Canna Comforts Full-Spectrum Mega Cannabinoids Softgels Product Review

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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic


Pros & Cons


  • Full Spectrum with CBD, CBG, and CBC
  • Easy and convenient 25mg per dose
  • No taste or smell
  • Easy to swallow size


  • Not best for those needed doses less than 25mg
  • Takes a while to take effect

Canna Comforts at a Glance

Canna Comforts specializes in premium hemp flower that smokes much like its high-THC cousin strains, but this product is only one example of how the brand extends the same quality and attention to detail multiple dosing methods. Check out Canna Comforts to learn more.

Canna Comforts Coupon Code

We’ve loved Canna Comforts each time we’ve had the opportunity to test one of their industry leading products, so we’d like to extend a discount code to our readers.

Use the coupon code “K2C10” to get 10% off your Canna Comforts purchase. 


Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Mega Cannabinoids Softgels Overview

Canna Comforts formulated these softgels to offer an easy and convenient dose of CBD, CBG, and CBC, hence the name “mega cannabinoids.” Each softgel delivers a 25mg dose and the jar holds 40 softgels, or 1000mg of CBD.

We were elated at this little glass jar of CBD capsules when we opened it. The jar is super easy to handle and open and would be perfect even for those who have trouble with standard child-proof medicine bottles. Each capsule is medium-sized, unlike the huge, difficult-to-swallow samples we’ve tried from other brands. In our opinion, 25mg is a perfect dose even for beginners, and there’s no harm in taking two for a 50mg dose when needed, so we were excited to try these out.


Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Mega Cannabinoids Softgels First-Hand Review

These Full Spectrum Mega Cannabinoid Softgels are the only version of CBD softgels offered by the brand, but the medium-sized dose makes it possible for these to cover most people’s CBD needs. The brand usually focuses on whole-plant hemp flower, so we were eager to find out if this easy-dose softgel delivered the same efficacy as other Canna Comforts products we’ve tried.


They really have very little smell—exactly what you’d expect from a clean-cut softgel. The smell is similar to the gelatin fragrance of any store-bought gel capsule, and it’s not hempy at all. 


These capsules are about the size of a raisin and are filled with golden liquid–a combination of MCT oil and hemp extract. Each is uniform in size and shape and no different than the capsules you may already have in your cabinet. 


We started with a dose of one CBD softgel in the morning, and after about 45 minutes could begin to feel the effects. It started with a sense of calm, and transformed into the CBD-guided focus we’ve come to know so well. Curious about how these capsules would work for pain and inflammation, we popped another in the evening just before hitting the gym.

Again, after about 45 minutes we could feel the easy relaxation overtake us, and we seemed to be able to push through the last of our workout with ease. Better yet, a heavy leg workout wasn’t followed by the same extreme fatigue as usual—we probably could have cranked out a few more reps in the squat rack. There was still some discomfort in the hours after our workout, but when combined with a CBD muscle rub, these capsules kept the serious pain at bay.

Each time we took these capsules, effects seemed to last just over 6 hours before another dose was needed. Luckily, they’re easy to carry with you so you always have the next dose ready when you need it.

Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Mega Cannabinoids Softgels Price & Comparison

Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Softgels cost $72 or about $0.07 per milligram. That’s honestly a great price for high quality CBD, especially in capsule form, which is generally more expensive than tinctures. Of course, this 1000mg bottle is a “bulk” amount, which surely helps lower the costs. For comparison, Joy Organics CBD Capsules cost about $0.11 per milligram, which is still a fair, middle-of-the-road price for this type of cannabidiol product.

We think this is a great price for these softgels, and with our coupon code “K2C10” you can get 10% off the price, making these capsules only $65. That’s about $0.06 per milligram—a complete steal for high quality CBD relief. 


Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Mega Cannabinoids Softgels Quality

Canna Comforts maintains complete control over their hemp yields, using only the highest quality U.S. grown hemp for their hemp extract, including the formula used in these CBD softgels. The third-party lab tests show the high potency CBD, CBG, and CBD, as well as the legal trace amounts of THC in each capsule.

From first glance, there was nothing off-putting about the quality of these softgels. We loved that they combined the hemp extract with MCT oil, a necessary fat for optimal absorption. These capsules offered the same CBD relief we’ve experienced with the market’s highest quality products, and the brand’s commitment to transparency makes us comfortable using these capsules daily..

Customer Reviews

“These are great! Fast acting, I take 2 if I know I need some extra sleep support, and am off to dreamland.” -Debra W.

“I have nerve damage from shingles. These gels take the debilitating edge off the pain during the day which allows me to focus at work.”- Scott C.


We’ve tried a variety of CBD capsules and pills that we’ve loved, and Canna Comforts Full Spectrum Mega Cannabinoids Softgels fit in right at the top of our list. We think that the 25mg dose is a great middle-of-the-road dosing option and we love that they offer the multi-cannabinoid benefits of full spectrum hemp.

Joy Organics’ THC-Free Softgels offer a ten milligram dose instead, but have no THC. Choosing the best CBD softgels for you is dependent upon your specific needs, but we think these Mega Cannabinoid Softgels are a great multi-functional source of quality, lab tested CBD that may fit well into any CBD wellness routine. 


First Hand Review


These little softgels are magical. One in the morning relieves pain and stiffness. Two before bed assures a great night of sleep. AWESOME!!

Tani B


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