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DISCLAIMER: Discontinued

This product is no longer being made. To find an appropriate alternative, we recommend Secret Nature’s, Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge (700 mg)

Smell (Irrelevant to Effects)

We tried Comfort Leaf’s 150mg CBD Vape Cartridge in Gelato. Comfort Leaf offers two other flavors, including Pineapple Express (hybrid) and Strawberry Lemonade (sativa). You can smell the exciting, herbal sweetness of this cartridge before you even open it. These cartridges are terpene infused, which naturally gives them the pleasantly sweet, herbal scent, which is transformed into a deeper, earthy flavor upon inhalation. Even as you notice the aroma evolve while you vape, there are no harsh, chemical-like smells, which was a great start to a pure hemp vaping experience.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

From the initial sweet smell of the cartridge, we expected the vape to taste overwhelmingly like dessert. However, the taste was just as pleasantly balanced as the smell and was mild enough to leave your tongue wanting for more. The taste is a combination of the custardy flavor you’d expect from ‘gelato’, and a musky, earthy undertone derived from the combination of beneficial terpenes used in this formula. The flavor isn’t quite as strong as the smell, though, so this may not be the best choice if you’re looking for something that packs a flavor punch. The mild, tasty vape would be a perfect compliment to a cup of coffee but is still a great compliment for any time of the day.


The vape cartridge holds 0.5 mL of hemp-derived CBD and fractionated coconut oil, and the liquid is a lot thinner than many vapes we’ve seen. Instead of the thick, gooey oil that sticks to the sides of the cartridge, Comfort Leaf’s formula is about the consistency of juice.

The vape formula provides a golden brown hue that’s representative of the earthy, gelato flavor. You don’t have to fool with the liquid itself, though, because the vape comes ready to use with your existing battery (510 threaded is fine). After inhalation, the vapor itself is semi-thin and produces moderately sized vapor clouds. The semi-thin vapor output combined with the quality flavor and effects makes this product a great choice for new users and experienced vapers alike.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

Comfort Leaf’s CBD Vape Cartridge in Gelato is the only one of the three vape cartridge options Comfort Leaf offer that is derived from Indica. Because of this, it has many of the qualities you’d expect from an Indica-dominant strain. The effects take only minutes to kick in, and the initial effect could be described both as uplifting and relaxing. In other words, it feels as if a weight is lifted that allows the body to relax. The Indica strain doesn’t cause any signs of mental fog or tiredness, but could definitely be beneficial for those who have a hard time relaxing or “quieting” their brain. The effects are mild but definitely noticeable and last anywhere from 1-2 hours after inhalation. Luckily, re-dosing is easy, since a puff or two can lead to the near-immediate onset of CBD’s effects.

Best used for

This cartridge may be the best choice for managing symptoms near the end of the day, or when otherwise not needing to be highly active, as it relaxes the body and mind. However, the mild effects don’t necessarily limit your abilities so small doses during the day may be beneficial as well. Comfort Leaf also offers two other vape formulas, including a sativa and a hybrid option, which may be better suited for day time use or before highly-physical activities. In general, this cartridge is best for people looking for a fast-acting, easily metered dose of CBD to control symptoms of painanxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and other conditions that may benefit from cannabidiol.


Every Comfort Leaf Vape Cartridge holds 0.5 mL of vape oil and contains 150mg of CBD. For beginners or those who benefit from a smaller dose, this product is a great way to go. For people who need larger doses of cannabidiol, this may not be the most cost-effective product. Each vape cartridge from Comfort Leaf cost between $30-40, which translates to roughly $4 per 1mg of CBD, and is near the average price for similar high-quality vape products. However, this is only the price for the cartridge, and you will need to purchase a battery before you can start using the vape. The battery is a one time purchase, though, and the price of these cartridges is a small price to pay for the high quality, delicious, and discreet vaping experience.


While we believe that Comfort Leaf provides a high-quality vape cartridge, they do contain relatively low doses of CBD. For users who need higher doses, you may want to consider a vape cartridge with a higher potency, like Ambary Gardens 250mg CBD Vape Cartridge.

There are many companies offering similar products, but you should be wary of several factors when choosing other brands. Comfort Leaf products are free of Propylene Glycol and meet our CBD Buyer’s Guide standards for quality, purity, and potency as they are derived from organic hemp material and free of pesticides. When considering alternative options, note that some manufacturers don’t utilize the same high standards for their products.



1x 0.5mL C-Cell Ceramic Coil Vapor Cartridge


150 mg Hemp-derived CBD Crystalline with Fractionated Coconut Oil

This product does NOT contain Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG), GMO’s, or pesticides. The production of this product is cruelty-free and formulated through CO2 extraction, and then triple-batch-tested to ensure safety and quality. The terpene content depends on the blend you choose, including Comfort Leaf’s Gelato, Strawberry Lemonade, or Pineapple Express.


The help with anxiety was my biggest benefit. I will be ordering more.

James C

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