Vital Body Therapeutics Extra Strength CBD Cream Review

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Brand Details

  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


Pros & Cons


  • THC-free
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Potent dosage
  • Great price


  • Not suitable for sensitive areas of skin

Vital Body Therapeutics at a Glance

Vital Body Therapeutics offers a line of herbal CBD topicals and oils designed to target bodily inflammation, pain, and much more. The brand designs each broad-spectrum formula for use in their own California-based clinical spa but has an online store that makes it possible for consumers to bring the spa experience home. 

This Extra Strength CBD Cream is a great example of how the product line targets stiff joints and muscle soreness, but for some customers, it’s only one part of the puzzle. The line also includes other potent, THC-free products that come together to create a full-coverage CBD regimen, like the Lavender and Bergamot CBD Mineral Soak and Restore CBD + Turmeric CBD Oil.

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Vital Body Therapeutics Extra Strength CBD Cream with Arnica & Ginger Overview

Vital Body Therapeutics Extra Strength CBD Cream is a complex, concentrated formula balanced on therapeutic herbs and broad-spectrum hemp extract. The formula includes solar-infused oils with botanicals like arnica, ginger, comfrey, calendula, and chamomile, plus a blend of luxurious butter and oils designed to help this plant-powered slave melt into the skin. 

The concentrated formula is available in two different sizes:

  • The 1.5-ounce jar contains 800 mg of CBD.
  • The 3-ounce jar contains 1,600 mg of CBD.

Our Vital Body Therapeutics shipment arrived nearly and securely packaged. Like the brand’s other products that we’ve tried, this cream is well packaged in a boutique-esque glass bottle with a neat wooden lid. The 1.5 oz jar is pretty portable—something we’d think could easily slip into a gym bag or overnight duffle for on-the-go relief.

Extra Strength CBD Cream with Arnica & Ginger First-Hand Review

The market is flooded with CBD pain creams that are heavily laced with menthol and moderate doses of CBD but with very little innovation to set them apart from typical over-the-counter joint creams. According to the CB brand, this formula includes “eight pain-relieving herbs,” so we were curious to find out just how effective this herbal cocktail was. We tested this Extra Strength CBD cream a couple of times before writing this review to get a real feel for its effectiveness against various aches and pains. Here are the results:


The formula smells very herbal with a slight menthol scent, but nothing like the potent menthol “cooling rubs” you’ll find on the grocery store shelf. We actually enjoyed the fragrance. It’s slightly floral and minty with warm citrus notes, but the scent fades about 20 minutes after the application. 


We’ve tested CBD “creams” that weren’t all that creamy, but that is thankfully not the case for this Extra Strength Pain Cream. The texture is somewhere between lotion and butter; smooth and quickly absorbed by the skin. 


We reached for this cream just before bed to help soothe our after-yoga soreness, and we immediately noticed that it doesn’t waste much time. It offers a quick burst of coolness that takes the edge off, but it took about twenty minutes for our stiff joints to relax and the pain to melt away. 

To further test the strength of this “extra strength” formula, we grabbed it when our back injury-induced pain was at its worst. However, we used it as a “backup application” after soaking in the Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Mineral Soak. The same coolness ensued, but with a tingling sensation and mild numbness in the affected area. 

We want to note that we say “numbness” for lack of a better word—don’t expect any Rx level analgesic effects here, but using the cream this way proved to be incredibly effective. We aren’t sure if it was the double dose of CBD (from the bath salt and then the cream) or possibly because our pores were open from the hot bath. Either way, this CBD Cream got the job done quickly and offered sustained relief for several hours to come.

Extra Strength CBD Cream with Arnica & Ginger Price & Comparison

Vital Body Therapeutics Extra Strength CBD Cream Pricing




1.5 oz, 800 mg

$60.00 $0.08

3 oz, 1600 mg



As you can see, the 3 oz jar offers a significantly increased value with more than $30 in savings. In our experience, high-quality CBD topicals range from $0.06-$0.12 per milligram, and many contain only ordinary ingredients. Seeing as this formula includes a collection of organically-sourced therapeutic botanicals and sits at the lowest end of the pricing spectrum, we think it provides great value.  

Our unique coupon [CBE20] saves you 20% off of this price, making the 3 oz bottle cost just over $71.

Extra Strength CBD Cream with Arnica & Ginger Product Quality

Vital Body Therapeutics more than proved their attention to detail with this intricate herbal formula, so we fully expected the quality of this CBD cream to hit the mark. 

We were right! The lab tests are easy to find on the product page and thoroughly verify the product potency and absence of THC. Considering the use of organically-grown, CBD-rich hemp material, organic materials wherever possible, and a cGMP certified manufacturing facility, we’d say that Vital Body Therapeutics’ quality competes with industry leaders.

Verified Customer Reviews

Back Pain Relief

Our son picked out this product for us when we asked him to get us some CBD cream. Excellent product. Have since told my brother in kansas about it’s relief for our backs and he’s bought some himself.

Review by Richard M. on 5 Nov 2021


Unlike other hemp brands that make topicals a small portion of their CBD line, Vital Body Therapeutics focuses almost exclusively on body and bath products designed to help resolve inflammation and pain. This Extra Strength CBD Cream is an excellent example of the brand’s mastery in this area. The unique herbal blend does the job quickly and effectively without menthol’s overwhelming dose (and scent). The pleasant herbal aroma is just another benefit of this lush, moisturizing formula. 

It’s great for beginners and advanced CBD users looking to stifle joint pain, soothe muscles, or enhance athletic recovery. It can be applied as often as necessary with no risk of overuse. We think this CBD pain cream could prove a worthy addition to any pain-management regimen, possibly alongside a systemic CBD dose.


First Hand Review


This is the best cream for my arthritis and any other aches. It makes moving much easier.

Deborah B


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