Wellicy Delta 8 Vape Cartridge Product Review

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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


Pros & Cons


  • Potent and affordable
  • Contain true hemp-derived terpenes
  • Multiple varieties to choose from
  • No added ingredients


  • Battery sold separately

Wellicy at a Glance

Wellicy focuses heavily on meeting consumer needs within the hemp market, a task they accomplish by offering both a premium house brand and a selection of third-party products from some of the industry’s top contenders. However, within their house line is a large selection of potent CBD products and premium Delta-8-THC flower, vapes, and more. 

The thorough lab reports and fair prices are both big selling points, but the CBD company has more variety than most, making it an excellent one-stop-shop for new and experienced hemp consumers alike. Their Terpene-Infused Delta-8 Distillate Cart selection includes a variety of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid options, but the brand has a little something to offer everyone.

Check out our Wellicy brand review to learn more.

Wellicy Delta-8 Distillate Cartridge Overview

The Wellicy Delta-8 Distillate Cartridge is a 1 gram ready-to-vape cartridge that contains between 80-90% Delta-8 extract alongside one of four premium terpene blends. The four-strain varieties available include:

  • Space Head (Hybrid)
  • OG Haze (Hybrid)
  • Lemon Dream (Sativa)
  • Agent Sleeper (Indica)

Although the exact amounts vary slightly, each cartridge holds around 900 mg of Delta-8-THC distillate, making them a potent, concentrated dosing option. The CBD brand uses true, hemp-derived terpenes for an authentic flavor and therapeutic profile, and the vape carts are otherwise free of added ingredients. 

Wellicy worked with a research team to create each proprietary terpene blend so that each Delta-8 cart offers a mild, functional euphoria with targeted effects. Like the rest of the Wellicy line, these carts are each accompanied by a third-party lab test to prove label accuracy and verify the colorful terpene profile of every batch. 

We received two varieties of this Delta-8 Cart–Space Head and Lemon Dream. Each was well packaged in a child-safe container with a sanitary cap. These carts are 5-10 threaded so that you can use them with your favorite vape battery. 

Wellicy Delta-8-THC Vape Cart First-Hand Review

Since we had a Sativa and a Hybrid variety, we tested these carts at different times over several days. Happy with things at first glance, we labeled each cart (a lesson we’ve learned the hard way in the past) and dropped them into our favorite Palm vape device to try them out. Here’s what we thought:

Space Head (Hybrid)


The Space Head Delta 8 Vape Cart smells mild, slightly sweet and fruity, and almost floral in the cartridge. At first, we couldn’t pinpoint where the aroma came from, but after rechecking the terpene content, it seems like it gets a heavy scent profile from geraniol, a floral terpene found in lemongrass and rose oil. When vaped, the smell is much more pungent but still pretty discreet. 


The vape tastes a lot like it smells, but with much less “sweetness.” It’s not super hempy but is quite floral and bright and enjoyable. 


This Space Head Delta-8 cart is everything you want in a vape cart. It’s flavorful, fast-acting, and the effects are easy to manage. In full disclosure, we’re a bit biased towards hybrid formulas, but this vape could easily be an “any time of the day” dose for us. 

We loved that the effects were well-balanced, offering just enough lift to carry us through a chore or conversation without sparking any unnecessary anxiety. After only two or three puffs, the effects were relaxing but functional, meaning we could easily melt into a book without any mental delay.

At larger doses, we started to understand the name “space head,” but in a good way. After 6 or 7 puffs from this vape, we felt more “slowed down,” but with a balanced mood and extremely relaxed body. The “upper end” of these effects was exactly what we’re after for unwinding our minds and unraveling physical tension when it’s time to slow down. Although we felt a bit more “spaced out,” this was the perfect combination for letting our minds drift into a good movie while we rested at the end of the day. 

Lemon Dream (Sativa)


The Lemon Dream cart smells, well, lemony. The smell is bright and mild and still keeps a relatively low profile when vaped. There’s lots of limonene and pinene shining through here. 


This Lemon Dream Cart was just as “lemony” as we had hoped, with grassy, earthy undertones and a hint of creaminess. The draw is smooth and flavorful, and you can taste the defined “hemp” flavor from hemp-derived terpenes. 


All in all, the effects of this vape were similar to the Space Head variety in many ways. The pull was smooth, the vapor was mild but flavorful, and the effects hit after only a few minutes. We also experienced a significant level of body euphoria that melted away tension and pain. 

This Sativa was a bit more hard-hitting than expected (although we were coming fresh off a tolerance break when we first tested these vapes). It was still pretty easy to control the effects of the Lemon Dream variety, although we have a lesser limit when it comes to Sativa blends. Still, the heady effects were smooth and enjoyable, offering a bit of a “lift” for our morning or an extra boost after a few puffs in the afternoon. If you’re looking for a smooth Delta-8 ride that’s uplifting and activates your “social butterfly,” this may be for you.

Wellicy Delta-8 Distillate Cart Price & Comparison

Each of these 900 mg carts costs $40.00 from Wellicy’s online store, which rounds out to about $0.04 per milligram of Delta-8. Given that the brand uses real hemp-derived terpenes and not cheaper, botanically sourced terpenes, this is a remarkable price. 

Here’s how it stacks up against similar products on the market:

Delta-8 Cart Pricing Comparison
Product  Price/Weight Price Per Milligram
Wellicy Delta-8 Distillate Carts (900 mg) $40.00 $0.04
Vida Optima Elev8 Delta-8 Carts (1,000 mg) $43.95 $0.04
Secret Nature Delta-8 Cart (1,200 mg) $40.00 $0.03


Wellicy Delta-8 Cartridge Quality

As a whole, Wellicy shows consistent dedication to quality, both within their house line and within the third-party products they choose to offer. We love that these vapes stick to simple ingredients, using only hemp extract and hemp-derived terpene blends. These are a great option for anyone trying to avoid artificial flavors, sweeteners, or other potentially harmful ingredients. 

The vape itself is well made and well packaged, and we had no trouble with leaks or “spitting” when we used this vape, even at higher temps. To see lab reports, you can check out the third-party lab results for all Wellicy products on their lab test page.

Wellicy Delta-8 Review Conclusion

Delta-8 vapes are an excellent option for fast-acting, discreet dosing, and Wellicy makes the experience even more accessible with premium terpene blends. We love that these vapes don’t cut corners or use unnecessary ingredients, and the effects we felt speak for themselves. Since there are so many varieties available and the dosing can be easily controlled to reach the perfect level of euphoria, we think these Wellicy Delta-8 Distillate vapes are ideal for anyone who wants to “test” the Delta-8 experience or for daily Delta-8 consumers. 


First Hand Review


I love, love, love it!

Dale F.


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