Wellicy Delta 8 Preroll Product Review


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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


Pros & Cons


  • Doubles as vape oil and oral tincture
  • Multiple flavor and potency options
  • Accessible pricing


  • Potent flavor when used as a tincture

Wellicy at a Glance

Wellicy is a premium hemp brand and multifaceted CBD marketplace offering a colorful selection of edibles, topical, vapes, and more from many of the leading CBD brands across the nation. What truly sets them apart from other third-party marketplaces, though, is their in-house hemp line of CBD and Delta-8-THC products created with the same high-quality intentions, but available at a much more attractive price point. 

From premium CBD tinctures to this unique ‘The White’ Delta-8 Preroll, all Wellicy products are designed by hemp connoisseurs to meet the needs and demands of the modern hemp consumers. Check out our Wellicy brand review to learn more.

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Wellicy The White Delta-8 Preroll Overview

The Wellicy Reserve ‘The White’ Delta-8 Preroll is a 1 gram, pre-rolled cone that’s carefully infused with nearly 60 mg of Delta-8-THC. This strain offers a moderate CBG boost that users love for its relaxing, mood-balancing effects. This hemp strain is naturally full-spectrum, and full cannabinoid profile includes the following per gram of flower:

  • 84mg of CBDA 
  • 58mg of Delta-8
  • 35mg of CBD
  • 6mg of CBGA,
  • 2mg of CBC
  • 1mg of THCA
  • 1mg of CBG
  • 0.1mg of CBN

According to the brand, this high-CBG strain is often chosen for its relaxing properties, despite being a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The strain is designed to calm the body and mind without slowing you down, offering a great therapeutic or recreational option for when you need to stay alert. 

Each Wellicy Reserve Preroll is manufactured to offer a premium smoking experience–tested by true cannabis connoisseurs. After selecting the premium hemp flower, Wellicy machine trims and then hand trims each bud to ensure a material that’s free of trim, stems, or other hemp biomass. By using only the best cuts from each hemp flower, they offer a smoke that’s smooth and fragrant, with an even burn down to the last hit. To further preserve the delicacy of this strain, every gram of Delta-8 infused hemp is packed into an authentic Raw cone that won’t interfere with the bud’s natural flavor. 

Like any great Delta-8 product, Wellicy Reserve’s The White Preroll is lab tested and proven to contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC and no metals, pesticides, or other harmful contaminants.  

Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 Preroll First-Hand Review

The White Delta-8 Preroll comes packaged singularly in a glass tube, sealed with a medicine-style child-proof lid. We couldn’t detect any leaking scent prior to opening the packaging, which is a sign that the packaging will keep it fresh until use. We decided to strike up this hefty Raw cone one afternoon when it was time to unwind. Here’s how it went:


Although we couldn’t smell anything before opening the package, The White CBG strain had a potent “green” smell as soon as we unsealed the container. This strain has the “fresh cut grass” equivalent of hemp smells, with a slight lemony creaminess that’s delicate and bright. 


The taste is a bit bolder than the smell, but all in all the same. It’s crisp, fresh, and a bit piney. The flavor is smooth and not too “smoky,”, with no flavor interference from the paper at all.


As we expected, the effects of this pre-roll come on fast, about five minutes after smoking. We smoked maybe half of this 1 gram pre-roll at once, which equates to about 30 milligrams of Delta-8. 

In true hybrid nature, the euphoria we experienced from this pre-roll was clear and functional. There was no couch-locking dysphoria, but still a strong relaxation that helped calm anxious thoughts and relax our body. This was just the right strain for afternoon yoga, catching up on household chores, or diving into a good book (the latter of which encased the rest of our evening, too). 

The effects lasted about 3 hours before beginning to fade away. What we really enjoyed most about this strain was its capacity for physically relaxing us, something that came in handy just before bed. We took just a few puffs, a much smaller dose than before, right as we settled into rest. Again, this strain wasn’t sedating in the least, but it “unlocked” our body in a way that melted away tension and stress and made it easy to get comfortable and fall asleep.

Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 Preroll Price & Comparison

This Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 pre-roll retails at $14.99, which we think is a fair price per gram for premium Delta-8 flower that’s already rolled and ready to smoke. Remember, there’s no trim or shake here–only premium hemp flower that’s hand trimmed and packed to perfection to give an even, consistent, long-lasting burn. For a high-quality, pre-rolled Raw cone that’s good for multiple smoke sessions, you can’t really expect to pay less. 

For reference, this pre-roll contains 58 mg of Delta-8, so you’re paying about $0.29 per milligram of Delta-8. That is, of course, a bit more than you may pay for some Delta-8 flower when buying larger quantities of raw flower. With this Wellicy Preroll, you’re paying a bit more for the convenience of a pre-rolled joint, which is worth it if you have trouble rolling your own and want to ensure a smooth, slow burn. 

Here’s how that price compares to other Delta-8 flower options on the market:

Delta 8 Flower Pricing Comparison


Price/Weight Price Per Gram

Wellicy The White Delta-8 Preroll

$14.99/gram $14.99
Vida Optima Purple Kush Delta-8 Flower $24.95/3.5 grams


CBD American Shaman CBG Flower $29.99/3.5 grams


Wellicy Reserve The White Delta-8 Preroll Quality

When we initially reviewed Wellicy, we were happy to find that they were consistently dedicated to quality and utilized a science-based approach to ensuring quality and efficacy for consumers. We had no qualms with the quality of this pre-roll, which the brand promises is free of contaminants and made only from the most premium hemp material they can source. All in all, the smooth smoke and fresh aroma speaks for itself.


We think those looking for a smooth, legal hemp smoking experience will love the crispness and convenience of this Wellicy Reserve The White Preroll. This Preroll is a true hybrid that offers a functional euphoria that’s potent and flavorful enough for cannabis connoisseur, but still mild enough for new Delta-8 consumers to “dip their toes” in the flower experience. Ultimately, this is the perfect preroll for unwinding in the afternoon or for a low-profile smoke sesh with friends, and the price point makes it accessible to virtually anyone.