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  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan

Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

This tincture has a mild, floral smell that is only slightly reminiscent of the “nutty” flavor associated with many raw hemp products. Although thereĀ are no flavorings added, the smell is slightly sweet and definitely not overbearing, though it smells more like a perfume than an edible.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

The taste is a little stronger than the scent lets on, and actually tastes a bit like perfume as well. Of course, there are no added chemicals, so the strong flavor is entirely plant-derived; a product of the propriety terpene blend that gives this tincture its anti-inflammatory effects. It definitely doesn’t taste the best, but we’ve had worse, and the flavor washes away pretty easily with a drink.



SeaBeDee 500mg CBD Inflammation Blend Tincture Review

Is SeaBeDee 500mg CBD Inflammation Blend a promising option for relief? We tried this unique blend and dished on the details of our personal experience.

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Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

We got lucky, I guess you could say, with the arrival of SeaBeDee’s Inflammation blend being timed up perfectly with one product testers unlucky shoulder injury. In place of the painkillers prescribed by her doctor, she decided to try this tincture. Given the severity of the injury and the amount of pain, she decided to take 1.5 servings, or approximately 26mg. It was over an hour before she noticed the swelling ease up, but she reported that the CBD had little to no effect on her pain level.

Although it did help her regain some motion in her shoulder, she was instructed not to move it much for the first week. Determined to give this Inflammation Blend a fighting chance, she took it in combination with her painkillers, under the guidance of a doctor. It wasn’t until she started physical therapy a week after the injury that she noticed the true benefits of this tincture. The first therapy session did not go well, and her range of motion was very limited, which made therapy incredibly painful.

Then, she took a dose of this tincture before reporting to another one-hour therapy session. Everything went well, and although her motion was still limited, she noticed a significant difference in just how far she could push herself, and a significant reduction in the amount of pain she experienced. This is similar to the way that many athletes use CBD to control mid-workout inflammation to reduce fatigue and increase gains. Her therapy will continue for another six weeks, but she plans to use the CBD every day.


I wake up feeling free, can't stop won't stop!

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