Manitoba Harvest CBD Softgels Review

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  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made


Manitoba Harvest CBD Softgels

Manitoba Harvest CBD Softgels rode in on the brand’s 20 years of experience, but do they live up to their solid reputation?

  • Sourced from the same hemp as the rest of the Manitoba Harvest line
  • Available in two strengths—15 and 50 mg
  • Offered in 30-count bottles, as well as a 60-count option in the 15 mg dosage
  • Free from additives and allergens
  • Paired with a premium THC-free formula, making it a versatile dosing option for almost any CBD user

Needless to say, we were eager to give these a try, and hopeful that the established brand pulled through with the top-notch quality they’ve come to be known for.

Manitoba Harvest CBD Softgels Overview

There’s no gimmicks or tricks here. These CBD softgels are made from just a few ingredients, starting with organic hemp seed oil sourced from non-GMO, U.S. hemp farms. After harvest, these premium hemp plants are processed at the brand’s Minnesota-based A++ manufacturing facility. There, the hemp material undergoes a CO2 extraction process and is then carefully refined to remove THC, resulting in a clean, broad-spectrum CBD formula. Each Manitoba Harvest CBD formula is verified to contain less than 0.01% THC.

This premium hemp blend is encapsulated in a vegan capsule, with no gelatin in sight. Plus, Manitoba Harvest CBD Softgels are gluten-free, so there’s virtually no limits on who can benefit from these convenient doses. This entire process is carefully documented, helping the brand offer full seed-to-sale traceability.

Every product batch is carefully tested at third-party labs. The test results, which are easily found on the brand’s website, show the colorful cannabinoid profile of every CBD softgel batch. Plus, they ensure every batch is free of contaminants, like pesticides, residual solvents, microbes, and more.

The B-certified brand is just as conscious as they are careful, and every step of this process is optimized for sustainability, all the way down to recyclable and compostable packaging. These CBD Softgels start at $29.99, or roughly $0.07 per milligram—a very fair price for high-quality CBD.

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Manitoba Harvest CBD Softgels First-Hand Review

We first tried Manitoba Harvest’s 50 mg CBD softgels early in the afternoon. Everything was as it should be. Neat packaging held a sturdy glass pill bottle, complete with double safety seals and a child-proof cap. The capsules are slightly larger than a tic-tac and have a gentle, golden-green color.

Each capsule holds a 50 mg dose, so we only needed to take one. Because they are softgels, they are particularly easy to swallow, and that was the most difficult part of the process. Everything else fell smoothly into place, starting with a gentle onset after about an hour and a half.

Initially, these CBD softgels gave us a calm and creative lift that urged us through our afternoon activities, similarly to our experience with Manitoba Harvest’s CBD Oil Drops. Another fifteen minutes passed and we experienced the softgel’s true power—chronic back and shoulder pain began melting away. It may have taken two hours for the effects to kick in full swing, but we didn’t mind that the major relief from chronic back pain stuck around for more than six hours. Even late-night yoga practice went smoothly without another dose.

Eventually, the effects began to fade, but it took almost 10 hours before we felt tension rebuilding in our shoulders. That’s an impressive amount of relief, and we think these softgels could easily replace the daily CBD dose we usually use to combat back pain.

From quality sourcing to our outstanding first-hand experience, everything about these CBD softgels checks out. Although the lowest dose offered is 15 mg, we’d happily recommend these CBD softgels to anyone who needs a high-quality hemp supplement. The 15 and 50 milligram capsules are a solid choice for intermediate and advanced CBD users, respectively.

First Hand Review


This is helpful and easy to use. Nice to get pain relief from a safe product.



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