Soul CBD Oil Drops for General Wellness (500-1500mg) Product Review

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Soul CBD Oil Drops

There are plenty of CBD oils out there that claim to be the best, so what makes Soul CBD Oil Drops different? According to the brand, it’s pure, potent, organically sourced CBD isolate designed for better living. 

Soul CBD applies this quality promise to several formulas. These CBD Oil Drops are available in four different flavors, including Watermelon Mint, Lemon Lime, Orange, and Peppermint. They also offer two potency options. The 500 mg bottle offers 16 mg of CBD per one full dropper, and the 1,500 mg bottle offers a 50 mg dose. Like the rest of the Soul CBD line, these CBD Oil Drops emphasize their clean ingredients, lack of THC, and potent and effective formula—a recipe that may make them a suitable option for anyone. 

Of course, if you’re like most CBD users, you aren’t looking for “suitable,” you’re looking for powerful, effective, convenient, and cost-effective CBD products that fit your lifestyle and wellness needs. In that light, we decided to test Soul CBD Oil Drops for ourselves, so we gave the 500 mg Watermelon Mint variety a shot.

Soul CBD Oil Drops Overview

Upon our initial investigation, we found that Soul CBD puts plenty of effort into these CBD Oil Drops on the backend. They source their hemp from U.S. farms, where it’s grown organically and tested for purity, quality, and cleanliness before use. Then, the brand uses industrial-grade CO2 extraction and various refinement methods to create a pure, potent CBD extract that is free of THC and potential contaminants. 

They don’t expect you to take their word for it—they also offer access to thorough batch testing for every variety of every product. We checked out the Certificate of Analysis for the Watermelon Mint 500 mg CBD Oil Drops, and sure enough, they prove that the potency information we found on the label was accurate. These tests take transparency a step further and also show non-detectable levels of various contaminants, like bacteria, mold, and yeast. You can find all of these test results conveniently listed on the brand’s website before you buy, so it appears that they have nothing to hide.

The formula itself is pure and simple. Ingredients include only hemp-derived CBD isolate, MCT oil, stevia, and natural flavors. This short ingredient list means that these CBD Oil Drops are vegan, gluten free, THC-free, and made without fillers or additives. 

The 500 mg CBD Oil Drops cost $59.97, or roughly $0.12 per milligram, while the 1,500 mg bottle comes at a slight discount—$149.97, or $0.09 per milligram. As far as high-quality CBD oil goes, these prices linger on the lower to middle range, and you can use the handy subscription option to save 15 percent on your order! In other words, if they live up to their promise of being potent and effective, the price is more than fair.

Soul CBD Oil Drops First-Hand Review

We first tested Soul CBD Oil Drops in the early afternoon, just before heading to an afternoon session at our favorite yoga studio. The Watermelon Mint flavor was exactly what we imagined—lightly sweet and summery with a hint of minty freshness. Both the smell and flavor were like a virgin watermelon mojito, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the balanced sweetness and natural flavor led us to believe the other three varieties have great potential, too. 

We started with the recommended dose—16 mg, or one full dropper placed under the tongue. The oil felt light in the mouth and had no lingering hempy aftertaste, consistent with what we expect from true CBD isolate. 

It took around an hour for the effects to kick in, so we were halfway through our yoga session when we felt the calm, relaxed sensation overcome us. We were a bit surprised, honestly, that a 16 mg dose had such an obvious impact, as we usually take closer to 25 mg at a time. Maybe it wasn’t the oil alone, but a combination of the yoga and the CBD Oil Drops, but we were feeling especially zen by the end of our session. 

Still, the effects carried on a good four hours after the class had ended, so about five-and-a-half hours after dosing before the effects began to fade. Through that time, we noted that we felt no post-workout fatigue, despite usually being on the edge of exhaustion by this time in the afternoon.

Because they don’t contain targeted ingredients, we assume they would work well as a multipurpose CBD supplement for most people. For us, they boosted our endurance, calmed our anxieties, and took the edge off of muscular aches and pains. The lack of THC makes these CBD Oil Drops accessible to most people, and the dosage may be perfect for an intermediate user looking for a tasty and effective addition to their wellness routine. 

First Hand Review


I seriously feel way less anxious while using these drops! The flavor is delicious too, I love the watermelon one!

Brooklyn F.


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