Whispr CBD+CBG Hand Sanitizer Review

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Whispr CBD+CBG Hand Sanitizer

Whispr’s hemp-infused hand sanitizer is just one of the four products the brand makes, but it’s risen above the rest recently. And while Whispr also offers customers two different product bundles, this utilitarian hand sanitizer isn’t featured in either of them. It’s pretty much in a class of its own.  

The visual qualities of Whispr’s hand sanitizer, however, stay pretty consistent with the rest of the brand. It comes packaged in a fully transparent spray bottle, which makes it easy to see that the sanitizer itself is also fully transparent. You can thank a blend of ethyl alcohol and fully isolated cannabinoids for that.

Whispr at a Glance

Simple, elegant, CBD wellness. Luxury CBD self-care.

That’s the type of verbiage that greets new customers to Whispr’s  website. And that’s the vibe we get from this brand, too…not that we’re complaining. Whispr’s marketing is pretty on-point! 

So are their website’s aesthetics. Go to purchase a product and you’ll find that even the logos of the payment processing companies Whispr accepts have been washed in the brand’s signature colors. 

If this is how much effort Whispr puts into the little things, just imagine how much attention to detail goes into making their CBD.

As far as we can tell, things really do carry over. Whispr makes their CBD from locally-grown Californian hemp, tests everything extensively, and offers a 30-day guarantee on the small chance that you don’t like one of their products. And it’s all in line with their mission, which today seems more timely than ever. “Our mission is to enliven the human condition; strengthen immunity, and inspire a healthy body, mind, and soul.”

Whispr CBD+CBG Hand Sanitizer

Whispr CBD+CBG Hand Sanitizer Overview

Admittedly, we were pretty excited to test out Whispr’s hemp-infused hand sanitizer for ourselves as soon as we saw it online. 

Though some of the ingredients in this hand sanitizer speak for themselves, others deserve more of an explanation. The product’s sole “active ingredient” is listed as ethyl alcohol (70%), but that’s probably just because CBD and CBG aren’t FDA-approved ‘drugs’ yet. And while additional ingredients like deionized water and propylene glycol exist to confer the right consistency, the real stars of the show here are CBD and CBG. 

Seriously — their presence isn’t just a marketing ploy. Research shows that many cannabinoids are antimicrobial by nature, and CBD, the so-called “mother cannabinoid,” is more powerful than most.  

“CBG proved to be marvelous at tackling pathogenic bacteria,” a breakthrough study done earlier this year affirmed. It’s possible, in theory at least, that CBG and CBD could help the other antimicrobial elements of this hand sanitizer work better.  

Want to go the extra mile and stock up for yourself and your family/friends? You can purchase up to 10 bottles of sanitizer at a time in exchange for a nice discount.


Whispr CBD+CBG Hand Sanitizer First-Hand Review

Whispr’s hemp-infused hand sanitizer looks, smells, and feels just like you’d expect a normal hand sanitizer to. We found that even large amounts of it absorbed quickly into our hands without leaving any residue or stickiness behind. The whole experience just felt clean

But there was one difference between this sanitizer and the normal stuff. Call it the placebo effect, but we detected a little bit of inflammation-fighting magic happening about 10 minutes after applying Whispr’s hand sanitizer for the first time. In all fairness, we probably wouldn’t have noticed this effect if we hadn’t been engaged in a heavy deadlifting session the day before. On the other hand, the idea that a little bit of CBD + CBG might relieve pain is hardly controversial! 


All in all, we’ve been impressed by this novel CBD + CBG product. We plan to keep a bottle of Whispr in our car from now on — you never know when a trip to the grocery store will call, right? Based on the product’s two-ounce size, we expect it’ll last for months.

First Hand Review


I do not leave my house with out this. Not only does this smell AMAZING but its keeps my hands moisturized unlike normal hand sanitizers that are very damaging and drying to the skin.

Holly B.


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