The world of medicine is constantly evolving, but more recently consumers are beginning to make the transition from prescription medications to natural alternatives. In the realm of natural medicine, cannabis has been a big contender. More recently, though, people are turning to a non-psychoactive alternative in the cannabis family—high-CBD hemp flower.

In fact, it is increasingly obvious that CBD hemp flower is rapidly becoming the next big product in the CBD world. Hemp derived CBD oils have been around for years, but raw CBD hemp flower use is becoming more popular and it’s use is expected to be on the rise for years to come. Why? That’s what you’re about to find out below.

What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

If you aren’t familiar with CBD and hemp, you may be wondering exactly what “hemp flower” is and how you use it. Hemp flower is far different than marijuana in that it possesses only trace amounts of THC. In fact, the levels of THC are so small that they’re very difficult to detect (less than 0.3%). Because these flowers are derived from hemp, they can be sold online to all 50 states. While the user will receive the full effects of the CBD, they will not experience any of the common THC effects. This leads many to believe that they’ll get all pros and no cons.

In other aspects, however, hemp flower is very much like traditional marijuana buds. CBD hemp flower refers to the fresh, cured flowers from the hemp plant. These flowers are often used in extractions to make hemp products, but can be ground and smoked in blunts, joints, or various smoking pieces. Many people even find that the therapeutic benefits of hemp flower are boosted when consuming through a vaporizer. Either way, hemp derived CBD flowers are perfect for those who want to enjoy the feeling of smoking cannabis but cannot tolerate (or legally access) THC.

Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

Yes! Other than it’s lack of psychoactive properties and multiple proven health benefits, legality is the primary reason that hemp flower is becoming so popular all around the world. Thanks to updates to the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp is now legal for agricultural production and sale across the United States. Though the CBD industry is still mostly unregulated, hemp farms are popping up across the country and U.S. citizens can easily access CBD products, including CBD hemp flower, in stores and online.

Immense Benefits of CBD 

One thing to note is that CBD has the potential to offer immense benefits to the user. There is speculation that it can help stave off cancer or even manage the side effects of popular cancer treatments. Sources also suggest that it may be useful for patients with Crohn’s disease, arthritis, anxiety, and other chronic ailments. Perhaps the most widespread use of CBD takes advantage of it’s benefits for pain and inflammation.

Of course, CBD research is only in its infancy and more research is definitely needed to explain the ins and outs of cannabidiol’s health potential. As people begin to recognize the many benefits of the hemp plant, the use of CBD hemp flower is on the rise.

CBD Hemp Flower Doesn’t Get You High

It should also be noted that CBD is far different than THC. When someone smokes marijuana, they’re going to experience psychoactive effects from the THC content. However, CBD doesn’t cause these psychoactive effects. Instead, many people report that CBD provides a mental boost, having a positive effect on cognition and awareness. This may be because CBD has been identified as a wake-promoting agent, which is why many people are able to use CBD for focus enhancing focus.

The lack of psychoactive properties make CBD useful where marijuana may not be, like before work or operating a vehicle. Many people report that CBD lowers social anxiety and improves mood, which means CBD hemp flower may still be appropriate for setting the tone at social events.

CBD Hemp Flowers are Easily Accessible

Marijuana is still illegal in many states. If you’re caught possessing, growing, or buying marijuana in some areas, you can end up in serious legal trouble. Although marijuana legislation is advancing — CBD provides an option for all people to access relief, even those who live in less friendly states.

Now, there are more hemp flower companies than ever before. You can visit a conservative state and still find stores selling CBD to local consumers. Because of it’s increased accessibility, consumers can buy CBD hemp flower in stores and online, and have it shipped to virtually any area in the country.

CBD Helps Eliminate the Cannabis Stigma

In the past, there was definitely a stigma built around cannabis, as hemp and marijuana were categorized as one in the same. Anti-drug organizations, combined mostly with misunderstandings brought on by misuse, helped overshadow both THC and the non-psychoactive CBD compound with a bad name. This has changed dramatically as of late.

Now, not only is marijuana more widely accepted for its therapeutic value and safety (when compared to other recreational substances), but recent legislation helps define the clear difference between high-CBD hemp and high-THC marijuana. CBD’s benefits greatly outweigh the risks, which is helping to quickly overturn any negative stigma placed on cannabis and hemp.

CBD Hemp Flower’s Popularity is Booming

Is CBD hemp flower becoming the next big thing? In a word—yes! It is pretty clear that CBD offers many health benefits for consumers, and research is steadily uncovering even more uses for the natural cannabinoid. Nevertheless, additional research is needed to fully grasp CBD’s health potential, and advances in research are expected to help support the growing CBD hemp flower industry.

CBD hemp flower is slowly making its way into the homes of experienced medicinal cannabis users and newbies alike. Many are even utilizing the flowers to make their own CBD oil at home. Regardless, those who try CBD hemp flower are generally impressed with the fast-acting, uplifting effects that smoked CBD products can provide.

If you’re hesitant about using CBD hemp flower for the first time—don’t be! The deliciously herbal aroma and magnificent health benefits, combined with CBD’s solid safety profile, put CBD hemp flower at the front lines of the wellness industry. It’s an experience every cannabis-advocating consumer should have.

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