FOCL CBD Relief Cream Review

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FOCL CBD Relief Cream

FOCL, a brand known for their innovative CBD Wellness Stack that covers doses for Day and Night is making room for a new addition: CBD Relief Cream. But how does it fit in? 

Like the rest of FOCL’s CBD line, this Relief Cream offers the power of 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD sourced from premium, U.S.-grown, non-GMO hemp. 

This doctor-formulated CBD topical takes it a step further than the basic cannabidiol-infused lotion. The powerful formula includes menthol, wintergreen, aloe, arnica, and other botanicals chosen to help boost the pain-relieving benefits of CBD while providing fast, cooling relief from sore muscles, nourishing skin, and helping to speed up recovery. 

Every bottle is THC-free, but designed to deliver the synergistic benefits of broad-spectrum hemp extract. At first glance, there’s nothing that we don’t love, so we were eager to test FOCL’s CBD Relief Cream for ourselves. 

FOCL CBD Relief Cream

FOCL CBD Relief Cream Overview

FOCL strives to offer complete transparency, so it’s easy to see that this CBD Relief Cream is well made according to the brand’s strict standards. Every batch starts with non-GMO hemp sourced either from the brand’s own New Mexico-based farm or from another carefully-vetted U.S. hemp farm. Before production, high-quality hemp is soil-and-sun grown to optimal potency. After selecting the best hemp material, FOCL uses a Supercritical CO2 extraction process to collect premium hemp material without the use of harsh chemical solvents. 

The creamy formula includes a megadose of CBD, but also hand-chosen, clinically-proven herbs and botanicals designed to offer quick, cooling relief from muscular aches and topical pains. Still, FOCL sticks to the power of plants, and this CBD Relief Cream is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

This careful formulation is third-party tested for potency and purity. FOCL proudly displays these test results on each product page—they have nothing to hide! After ensuring that FOCL’s CBD Relief Cream meets the same strenuous standards as their CBD Wellness Stack, we’re happy to say that this topical offers a high-quality option for CBD relief anytime of the day. 

FOCL Relief Cream costs $69 a bottle, or about $0.14 per milligram of CBD, which is a standard price point for CBD topicals. Considering this CBD Relief Cream packs clinically-proven, plant-powered relief (in addition to powerful CBD doses), this price is a pretty good bargain. Plus, FOCL offers a handy subscription option that knocks 10 percent off the price, making this CBD Relief Cream cost only $62 a bottle.

FOCL CBD Relief Cream

FOCL CBD Relief Cream First-Hand Review

We were pretty happy that we grabbed this CBD Relief Cream on our way out of the door, because a long day brought on wicked afternoon pain and fatigue in our back, hips, and legs. FOCL’s CBD Relief Cream is pretty easy to apply and smells botanical, primarily like menthol. 

Immediately we recognized what sets this CBD cream apart—it’s soft and luscious (thanks to the aloe) and leaves your skin feeling hydrated. Applying FOCL’s CBD Relief Cream felt more like a spa treatment than a hasty attempt to relieve pain.

Luckily, the effects were far beyond that of a simple moisturizer. To put it frankly, this CBD topical is powerful and works fast. Almost immediately after application, a cool burst of relief reinvigorated our lower half. Some of the pain was still present, but after only ten minutes it, too, began to subside.

Overall, we never expect CBD topicals to completely diminish the pain (with chronic spinal injuries, you take what you can get!), but this Relief Cream definitely knocked the pain down to a manageable level. Generally, we rely on a CBD tincture dose to alleviate any lingering discomfort (and FOCL’s CBD Drops didn’t let us down).

We’ve yet to try a FOCL product we haven’t loved, and this one holds its own against any CBD topical we’ve tried. It puts a stop to pain, but also mediates inflammation, so we think it’d be a good choice for beginners or advanced users who need relief or who use CBD topicals for other reasons, like accelerating a post-workout recovery.

First Hand Review


Excellent results; I have excruciating pain in my knees and calves. This cream provides relief so I am able to sleep at night for hours without waking up in pain. I rub it on in the morning for instant relief that will last a few hours. This is the best product I’ve found so far.

Theresa S.


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