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CBD Drinks & Edibles

CBD drinks and other edibles are exactly what they sound like—foods and beverages infused with specific amounts of CBD. They are easily one of the most popular types of CBD products on the market right now, probably because there are so many delicious options to choose from.

For instance, CBD-infused water offers a hydrating, convenient option for those wanting to incorporate cannabidiol into their fitness routine. CBD drink mix is another way to add the cannabinoid to your water and could be a tasty way to incorporate CBD every day.

CBD shots are quick, easily swallowed doses that can be used anywhere while on the go. CBD syrup is an alternative dosing method that’s similar to taking cough syrup but often tastier. Other edibles, like infused sweets, candies, or gummies, may meet the needs of those with even pickier palates. No matter what you choose, CBD edibles and infused beverages make daily dosing a simple, pleasant task.

Why Choose CBD Drinks and Edibles?

CBD-infused foods and drinks have some special benefits when compared to many other types of CBD products (aside from being the most delicious way to take CBD). They help mask the hempy flavor often associated with high-quality hemp extracts. They also potentially have longer-lasting effects. Plus, they usually offer pre-measured doses, which takes the guesswork out of measuring each dose and makes it easy for those who take a consistent dose of CBD every day.

Most edible CBD products have a delayed onset because they must first be metabolized by digestion. CBD edibles can take approximately 90 minutes to take full effect. However, the slow absorption of CBD may also result in a lengthy duration of effects, and many CBD edibles may provide relief for up to 8 hours.

CBD drinks and edibles may be the best option for you if you know what CBD dose you need each day and would benefit from pre-measured doses. CBD edibles are also a convenient option for those who are sensitive to the flavor of CBD.

Edibles and drinks are also popular for elderly CBD users, especially those who cannot easily swallow pills. Many CBD edible products are discreet and look just like other snacks and drinks. Many also come individually packages, so they may be useful for incorporating CBD into any daily routine.

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Where to Buy CBD?

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