Chill Frog ZZZ Gummies Product Review (2021): 750mg CBD + Melatonin

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Brand Details

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Chill Frog at a Glance

Chill Frog is a small CBD brand focused on harnessing CBD’s power to “chill out” a stressed-out world. To do so, the brand offers a small selection of full-spectrum CBD gummies and oil designed to help support a sense of calm and restful sleep. Although the product selection is limited, the products are carefully designed to be as effective as possible by using an extract formula that is genuinely “full-spectrum,” meaning it contains not only minor cannabinoids but also many of hemp’s therapeutic terpenes and flavonoids. 

With the addition of melatonin, these Chill Frog ZZZs Gummies are designed to offer a restful night’s sleep. Combined with Chill Frog’s other soothing CBD products, they can create a full-coverage, stress-reducing wellness routine.

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Chill Frog ZZZs Gummies for Sleep Overview

The Chill Frog ZZZs Gummies combines a moderate dose of the brand’s potent full-spectrum extract with a mild dose of melatonin, a combination that’s designed to help soothe you to sleep no matter what ails you. 

The gummy formula includes pectin, natural flavors and colors, sugar, and other natural ingredients, which means the gummies are vegan. The brand uses non-GMO, organically-farmed hemp and avoids gluten, artificial sweeteners, and other allergens to create products that are accessible even to those with dietary restrictions. Each citrus-flavored, vegan gummy has 25 mg of CBD per serving, and they come 30 to a bottle. For most people, that is a one-month supply of restful, restorative sleep. 

When our Chill Frog package arrived, we were happy to find everything quality sealed and properly labeled. We also really appreciate the wide-mouth gummy jars, which are far more convenient than the zipper bag packaging used by many brands. All in all, everything looked great; we just had to wait for a good night to test these sleep-enhancing gummies.

Chill Frog ZZZs Gummies First-Hand Review

These gummies are pretty straightforward and contain a 25 mg dose of CBD, so (per the label instructions), we started with just one gummy about half an hour before bed. Here’s what happened:


The gummies have a sweet orange smell similar to the citrus wedge candies your grandmother may have kept in her candy bowl. The scent is mild and generally pleasant if you like citrus-flavored candies. 


The gummies taste the way we expected them to. Each sugar-coated cube is sweet and tangy, and the citrus is more of a tangerine flavor than a sour lemon flavor. There is a slight hempy undertone, but it’s very tolerable and doesn’t stick around. 


These gummies are soft and chewy, but they didn’t seem to have a habit of sticking to our teeth. The sugar-coating gives it a light gritty feeling as you chew, but overall the gummy melted away quickly and left nothing behind. 


We’re no stranger to the mild sedation that comes along with even small doses of melatonin, which is exactly what happened after taking this Chill ZZZs CBD Gummy. It took roughly twenty minutes to begin to feel the sleep-inducing effects. At this point, we were already feeling pretty tired, but back pain (like usual) made it difficult to find a comfortable position for sleep. 

We were pretty impressed with how quickly these gummies took effect, especially since gummies sometimes take 90 minutes or more to kick in. Luckily, the real benefits set in around the 45-minute mark, where we began to feel our joints loosen and our muscles relax. We don’t remember exactly how long it took us to fall asleep, but we did sleep through the entire night without waking, which melatonin can usually not achieve on its own. 

The only qualm we have with these ZZZs Gummies has to do with the dosing method (and it’s truly a personal preference) and not the product itself. This is the kind of nighttime product you may want to keep in your bathroom medicine cabinet (and not at your bedside, which is our preference for sleep products) since you’ll likely want to brush your teeth after you chew this sugar-coated CBD dose.

Chill Frog ZZZs CBD Gummy Price & Comparison

They cost $39.99 per bottle, or right at $0.05 per milligram, which is a pretty great price for high-quality CBD. In fact, Chill Frog usually beats out the competitor’s price by a significant margin. 

Competitor’s CBD Sleep Gummy Pricing


Strength (mg) Price ($)


Charlotte’s Web

300 $29.99 $0.10
Receptra Naturals 750 $54.99


Original Hemp 250 $25.00


Plus… our Chill Frog discount code saves you 30% off your order, so you can get these sleep gummies for only $28.

Chill Frog ZZZs CBD Sleep Gummies Quality

Chill Frog offers a standard quality promise about the absence of pesticides and contaminants in their products. We’re happy to report that their promise holds up and the third-party lab results verified the quality of these sleep gummies. Aside from being free of all potential contaminants, the results also give a glimpse at the colorful cannabinoid and terpene profile that we believe could make these full-spectrum products so effective. 

Ultimately, we think that the quality of the product and packaging check out, and we love the transparent position held by the Chill Frog brand.

Verified Customer Reviews


Review by Daniel B. on 30 Jun 2021

“Great stuff. I was worried that I would feel groggy in the morning, but I woke up after a great night sleep feeling well rested and alert.”


These ZZZs CBD Sleep Gummies get the job done, and not just by sending you into a melatonin-induced slumber, but by helping to alleviate symptoms that may bother you through the night. The 25 mg dose is a moderate dose that works for experienced CBD consumers, but we think the mild formula could work for beginners, too. We’re happy to recommend a brand that manages to offer superior quality at such a low price point, and we think these ZZZs Gummies can easily become an integral part of anyone’s sleep wellness routine.