Menopause is one of the most dramatic periods of change experienced by a woman during her lifetime. During this stage, a woman’s hormones decline, and she eventually stops experiencing her menstrual periods. This stage of life comes along with distressing symptoms, and most women start experiencing them naturally between their late 40s to mid-50s. Menopause can also occur much earlier in some women as a result of the removal of ovaries that are responsible for the production of reproductive hormones in women. It can also occur as late as 60 when a woman has certain conditions like the growth of cysts in the ovaries.

Many questions have been asked whether CBD can be used in the management of menopausal characteristics. The truth is that, according to some recent studies, cannabis is one of the effective natural means in the management of most unpleasant menopausal symptoms ranging from physical distress such as pain, physiological, such as weight gain, to psychological distress, including depression. Cannabis helps your body develop resilience to any form of stress coming your way. Here is a closer look at the menopausal distresses and how cannabis helps ease them.

Pain Reliever

Pain is always an indicator of people seeking medical attention. Living with an ache hinders our performance of daily activities. During menopause, women frequently experience migraines, joint pain, breast tenderness, menstrual cramping, and pain during intercourse. Cannabis alters our immune response by preventing the production of a chemical called cytokine that triggers inflammation.

Just like other drugs used in pain management, cannabinoid doses are adjustable according to the severity of your pain. As opposed to other pain-relieving medications such as opioids, cannabis has few side effects. The natural and unadulterated cannabis products from industry leader industrial hemp farms are highly effective in combating menopause-related pain.

Combats Low Sexual Drive

When women reach menopause, they experience vaginal dryness, and their estrogen levels decrease, as does their desire for sex because it becomes difficult to get aroused. This feeling can be a frustrating experience, especially for those who have a strong passion for it.

However, some may find relief from these symptoms by using CBD. Research indicates that most women who used cannabis reported an improvement in their libido. Correct selection of a hemp strain is all that you need for a better outcome.

Fights Insomnia

We all experience insomnia at some point in our life. Menopausal women experience it more frequently, and it does not improve with time. You know that you have insomnia when you start experiencing signs such as difficulty falling asleep at night, waking up too early, having frequent wake periods in the middle of the night, and feeling tired after sleep.

Apart from feeling sleepy the day after, some more serious diseases associated with sleeplessness include heart diseases, high blood sugar levels, and excessive weight gain. You can decrease your risk for these conditions by having your doctor prescribe you cannabis that will help you fall asleep faster and more comfortable, give you a deep and long sleep and improve your breathing while you are slumbering.

Helps Keep You Active

A stubborn feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, and lack of energy during menopause can be as a result of long periods of being awake or hormonal changes that occur in your body during this period. It can manifest in the form of a decrease in paying attention or memory loss. It brings both physical and psychological feelings of irritability.

If non-pharmacologic interventions such as massage do not work for you, then your doctor might prescribe you a blend of cannabis that can help curb insomnia as well as regulate your hormones to offset the imbalance.

Helps Treat Depression

The most common forms of mood disorder that comes along with menopause is the feeling of “being low,” having low self-esteem, decreased motivation, and panic attacks. This feeling affects the relationship between a woman and her family members and workmates in a negative way.

These symptoms come as a result of a decrease in estrogen levels. Estrogen naturally acts as a stimulant and controls emotions. A decline in its levels means that your brain does not get stirred. CBD is known to have a stimulating effect on our minds. Taking CBD can help in activating your brain. Your doctor will help you choose the best brand from the Cannabis Store that best suits your condition.

Helps With Weight Loss

Hormonal changes that occur during menopause might put you at a higher risk for weight gain around your waist compared to your lower body parts, such as the hips. Your muscle mass reduces with age as fat increases. Loss of muscle mass leads to a reduction in the rate at which your body uses calories. Other causes of weight gain during menopause include insufficient exercise, poor eating habits, and inadequate sleep. Menopause weight gain can bring fatal complications to your health, such as breathing problems, heart disease, and diabetes. Excess weight also increases your risk for breast, colon, and endometrial cancers.

CBD use is also associated with weight loss. The active component in cannabis modifies the microbial composition of our intestinal system and regulates our appetite.


Menopausal symptoms should not bother you and hinder your performance of your daily activities anymore as CBD can help you fight its symptoms. Instead of taking several drugs to treat different symptoms, CBD provides a solution to all of them.

However, some of the menstrual symptoms, such as excessive weight gain, are genetically predetermined, and CBD might not change much. Moreover, it’s best to consult a qualified and registered medical practitioner before starting with a CBD treatment.

The use of cannabis might help in reducing the effects of some of those menopause symptoms. This will be of great help in ensuring you continue with your life normally. However, be sure to buy cannabis products from reputable outlets to ensure they are of high quality. Check out our favorite CBD products, made specifically for women!

Erin Spong

Erin Spong

After several major injuries - including 2 hip surgeries and 2 severe concussions - Erin Spong was in search of a holistic pain and anxiety management remedy. Discovering CBD after graduating from the University of Missouri, Erin found this form of medicine to be the healthiest and most reliable treatment. As the Editor of The CBD Encyclopedia, Erin is stoked to meld her passions for writing and health, and to guide others to the perfect CBD products for their needs and lifestyles.