Bespoke Extracts CBD Infused Manuka Honey Tincture (1000/1800mg) Product Review



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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic



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Pros and Cons


  • Fast-acting relief
  • Tastes fantastic
  • Water-Soluble CBD Isolate


  • Grey area for veganism
  • Crystallizes and thickens over time

Bespoke Extracts at a Glance

Bespoke Extracts creates CBD products that seek to use the power of nature to help their community. Bespoke has the mission of using the highest quality, natural ingredients to create versatile and delicious CBD products. They also are community-focused, offering discount codes to three groups: frontline workers, veterans, and people aged 55 and above.  

Bespoke Extracts Coupon Code

Use our unique Bespoke Extracts discount code [CBD25] to get 25% off your order! 


Bespoke Extracts CBD Infused Manuka Honey Overview

When the Bespoke Extracts Manuka Honey arrived on my porch, I quickly ran into my house and ripped open the package to be greeted by very sleek black and gold branding – inspired by what seems to be the bees from which their honey is produced, the black and gold packaging reads out its certifications and characteristics: U.S. Hemp Authority Certified, 15+ UMF (which I’ll explain shortly), Certified 514+ Methylglyoxal, Made in an FDA Registered Facility, and more. I tried both the 1000 mg and 1800 mg products and the quality, flavor, taste, were the same – the difference only being a mere 3 mg of CBD difference in serving size. 

The smell of this is quite simple, yet sweet – creating a curiosity within me as I haven’t experienced a product like it before. It does not smell like hemp nor traditional honey, yet it does not not have that aroma.  Similarly, the consistency is interesting as it flows smoothly like a mixture between conventional CBD oil and Honey. The one critique is that although I have listened to their storage (cool, dark place) recommendations after a few weeks, the consistency turned from smooth to thick and even changed color.

CBD Infused Manuka Honey Highlights

  • CO2 Extraction
  • All-Natural USA Grown Hemp 
  • Third-party lab tested
  • CBD Isolate
  • Infused with authentic Manuka Honey 
  • THC-free
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Light sweet flavor
  • US Hemp Certified


Bespoke Extracts Manuka Honey  First-Hand Review

Their primary ingredient, Manuka Honey, is sourced from New Zealand, and as they say, not all Manuka is the same. They explain that they use only the highest-quality Manuka with an Ultra-Premium Grade Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) of 15+. While I don’t have a baseline for Manuka, I can, without hesitation, state that this is beautifully delicious. Seriously, this is not only some of the most uniquely flavored CBD I’ve ever had, to the point where I’m mixed between wanting to drink the whole bottle like a shot and only have a single tiny drop a day so that I can savor it for longer. 


  • The smell of the tincture is unique and mild, hinting at the aroma of honey but not hemp. 


  • Taste is where Bespoke’s expertise shines through; the taste of this CBD is unbelievable. Considering, you can either mix it into a food or beverage or straight under the tongue, it would be difficult to find a CBD tincture that tastes better. It is sweet and honey-like with the most pleasant aftertaste.  I put it directly under my tongue while I mixed it into a charcoal lemonade for my girlfriend.


  • The consistency of this product is where I’m a bit disappointed; I’ve used this every day for a couple of weeks now and followed the storage directions closely. However, each day, it seems like the tincture becomes more crystalized and significantly thicker than day one. It has also gradually turned more white by the day, but the effects, taste, and smell have all remained the same, so it’s not too significant of a complaint. Especially considering the remedy is to simply give it a shake before use.


  • This tincture has been tested against several different physical and mental health symptoms. Those being: thrown out back, pinched nerve, mouth abscess, two recent root canals, migraines, mild to severe anxiety, moderate to severe depression, poor sleep, and a partridge in a pear tree. While, of course, the CBD did not cure any of these things, it did manage to provide temporary, daily relief from these symptoms within about half an hour. Specifically, the anxiety is where this tincture shined through and lasted from the time it set in (8:00 pm) until I went to bed (12-1:00 am).


Manuka Honey Price & Comparison

Bespoke’s Manuka Honey price is just around average. Typically, we see costs for CBD Oil tinctures anywhere between $30-$120. Similarly, for Bespoke’s tinctures, we see $59.00 and $99.00, which is about average for this type of CBD. Given the uniqueness of the Manuka ingredient, we’d even say it’s above average.

Bespoke Extracts UMF15+ Manuka Honey Infused CBD Tincture











Competitors Pricing





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1000mg $24.99


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Bespoke Extracts UMF15+ Manuka Honey Infused CBD Tincture (with our unique discount code: CBD25) 










While the prices were already fair, our discount code makes this product even more exciting. As you can see above, our unique CBD Encyclopedia discount code, CBD25, makes the 1000mg strength Bespoke Extracts Manuka Honey Tincture only $44.25, or $0.044 per mg! Alternatively, our discount code makes the 1800mg strength Bespoke Extracts Manuka Honey Tincture only $74.25, or $0.041 per mg. 

Bespoke Extracts Product Quality

Bespoke Extracts uses only the highest quality ingredients to create the best quality product. Their hemp starting material is all-natural, USA grown, processed in an FDA registered facility, and 100% GMP certified. For more verification, all of their products are sent to a third-party lab with easy-to-find test results (for these tinctures, those results can be seen below). 

The one caveat I have that technically falls under the quality category is the vegan badge they proudly wear. Most people assume that honey is vegan, but the well-known and well-regarded The Vegan Society says otherwise. Similarly, their 100% Vegan badge is not Vegan Society trademark registered. As of right now, in my eyes, this product is not Vegan. However, if the brand can get the trademarked badge from The Vegan Society, I will gladly update this review. 

So what is this magical Manuka Honey? It actually has quite a fascinating history. It hails from the New Zealand scrub plant. European Honey bees originating from Europe introduced it to the area. As a result, the honey they produce is significantly more potent than standard honey. The benefits of the Manuka Honey is that it has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which can be used for many different reasons: skincare, healing wounds, immune system, digestion, and much more! Pair that with the benefits of CBD and suddenly, we see quite the exciting product.

Verified Customer Reviews

Grobe – 5 Stars 

“Bespoke is reasonably priced and I believe the products are pure. It works better than any other CBD I have used. The delivery was fast and my pain level is definitely lower. Thank you Bespoke!”

Jaber C – 5 Stars

“I wrote a review for this product about a month ago and deleted it. I wanted to try it first rather than how I was feeling about it at the moment. And I’m glad I waited. I have been taking numerous supplements over the years and 90% of them I only use a for a few days, maybe a week. This is the first supplement in a long time that I actually finished and reached the bottom of the bottle. Not only that, I have let go of all of my other supplements because Bespoke CBD does in one supplement what it would usually take a combination of 4-5 different supplements to do. I really like the fact that the supplement is pure, organic and from a trustable company. It shows because of the potency. I actually feel the difference when I take this supplement. My mind becomes relaxed, I begin to calm down and it has really improved my anxiety. Not only that it is well-priced for the quality, which is rare. If you’re looking to try a CBD product, I would highly recommend the Bespoke brand.”



Overall, this is a great product. It tastes fantastic and provides near-instant results that quickly diminish various symptoms. I find the Manuka to be a unique flavor, yet not overpowering. I would certainly repurchase this and also recommend it to friends and family.