Just Live Immunity Gummies Product Review (2021): CBG+CBD Isolate, Vegan, 750mg, Elderberry

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


Pros & Cons


  • THC-free formula
  • Great Flavor
  • Organically derived hemp
  • Unique immune-boosting herbal blend
  • Fair Pricing


  • Not as easy to adjust CBD dose

Just Live at a Glance

Just Live is a hemp and CBD brand catering to athletes and other active professionals looking for CBD gummies, topicals, and oils to help them live life to the fullest. The brand offers a selection of THC-free products in a variety of potencies and dosing styles, including functional blends that use herbal additives to help you meet your wellness goals. 

These Immunity CBD Gummies, for instance, use elderberry to help support overall wellness and a healthy immune system, but the brand also offers a full range of multivitamin and herbal blends that target specific health needs. Check out our Just Live Brand Review to learn more about what this brand has to offer. 

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Just Live Immunity CBD Gummies Overview

Like the rest of the brand’s multifaceted hemp line, these Just Live Immunity CBD Gummies combine CBD and CBG with immune-boosting elderberry to support daily wellness in one simple daily dose. Each gummy contains 25 mg of CBD and 3 mg of CBG, along with elderberry extract, echinacea extract, and vitamin D to help keep your immune system in tip-top shape. 

The gummy formula uses pectin in place of traditional gelatin to offer a formula that is non-GMO and vegan. Elderberry is the main flavor profile here, with no added flavors and only real cane sugar for sweetness. 

The brand uses only seed-to-sale traceable, organic hemp to create each unique formula, and these gummies are free of THC to make them an accessible option to athletes and other THC-restricted individuals. The lab tests are easy to find on the product page and prove the absence of THC and any other possible contaminants, like pesticides or residual solvents. 

Our Just Live shipment arrived quickly and well-packaged. We love that these gummies come with a child-proof lid, something that’s crucial for gummy-style doses that are often too appealing to children. The bottle is well-labeled and includes a QR code, which we used to verify the lab results we had found earlier on the product page.


Just Live Immunity CBD Gummies First-Hand Review

The recommended dosage for these gummies is one 25 mg gummy per day, so we started with a single dose taken first thing in the morning. Here’s what we thought:


These gummies smell sweet and fruity, and not very hempy at all. 


These gummies are pretty sweet and slightly tangy, but have one of the most pleasant “elderberry” flavors we’ve tried so far. The flavor is a bit herbal, but overall is incredibly pleasant, with only a slight hemp aftertaste leftover. 


These gummies are soft and slightly chewy, but really delicate. In fact, they could essentially melt in your mouth if given enough time. This is a great dosing method for anyone who needs a soft-chew dosing option, but they’re great for anyone who loves a sweet and tangy gummy. 


We could feel the tell-tale signs of CBD kicking it about an hour after dosing. As we expect from a high-quality CBD dose, we felt loose and relaxed with significantly less pain in our joints and muscles. We love that these gummies also contain a handful of immune-boosting herbs and vitamins that we’d usually take daily, which took a step out of our morning supplement routine. 

The effects from these gummies lasted around 5 hours before we supplemented them with our favorite CBD oil to keep the relief going all day. Although we’ve yet to have an opportunity to grab these gummies while we were feeling a bit under the weather, we can personally attest to the benefits of Vitamin D and Elderberry for boosting the immune system! This functional formula hits all the important notes for balancing the immune system to keep you healthy and strong, and we love that it offers it in a dosage that’s so simple to incorporate into a daily wellness routine. 

Just Live Immunity CBD Gummies Price & Comparison

These Immunity CBD gummies cost $54.99 per 30 count bottle, which holds a total 750 mg of CBD total. That equates to approximately $0.07 per milligram of CBD, not including the added vitamins and CBG content. All in all, it’s a fair price to pay for clean and effective CBD products. If you’d prefer, you can grab a 5 pack for only $9.99.

Here’s how Just Live CBD Gummy pricing compares to similar products on the market:

CBD Gummies Pricing


Price $/mg

Just Live Immunity CBD Gummies



cbdMD Tropical Mix Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies (750 mg)



Calm by Wellness THC-Free Immune Support Gummies with Vitamins (300mg)




Just Live Focus CBD Gummies Quality

Just Live seems to place a heavy focus on product quality, starting with the use of seed-to-sale traceable hemp to proven, safe manufacturing methods. Plus, they use non-GMO, vegan ingredients wherever possible, and avoid the use of artificial flavors and sweeteners. 

The lab results for these CBD gummies check out. The reports are thorough and prove the absence of residual solvents, microbial, mold, and other common contaminants. They also prove the absence of THC, which helps to make these gummies accessible to anyone who is sensitive to THC or THC-restricted, like athletes. 

All in all, we really enjoyed our experience with these gummies and have no qualms with the quality of the product or packaging. They live up to the brand’s claims of a high-quality CBD product that’s perfect for daily use.


These gummies live up to our expectations for a great CBD formula–they taste great, contain natural ingredients, and are effective as a daily CBD dose. The texture and flavor really excel beyond many other CBD gummies we’ve tried. 

The 25 mg dose may be perfect for most consumers, but the gummies can easily be portioned if needed. The only precaution would be that you may need to use an alternative CBD product to increase the dosage instead of doubling up on this vitamin-enhanced formula. Either way, we see these CBD Immunity Gummies fitting seamlessly into most people’s daily wellness routine. 

First Hand Review


SUBTLE, BUT WORKS LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It has been great, hardly get sick. Also has seemed to relieve a lot of joint pain.

Cody V.


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