Yesterday Wellness CBD Hemp Oil for Stress & Sleep (The Exhale) Product Review


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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


Pros and Cons


  • Varying dosage options for anyone to enjoy
  • Fast-acting effects
  • Broad-spectrum hemp


  • Very strong taste

Yesterday Wellness, at a Glance

Yesterday Wellness was founded by Eric Balshin. Previous to founding the company, he was a member of Canada’s top-ranked retail and consumer equity research team specializing in consumer-facing sectors across North America. Balshin got the company off the ground just a few weeks before the pandemic started and praised his own product for helping him get through quarantine. 

Yesterday Wellness is the CBD company committed to the “me” moments. Yesterday Wellness knows that you work hard, and they encourage you to take time for yourself. With plant-based solutions cultivated with organically grown hemp make the stresses of today a thing of the past.

Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil Overview

The Exhale CBD Oil is derived from the organic hemp starting material, formulated with MCT oil to tackle stress and keep you feeling centered & serene. The CBD Hemp Extract has all impurities removed, ensuring only the highest-quality and efficacious CBD product. 

  • Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil 
  • Peppermint, Lemon, and Natural Flavors
  • 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg dosage options

Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil (1000mg / Lemon) First-Hand Review

When I received Yesterday Wellness’s Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil, my first reaction was how beautifully packaged the CBD product was. With the mission of stress reduction, the packaging and branding perfectly encapsulate that goal through soft colors and flowy text. 


  • The smell of this product oddly reminds me of childhood. It has a very earthy smell, perhaps wood-like – mixed with lemon bar. I’d say the nearest comparison I can think of is Pine-Sol. 


  • The taste of this hemp oil hits you incredibly fast. It’s lemony like a dessert mixed with a strong taste of hemp. Initially, I was not a fan. After a few more tries, my opinion veered more towards interest – rather than distaste. When it first hits your tongue, the taste is quite bitter before transforming into a lemon bar type of flavor as it sits in your mouth. The citrus does not quite hide the taste of hemp, and it is honestly very intriguing. Rather than one overpowering the other, both the hemp and the lemon feel equally strong. 


  • Yesterday Wellness’s Hemp Oil’s consistency is just right. It’s not too thick and not too thin. Similarly, the oil does not coat your mouth for ages after swallowing, which I can always appreciate. 


  • I’ve tried this on several occasions now in varying moods and conditions. In the morning, I have put an mL of CBD Oil in my smoothie, and while it does slow me down, it slows me down a bit too much for my own personal preference. To be clear, though, this is advertised as a sleep formula, so that makes sense. Thus, I have changed the habit to the recommended evening dose around dinner time, which allows me to enjoy the evening at what some may call “a normal pace.” Overall, the effects of this are quick and mighty, doing the job and perhaps even better than advertised.    

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil (1000mg / Lemon) Price & Comparison

Yesterday Wellness offers three variations of both size and flavor, all within industry pricing standards. With the cheapest being $45.00, or $0.09 per mg, the 500mg offering may be the best choice for someone new to the brand or new to CBD in general. At $95.00, or $0.063 per mg, the 1500 mg may be the best for an avid hemp user looking to get the best bang for their buck.

Yesterday Wellness Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil (1000mg / Lemon) Tincture Pricing


Price $/mg
500mg $45.00


1000mg $70.00






Competitor Hemp Oil Tincture Pricing  

Brand / Product Strength Price


Binoid Water-Soluble CBD Drops (Lemon)

500 mg 69.00  .138

Terravita Pure CBD Tincture

1000 89.99 0.089

Bespoke Extracts Active Tincture

1200 84.00 0.07


Yesterday Wellness Product Quality

Yesterday Wellness is a simple brand in a space where brands are oftentimes overbearing. Their packaging is clean, simple, and gives a sense of calm. However, their website does leave a bit more to be desired on topics like the background of the company and customer testimonials. Many consumers will appreciate Yesterday’s simple approach, while others may be skeptical. They provide two different third-party lab tests guaranteeing a consistent product, which passes our qualifications within our CBD buying Guide.  Pictured below are the third-party lab results for 1000mg Lemon Hemp Oil.

Is Yesterday Wellness Legit?


Verified Customer Reviews

Gabby Mendoza – 5 Stars

“I have HIGH anxiety. I was trying to see if I should go on xanax but I found this Yesterday Wellness hemp CBD. I love it. I feel happy, confident, and most importantly my emotions are at equilibrium. I am on my second bottle. I use 1,000 milligrams previously I was using 500 and I see the difference. Very happy with my product, thank you yesterday wellness.”


Caroline M. – 5 Stars

“I am quite pleased overall. I have been taking this CBD oil in the mornings right after I wake up and it’s given me a nice emotional boost to start the day. Will take this CBD in the afternoon some days as well.”