CBD tinctures are a liquid form of cannabidiol that are designed to be taken sublingually, or under the tongue. This delivery method offers the cannabinoid a direct path to the bloodstream through tiny blood vessels in the soft tissue of the mouth. This is said to increase efficacy and possibly decrease onset time by avoiding liver interaction.

However, we still lack research comparing this delivery method to others, and much of the research concerning CBD involves intravenous delivery of the cannabinoid. Still, CBD tinctures are probably the most well-known of all CBD products, and they offer the same anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, system balancing effects that make CBD products so popular.

Each brand has its own take on CBD tinctures and some even offer multiple different formulas, potencies, and flavors. Tinctures are easily the most widely varying type of CBD product, which may be why they are the core of many people’s CBD wellness routine.

You can get tinctures that feature a natural, whole hemp flavor, or choose one on the sweeter side. Find highly potent tinctures that offer doses of 100mg and higher (like this one), or try a milder tincture dose of 10mg to test the waters. Some CBD tinctures even include essential oils and other natural Ingredients to create targeted effects, so you can find CBD tinctures designed for symptoms related to anxiety, sleep, inflammation, and more.

Why Choose CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are a convenient dosing style in many ways, and they are probably the most popular dosing style for this reason. The liquid form of cannabidiol is easy to measure and dose as needed, so it’s a popular choice for beginners or anyone who wants to be able to micromanage their dosage. They also provide powerful, long lasting effects that make them a suitable choice for many symptoms of chronic conditions, and they are usually packaged in sturdy bottles with a measuring dropper attached that makes them useful for dosing on the go.

The peak onset time for tinctures can be up to 90 minutes, though you may begin to feel relief sooner. CBD tinctures have been known to offer impressively lengthy effects, and some may provide relief for 8 hours or more. For many people, two doses daily is enough to provide round-the-clock relief.

CBD tinctures are systemic products that act as a hearty base for a multifaceted CBD regimen. When used with CBD topicals or vaporizers (which can bring near-instant relief), they may help provide relief from long-lasting, severe symptoms and sudden flares.

CBD Tinctures Trusted Reviews

At The CBD Encyclopedia, we think it’s crucial that consumers are well informed before making decisions regarding their CBD wellness routine. That’s why we carefully assess each brand according to strict guidelines before approval. Then, we really try each product so that we can write honest, trustworthy reviews. We hope that you can use the CBD tincture reviews below to help you discover  CBD products that truly make a difference. Then, try checking out other approved CBD products to manage ailments from other angles.