Every time you pick up a CBD product, we understand you would like to know what you’re getting has been rigorously tested, well researched, and created using safe extraction methods. We’ve got you covered on all fronts here at Key to Cannabis just check our trusted brand’s page.

But maybe you’re wanting to learn a little bit more about one of our favorite brands and what products stand out. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 12 unique CBD products from CBD Living. Not only are they one of our trusted brands, they also make some of the most interesting products on the market right now. Read on to find something a little off-center that works and comes from one of the best CBD companies out there.

1. Most Efficient Delivery Method: CBD Living Water

Stay refreshed, hydrated and calm with this nano CBD infused water from CBD Living. Usually, when adding CBD to a drink, you’ll be settling for a top layer of floating oil. This immediately affects the taste and for some isn’t an ideal way to consume their dose of CBD.

CBD Living has made a CBD bottled water that tastes, well, just like water! There is no added taste, no floating oils but all the benefits of regular water AND a 10 mg dose of CBD.

Users say it’s fantastic post-workout or even to deal with menstrual cramps!

2. Most Delicious: CBD Milk Chocolate

This CBD milk chocolate bar is all-natural with seven simple, recognizable ingredients. It delivers 200 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. That’s 25 mg per segment in a luscious, velvety package.

CBD Living uses the same nano CBD technology from their water to create a high degree of bioavailability. In short, you’ll get the relief you need faster than other edibles. It works great for migraines and everyday anxiety. Feel your stress melt away with this tasty treat!

It comes in creamy milk and rich dark chocolate varieties.

3. Best for Immediate, High Potency Relief: CBD Living Dabz Shatter

Dabbing has long been one of the most potent ways to deliver THC by smoking cannabis. Now, CBD Living has applied that same delivery system to a CBD product in Dabz Shatter. Each container holds 500 mg of crystallized CBD in a smooth, waxy substance. Do be careful! It shatters very easily, hence the name.

Dabbing works by putting a small amount inside of a pipe or bong. You then use a short piece of metal or glass called a “nail” and apply it directly to the shatter. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. A heated knife tip or paperclip can get the job done too. This isn’t recommended long-term though since some low-quality metals might find their way into your smoke.

4. Best Part of Your Breakfast: CBD Black Berry Tea

Get your day started off right with this fruity, floral, loose-leaf CBD tea. A blend of black tea, black currants, and blackberry are a joy to your taste buds! CBD Living uses the same nano CBD technology as their CBD water to deliver a 12.5 mg dose per cup. That means no floating oils spoiling the flavors of an otherwise lovely cup of tea.

5. Best for a Sore Throat: CBD Living Lozenges

For a convenient way to soothe a sore throat and keep up your CBD routine, check out these CBD Living Lozenges. Each lozenge steadily delivers CBD as you enjoy either green apple or cherry flavor. Each contains 25 mg of CBD meant to ease inflammation, aid digestion, and regulate your mood.

They taste exactly like a regular cough drop, coat your sore throat, and are a great alternative if you’d rather not inhale anything or take capsules.

6. Best After a Meal: CBD Living Matcha Green Tea

There’s nothing like an earthy, herbal cup of warm matcha green tea after a meal. Matcha has so many health benefits such as enhanced focus, aided digestion, high antioxidant count, liver detox, mood stabilization, and many more. Why not supercharge the effects with some CBD? Now you can with this instant matcha green tea!

Compared to other green teas, matcha is velvety and cloudy with a distinct, rich flavor. Each cup of this blend contains 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Try a cup per day to help settle your stomach and mind after a nice meal.

7. Best for Sore Muscles: CBD Living Freeze

This  topical CBD roll on is perfect for sore muscles and joints. It has 300 mg of broad spectrum CBD for immediate relief to your aches and pains. It’s infused with aloe vera and menthol to nourish and cool skin on contact. It uses isopropyl alcohol to enhance absorption for a deeply felt remedy.

8. Best for Long Lasting Relief: CBD Living Topical Patch

Need something with a bit more healing power? Check out this CBD topical patch for effects lasting up to 96 hours! Each patch form fits to your body and flexes over joints while staying put. This patch is transdermal which delivers CBD through the skin. This not only helps the affected area, but flows CBD into your bloodstream for extended relief.

9. Most Convenient: CBD Living Travel Spray Tincture

For an ultra-portable, convenient, and fast CBD delivery system, take a look at this travel spray tincture. It’s a simple, natural tincture made from a combination of 100 mg of broad-spectrum CBD saturated into MCT oil (a derivative of palm and coconut oils often found in health food supplements).

It’s great to use on the go and fits into a spare pocket or purse. Get discreet relief from pain or anxiety anywhere, anytime.

10. Must-Have for Winter: CBD Living Lip Balm

A tried and true defense for chapped lips gets an upgrade thanks to 50 mg of broad-spectrum CBD! The skin-healing qualities of CBD are a natural marriage to this cold-weather essential. Comes in cherry and unflavored varieties.

11. Best for Pets: CBD Living Pet Calming Water Booster

Having a pet fuss and fight against taking the medicine it needs is never easy. You want to help without giving your pet even more stress. If this sounds familiar, your dog or cat will love this Pet Calming Water Booster!

It gives simple, natural relief to animals with anxiety or gastrointestinal issues. It uses the same mechanisms as CBD Living’s CBD Water. So, you can add a few drops to fresh water and your furry friend will never know the difference.

12. Best for Smooth Skin: CBD Living Lavender Soap

Treat yourself to clean, moisturized skin and luscious fragrances with CBD Living’s line of CBD soaps. Sunflower oils, coconuts oils, and vegetable-based glycerine combine with essential oils to deliver a skin-nourishing lather of CBD goodness.

Each bar contains 50 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. The bar comes in lavender,  eucalyptus, amber bergamot, and coconut lime.

CBD Living Products Takeaway

CBD Living has a little something for everyone. Great options for convenience, portability, or strength, depending on your needs. They’ve even got your furry friends taken care of!

It seems that their product line offers a way to add CBD to your daily life at any time that works for you. Enjoy some CBD tea for breakfast, a CBD soap with your shower, or a topical patch applied overnight. They’ve accounted for any time or any place that fits into your life.

Learn more about why CBD Living is one of our favorites, here!

Erin Spong

Erin Spong

After several major injuries - including 2 hip surgeries and 2 severe concussions - Erin Spong was in search of a holistic pain and anxiety management remedy. Discovering CBD after graduating from the University of Missouri, Erin found this form of medicine to be the healthiest and most reliable treatment. As the Editor of The CBD Encyclopedia, Erin is stoked to meld her passions for writing and health, and to guide others to the perfect CBD products for their needs and lifestyles.