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  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made

Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

Opening the jar, the contents smell fruity and sweet with a lightly tangy scent, similar to Sour Patch Kids or perhaps sour gummy worms.  The scents of the individual flavors reflect the fruits they’re inspired by: the orange gummies smell citrusy and sweet, the lemon ones smell similarly to Lemon Heads, the blue gummies smell of blue raspberry, the green ones smell like apple, and the red ones smell of cherry, similar to cherry jello or those hard cherry candies.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

Each flavor of Nature’s Script Hemp Extract CBD Gummies is subtly different but retains the tart-sweet overall profile consistent across all the gummies.  While the candies have a slight herbal flavor to them, it’s hardly detectable through the candy taste. The gummies taste much like how they smell—our personal favorites were the blue raspberry and the orange, but there wasn’t an unpleasant flavor in the bottle. That said, the cherry flavor, in particular, is kind of intense, so if you’re not a fan of artificial cherry flavor you may not be into those. Our bottle contained a pretty even assortment of flavors, so if there’s one you don’t care for you won’t be stuck with half a bottle of it. There’s no lingering aftertaste or weird medicinal flavor—these gummies could absolutely pass for regular candy.

On that note:  it would be easy to mistake these for regular sour gummy bears if you didn’t know they contained CBD. Since they’re not in a child-resistant bottle, you should definitely keep them out of reach of any little ones—the gummies won’t hurt them or present an overdose risk, but you don’t want your kid consuming an entire bottle of any type of gummy bears in one sitting, CBD or otherwise!


These are pleasantly squishy, like factory-fresh sour gummies. Not too chewy and not too soft, they’re easy to eat and feel pleasantly similar to our favorite late-night gas station run gummies.


Since taking the HP Gummies I no longer have the anxiety I used to have every day. I can’t say enough about them. Just don’t stop ever making them.

Terry J

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