Wellicy Blueberry CBD Oil Product Review

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Vegan


Pros & Cons


  • Doubles as vape oil and oral tincture
  • Multiple flavor and potency options
  • Accessible pricing


  • Potent flavor when used as a tincture

Wellicy at a Glance

Wellicy is a quality-focused hemp brand that doubles as a third party marketplace where you can find a selection of CBD and Delta-8-THC products from the nation’s leading brands. Within their house line, you’ll find a selection of full-spectrum and CBD isolate products at attractive prices. Aside from meeting the same quality standards as other top-quality brands, Wellicy also strives to offer products that are functional and straightforward. That means that both new hemp consumers and experienced connoisseurs can find something to meet their needs. 

Their CBD Oils, for instance, use a formula that works for oral dosing or can be added to a vape for a fast-acting, metered dosing experience. Check out our Wellicy brand review to learn more about what they have to offer, from the Wellicy Reserve Delta-8 Flower line to a colorful selection of vapes and edibles. 

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Wellicy CBD Oil Overview

Wellicy offers a small selection of CBD Oil products designed for use in your own vape devices or for sublingual dosing. Each 30 mL bottle uses a CBD isolate formula and standard vape oil ingredients, like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). Each vape formula uses a 50/50 VG to PG ratio, which offers a balanced vapor to flavor output. 

You can grab this CBD oil in three different potencies: 250 mg, 500 mg, or 1,000 mg per bottle. There’s also a few different flavor options to choose from, including:

As a vape oil, the formulas are straightforward and don’t need to be cut or mixed. You can, of course, mix them with your favorite e-liquid to create a custom flavor or CBD blend. According to the brand, there’s no need for special wattage or vape temps. You can just use this CBD oil like you would any of your favorite e-liquids. 

Because these CBD oil formulas are made using food grade ingredients, you can also take them orally. The 250 mg bottles offer approximately 8.3 mg of CBD isolate per 1 mL dose, while the 1,000 mg bottles offer approximately 33.3 mg per 1 mL. Like any great CBD oil, each Wellicy CBD oil comes packaged in a dark-colored glass bottle with a good seal and a dropper lid for easy measuring. 

Wellicy Blueberry CBD Tincture First-Hand Review

We tested the blueberry variety of the Wellicy CBD Oil because we thought it stood out as a less-common flavor variety in today’s market. We love that the bottle includes instructions for oral dosing (sublingually) or for using this tincture as a vape oil. We tried it both ways, and here’s what we thought: 


This Blueberry CBD Oil definitely has a potent blueberry aroma, but it leans more towards blueberry candy than fresh blueberry smell. Think blueberry lollipops or blueberry snow cone syrup–there’s an undeniable sweetness to this tincture’s smell. 


The taste somewhat matches the smell, but with deeper hemp undertones. The Blueberry flavor is definitely intense, so this isn’t the best option for anyone looking for mild or natural flavor profiles. It’s sweet with a pungent herbal aftertaste, but overall the flavor is good. After tasting, we could immediately see this working well as a vape oil where the flavor will be slightly diluted. 


We’ll start by saying that both ways we used this tincture offered positive results. As a sublingual tincture, we took a 1 mL dose (approximately 33 mg of CBD) and we felt the mild relaxation of CBD wash over us after about 45 minutes. The effects of CBD were prominent, but a larger dose was needed to stave off back pain, which is something we’ve often found to be true with isolate products. 

This product really shined when we used it as a vape oil, however, which wasn’t surprising since it is primarily marketed as a CBD e-liquid. We added the tincture oil directly to our vape tank (the dropper lid made this easy) with no other oils or fillers. It took three droppers full to fill our standard 3 mL vape tank. As we predicted, the flavor was slightly milder when vaped, although a prominent fruity sweetness still burned through. 

When used this way, the effects were immediate and even more prominent. It seemed as though smaller doses were needed to experience the same pain-loosening effects, although it’s difficult to say how much CBD you get in each vape dose. A few puffs here and there kept us in a relaxed state throughout the day, which is exactly what we need from our daily CBD dose. For someone looking to reap the therapeutic benefits of CBD quickly, this CBD vape oil is a great tool to have in your back pocket.


Wellicy Blueberry CBD Oil Price & Comparison

At a regular price of $79.99, this 1,000 mg CBD oil works out to about $0.08 per milligram, which is a middle road price for CBD isolate oils. Of course, the majority of CBD oils on the market are designed either for oral consumption OR vape use, not both. Given the versatility of this vape oil, we think the price is more than fair. Here’s how it stacks up against some competitors (but keep in mind that not all of these CBD oils double as a vape oil):

CBD Oil Pricing Comparison



Price Per Milligram

Wellicy Blueberry CBD Oil (1,000 mg)

$79.99 $0.08

Canna Comforts CBD Isolate Oil (1,000 mg)



C4 Healthlabs THC-Free Citrus CBD Oil (1,000 mg) $99.99


Wellicy CBD Oil Quality

So far as vape oils go, this CBD oil checks all the marks. We do want to point out that some consumers are wary of propylene glycol when used in vaping devices, so that may be something to consider. 

Ultimately, Wellicy takes all necessary steps to create authentic, high-quality CBD products (with lab test results to prove potency and purity). The brand is consistently concerned with sourcing quality, manufacturing safety, and providing necessary documentation to prove the premium quality of each CBD oil batch. You can check out their third-party lab reports page to find the potency and purity tests for every flavor of this CBD oil.


This CBD oil is versatile and offers a unique flavor that fills a gap in the market for avid fruit-flavored vape consumers. We also love that you can use this as an oral tincture in a pinch. Plus, the absence of THC and low price point may help to make Wellicy CBD Oil especially accessible to consumers. Since it’s available in a range of flavors and potencies, we think it makes a great dosing option for new and experienced CBD users looking for a product to meet their CBD dosing needs at any point in the day. 

First Hand Review


1000mgs of Blueberry Magic – I typically dose the blueberry flavor sublingually and it’s incredible. I’m currently medicated for an anxiety disorder and during times when the medication isn’t enough I can always rely on Wellicy CBD oil to help. Wellicy CBD oil works quickly and helps me recenter and focus. I love it :)

Amber M


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