell may have been a turn off for the pup, as we found that he tried to “eat around” the CBD when applied on top of his dry food. Mixing it into a tablespoon of peanut butter quickly solved this aversion, but dropping the hemp extra directly into his mouth was equally as easy. 

Best used for

CBD for dogs and cats is increasingly popular and may help provide pets with relief from anxiety, arthritis, pain, lack of appetite, and more. Most importantly, CBD may help alleviate these symptoms without the adverse side effects related to some prescription medications.

Quite a bit of research regarding CBD for pets is still underway, but evidence shows that many animals have an Endocannabinoid system that affects most bodily functions, meaning CBD may have more place in veterinary medicine than we yet know. Tinctures are a great way to get pets started on CBD since they allow you to increase or decrease the dose by small increments as needed until a standard, effective CBD routine is created. 

Best used with (Complimentary Product)

We used this product on its own for our large dog, Caesar, and would caution against mixing too many CBD products for pets, as animals may be more sensitive to Cannabidiol than humans. However, for pets seeking pain relief or relief from skin related ailments, you may want to combine this CBD Pet Tincture with a CBD topical, like CBDFx CBD Balm. This allows you to combine systemic CBD with a topical, targeted solution for increased efficacy. Make sure, however, that the ingredients in the topical are food safe, as pets have a tendency to lick anything applied to their skin.


This Full Spectrum Pet Tincture contains a total of $150mg of CBD and costs $30. This means you’ll pay approximately $0.20 per milligram for this pet-friendly tincture. That’s a low price range when compared to some other CBD pet tinctures, like CBDfx Hemp Oil for Pets, which costs $0.27 per milligram, or $40 for a 150mg bottle.


There are several other CBD tinctures that are designed for pets, though this one hits the mark for efficacy, easy dosing, and natural ingredients. If you want to try something flavored to appease a picky pet, Nature’s Script Hemp Extract CBD Pet Oil (Beef Flavor) is an option. If you know what dose your pet needs, you could also opt for CBD infused pet treats, like Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats.  


CBDistillery CBD Pet Full Spectrum Hemp Derived Cannabidiol 

5mg per serving

Lab Tested <0.3% THC

1 FL OZ (30mL)

30 Servings

Non-GMO Hemp Oil

Natural Farming Practices

Gluten Free


Ingredients: Hemp Seeds Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts)


Suggested Use: 

Under 25lbs- 0.5mL (2.5mg)

25-75lbs- 0.5-1mL (2.5-5mg)

Over 75lbs- 1-2mL (5-10mg)


Shake well. Give suggested dose at each meal at least twice per day.


Serving size: 1 Full Dropper= 1 mL

5mg CBD Per Serving (1 mL)


First Hand Review


It has really worked well for me. Helped my back and my mood.

Linda G


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