Populum Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews Product Review

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Populum Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews

Populum Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews are a low-dose CBD pet treat made with wholesome ingredients, but will they bring the relief your pet needs?

Populum Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews are made with real, wild-caught Alaskan salmon, apples, and the brand’s locally sourced hemp extract. Each treat offers a mild dose of three milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, so they may make a great choice for pets of all sizes. The brand claims that its CBD pet products are made only with the highest quality ingredients available and according to the same quality standard they use for their entire CBD line. 

Our pets have various ailments that make CBD a great daily choice, but they’re even pickier than we are. Needless to say, we were eager to give this CBD pet treat a shot to see if our furry friends approved.

Populum Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews Overview

Populum Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews are “all-natural,” meaning they include only the good stuff. Part of that promise is high-quality CBD, which the brand sources from Colorado-grown industrial hemp. The finest hemp material is chosen and sent to their GMP-certified manufacturing facility, where they use a two-step extraction process to create a “pure balanced,” full-spectrum CBD extract.

First, the brand uses a food-grade ethanol extraction process to remove whole-plant materials and create crude oil. Then, the hemp extract is carefully refined to remove unwanted plant materials, like lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll. 

These “leftover” materials are often what gives hemp products a strong plant flavor, which our pets usually reject. At this point, we were hopeful that these Zen Pet Hemp CBD Chews would go down without a fuss. 

Next, Populum uses a combination of several natural ingredients to create this Salmon Apple recipe. Hempseed oil is added as a source of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Wild-caught salmon offers a flavor that pets can’t resist, plus offers an omega-3 boost that powers the immune system and keeps your pet’s coat shiny and healthy. Finally, apple offers a source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, powerful antioxidants, and a touch of sweetness so that each treat is truly a treat. 

We’re happy to say that Populum has every batch of CBD pet treats thoroughly tested after manufacturing—a fact that puts our mind at ease. The test results are thorough and check the cannabinoid potency and evaluate for mycotoxins, residual solvents, and other contaminants that may have made their way in during manufacturing. You can easily find the test results for Populum products on every product page. 

Each bag has 70 treats packed with three milligrams of CBD each, for a total of 200 milligrams per bag. They cost $49, or about $0.25 per treat, which we think is a fair price to pay for wholesome, high-quality pet treats, especially when they are loaded with CBD relief. 

And if your pet absolutely loves them (spoiler: ours did!), you can save 20 percent with the convenient monthly subscription option. 

Populum Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews First-Hand Review

We’ve tried several CBD pet treats, some with great success, and others not so much. Sometimes, the CBD dose just doesn’t seem to provide any relief, and other times we just couldn’t get our pet to actually eat it. 

We’re happy to say that neither of those issues rang true with Populum Zen Pets Hemp CBD Chews. Dosing was no problem. In fact, our golden retriever was actually obsessed with these dog treats. Every evening, after dinner, she would find her way to the pantry and bark repeatedly until we gave her two or three of them.

We found that a six-milligram dose was effectively calming, even for our larger pup. We liked that these are chews—not hard treats—which makes them a great option even for older pets with weaker teeth. The low dose was also pretty convenient, making it easy to increase or decrease the dose until we found a sweet spot. 

All in all, we totally approve of the ingredients—these CBD pet chews are something we feel good about giving to our pet, and our pup thought they were delicious. Since they’re soft chews and offer a mild dose, we think they would be a great option for pets of all sizes (even cats!) and ages who need daily CBD relief.

First Hand Review


Please buy these for all your pets and all your friends' pets. These chews were perfect for my 17 year old cat. I could tell it made his hips feel better and made him more comfortable.

Julie S.


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