Beam Organics Dream Powder Review

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


Pros & Cons


  • Broad Spectrum, THC Free
  • Functional Nootropic Blend
  • Good Flavor and Texture
  • Great Customer Service


  • More expensive than basic CBD products

Beam Organics at a Glance

Beam Organics offers a multifunctional line of wellness supplements balanced on some of the industry’s most popular adaptogens, nootropics, and herbal additives. The brand’s various hemp formulations feature a premium, THC-free, nano hemp extract easily absorbed for optimal benefits. 

Although many formulas target the needs of athletes (like increasing recovery and energy), they’ve also curated many versatile formulas designed to improve sleep, boost cognition, and combat the stressors you encounter in everyday life. Plus, the line steps outside the realm of oils and capsules and includes a variety of drink powders and skin balms that are practical and functional for virtually any need.

Beam Organics Dream Powder Overview

The Beam Organics Dream Powder formula is clean and accessible, using only ingredients that are Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Keto-friendly, and Dairy-free. The functional formula includes five key ingredients:

  • 20 mg of Nano Hemp: Nano-sized hemp particles that offer optimal absorption
  • 350 mg of Reishi: A functional mushroom chosen to support healthy sleep cycles and manage stress.
  • 31 mg of Magnesium: A mineral that may help you fall asleep by relaxing the body, muscles, and nervous system. 
  • 300 mg of L-theanine: An amino acid that helps stave off stress, promote relaxation, and regulate sleep cycles. 
  • 3 mg of Melatonin: A compound naturally found in the body that may improve sleep latency and quantity. 

The rest of the ingredients are simple and help keep the calorie and carb intake low so that those with various dietary restrictions can use this powder. Cocoa powder, coconut milk, cinnamon, and monk fruit extract, alongside a few other natural ingredients, help give this Dream Powder a sweet, spicy profile without any added sugars. 

According to the lab results, this dream powder is free of THC, so there’s no need to worry if you’re THC-restricted. Our only concern is that the formula doesn’t divulge the actual CBD content of the Nano Hemp dose. After checking out the lab results, however, we were able to find that the bulk of the hemp content is composed of CBD, with a small dose of CBG. 

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or give this Dream Powder set as a gift, the three-piece set is a treat. Our beam shipment was one of the most well-packaged and aesthetically satisfying products we’ve ever received. The first shipment (when you sign up for the monthly subscription) includes a sturdy glass mug and battery-operated frother.

Beam Organics Dream Powder First-Hand Review

We tried this CBD Dream Powder two ways–mixed into warm water and mixed into the milk. Both options were fine, and it really depends on your preference, though we preferred the richness of this drink when incorporated into the milk. Here’s how it went both times we tried it out:


The prepared drink smells mostly of cinnamon with deeper cocoa undertones. It’s pleasant and leads you to expect a mild sweet flavor. 


This Dream Powder gives the cocoa-cinnamon flavor it promises, but it does have some earthy reishi vibes that shine through. If you’re expecting a sweet treat that tastes like your standard cup of hot cocoa, this isn’t quite it, but the earthy, herbal flavor is pleasant and palatable. 


The powder mixes pretty well when you use the battery-powered mixer included in Beam Organics’ kit, and there wasn’t much settling to the bottom of the glass. The consistency mostly depends on the base you choose, and we preferred the fullness of the drink when it was mixed with warm coconut milk versus when we mixed it with just water. 


We sipped this Dream Powder cocoa beverage just before bed and found it incredibly easy to fall asleep. Onset took about half an hour before we felt a mild numbness set in, a sort of “settled” feeling throughout our body that’s typical of a high-quality CBD dose. 

All in all, the small dose of melatonin in this powder was apparent and effective. Unlike when we take a typical melatonin dose on its own, we slept soundly through the night. The reishi and L-theanine combination was chosen to improve sleep quality, which may be why we felt more rested and less groggy than when using melatonin on its own. 

The most interesting part of this dream powder is how at ease our body felt. It seemed to melt away muscle tension and soreness, something we’d likely contribute to the combination of magnesium and hemp. 

Ultimately, this is a great option for staving off discomforts that make it difficult to fall asleep, both physically and mentally. We could see it being useful just for resetting your sleep cycle or for using regularly to boost physical recovery while you sleep if you typically suffer from muscle soreness or aches and pains.

Beam Organics Dream Powder Price & Comparison

The monthly subscription for the Beam Organics Dream Powder costs $76 a month. The subscription scores you the 3-piece set we received for this review, which includes a mug and battery-powered frother in the first shipment. 

Each package of dream powder includes 30 servings. At its standalone price of $95, you’re paying roughly $3.17 per serving. Compared to other CBD powder products, the price is a little high, but it’s right on par for an intricate, targeted formula powered by industry-leading nootropics and functional mushrooms. Although you may find CBD products at lower price points, there aren’t many CBD sleep products that compare to this one. 

CBD Powder Pricing Comparison


Price Price Per Serving

Beam Organics Dream Powder

$76 $2.53

Caliper CBD Powder



Joy Organics CBD Energy Powder



Beam Organics Dream Powder Quality

We’re happy to report that Beam Organics places a heavy focus on transparency, meaning they offer full access to lab reports and ingredients lists. Aside from using high-quality hemp material to create their line of broad-spectrum hemp products, they also employ doctors and industry professionals to help design every functional formula. 

Everything is vegan, gluten-free, and free of THC to make it highly accessible to all consumers. The Dream powder and the rest of the set were all luxurious, and the set (and the great night’s sleep) felt like a little gift to ourselves. 

Verified Customer Reviews

Best Quality Product

“Life changing product. I struggled with sleep long until I found beam. I recommend this to everyone that needs a quality sleep + recovery.” – Review by Carlos G.


We love that this Dream Powder goes beyond what hemp can do on its own and offers a functional blend of mushrooms, amino acids, minerals, and cannabinoids designed to help improve sleep quality and quantity. The warm cup of cocoa before bed is a soothing addition to a nighttime routine, and the dosage and lack of THC makes it accessible to most consumers. If you’re specifically looking for a CBD product that goes beyond the standard CBD to improve sleep, this CBD Dream Powder is a great option. 



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