LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs Review: Full-Spectrum, 600mg

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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic


Pros & Cons


  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab tested
  • non-GMO
  • One formula, different potencies for dogs of all sizes
  • Clean, simple ingredients


  • Not flavored, less enticing to picky pups

LolaHemp at a Glance

LolaHemp is a simple, straightforward CBD pet brand that offers simple CBD pet solutions. The small line includes tinctures and a topical balm, and the brand takes caution to provide only what pups need and nothing they don’t.Check out LolaHemp to find out more. 

LolaHemp Coupon Code

We’ve witnessed the power of CBD for pets in our own homes and want to help put high-quality CBD in the hands of pet owners who need it. That’s why we partnered with LolaHemp to offer readers a discount code to help you save on your order.

Use our LolaHemp coupon code “K2C” to save 15%.

LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs Overview

LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs is straightforward by nature–it contains only Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil and fractionated coconut oil. The brand only offers one formula in three different sized bottles with a straightforward dosing guide that helps you determine how much to use by bodyweight.

We received the 60mL bottle, which contains 600mg of CBD and was perfect for our nearly 100 pound test subject. Initially, the bottle looked plain, but we thought it was kind of fitting considering its pure, simple formulation. Everything was well packaged and arrived nicely, with a convenient dosing guide to help optimize your CBD regimen to your dog’s specific needs–definitely a plus!


LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs Review

We were excited to try this natural CBD Oil for Dogs, and our product tester and dedicated cannabis advocate, Caesar, seemed to share in our delight. Caesar is just under 100 pounds and according to the dosing guide needed 18 drops. Generally, he eagerly licks his dose from the dropper, but to accurately measure the dose we added it on top of his food. He chowed down just like usual and didn’t even seem to notice the hempy add-in.


LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs has almost no smell. We noticed only the slightest aroma of hemp, but overall it could safely be called “scent-free.”


We went ahead and tasted it (it’s just hemp and coconut oil, afterall) and it was about what we expected. Slightly nutty, but overall really plain. Nothing a pup would notice if mixed into a little peanut butter or other yummy treat. 


The oil is thin and lightly golden in color with a uniform consistency that makes it super simple to dose. You can really drip slowly and count the drops to ensure an accurate measurement each time. 


We used this to replace Caesar’s regular dose, which he gets first thing in the morning with his breakfast. His CBD regimen was built to help him with hip dysplasia, which usually causes him to wake up a little “stiff.”

Like usual, this CBD dose began to kick in after half an hour, and we visibly noticed his usual “limp and sway” decrease. After an hour, he was back to his normal self, ripping and running through the yard like a pup, despite being over 6 years old and sustaining pretty serious injuries to his hind legs.

The dose seemed to last about 6 hours before we dropped a little onto his afternoon treat. No redose was needed through the night, but he was eager for one first thing the next morning. 

LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs Price & Comparison

We received the largest version of Lola Hemp CBD Oil for Dogs, which contains 600mg of CBD and costs $69.99. That rounds out to about $0.12 per milligram and is the best value option offered by the brands. The smallest bottle costs $29.99 and has 150mg of CBD, which is $0.20 per milligram. At its lower price range (the largest bottle), LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs is a great value. Even at its highest price range, it falls in line with other products in this league, like CBDistillery Pet Oil, which also costs $0.20 per milligram.

With our coupon code, you can get an even better value. Using our LolaHemp discount code ‘K2C’, the large bottle costs just under $60, or $0.10 per milligram.

Either way, we think this oil offers a superior value to pet owners. Since the potency is the same across the board, even owners of small pets can get use out of the largest bottle, which is likely to last several months for pets under 15 pounds. 



LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs Quality

LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs is straight and to the point but they still go the extra mile to provide test results to pet owners. They get their hemp from a USDA Organic certified farm in Boulder, CO. They test the hemp material to ensure that only the best quality hemp is used for manufacturing. Then, each product batch is sent to a lab for a third-party analysis to ensure that the potency information on the label is accurate and that the batch meets the legal threshold for THC content. 

Customer Reviews

“So I was a newbie to the whole CBD oil trend. My German Shepard Beauty is 14 years old. She couldn’t get up, her hind legs physically wouldn’t let her and she would put all her weight on her front legs. No lie, it’s been only 2 days and not only is Beauty up and walking but “running” after her tennis ball she loves so much! The most she’s moved in over a year! I know her time will be coming soon.. but, my mind is blown away seeing results in literally 2 days! Thank you LolaHemp!!” -Kacey K.

“Our 12 year old chocolate lab could barely walk and had no desire to eat!  Today she is a completely different dog eats great and moves around like when she was young!!  Best thing we have ever done for her!” -Noel K.


LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs provides a superior value when you purchase in bulk. Even the small bottle comes at a fair price, and we think this oil has great potential to fit into any CBD pet dosing routine. It’s light and easy to dose with no strong smells or flavors, which makes the dosing experience just as pleasant for us pet owners as it is for our pups.

This oil could be a great option for pets who suffer from pain and inflammation, either due to injury or chronic conditions. In fact, CBD for pets has been said to have a number of benefits

We’ve reviewed and approved other CBD pet products similar to this pet oil, like peanut butter flavored CBD Oil for Dogs from CBDmd. Still, we don’t see many oils come through with the natural and simple formulation of this one from LolaHemp, and we are happy to recommend this to pet owners looking for a one-size-fits-all oil for their pet. 

First Hand Review


Our 12 year old chocolate lab could barely walk and had no desire to eat! Today she is a completely different dog eats great and moves around like when she was young!! Best thing we have ever done for her!

Noel K


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