FOCL Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Drops (1000-3000mg) Product Review

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FOCL at a Glance

FOCL came to the cannabis market with an innovative idea, to create CBD-centric “wellness stacks” that support balance and calm through the day and night.

They were able to achieve this by partnering with chemists, doctors, and other wellness experts to create effective and diverse formulas to boost the effects of CBD. These formulas start with high-quality hemp extracts and are completed with adaptogenic herbs, powerful mushrooms, and hand-chosen botanicals.

FOCL offers wellness products for the day and night, as well as a standard CBD formula that serves to complement the cannabidiol dose of the wellness stacks (or simply offer a quality CBD source to those who need it.) Every FOCL product is vegan, non-GMO, and created in a carefully controlled environment that ensures each powerful blend meets its full potential. 

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FOCL Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Drops Overview (1000mg)

FOCL’s CBD Drops offer a personalized touch to their daily Wellness Stack, but can the potent CBD tincture stand on its own? The drops, which come in three flavors (Mint, Cherry, and Orange Cream), offer a concentrated upgrade to FOCL’s 300 mg CBD Drops. Each bottle of the potent new formula boasts 1,000 mg of hemp extract, or 33 mg per dose. These drops can certainly be taken on their own, but they also serve to complement the CBD dose of FOCL’s Day and Night CBD capsule bundle. 

The CBD Drops are convenient in every necessary way—well packaged in a sturdy bottle with a metered pipette attached. At first glance, there’s nothing off-putting about FOCL’s formula. The doctor-formulated CBD drops are made from quality MCT coconut oil, stevia, and broad-spectrum hemp extract—meaning they are THC-free while still reserving the benefits of hemp’s entourage effect.


FOCL Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Drops First-Hand Review

Initially, FOCL Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Drops look pretty much like the 300 mg version—a lightly tinted oil packed in a clear bottle and neatly labeled. These, however, pack more than three times the potency than the less concentrated version (which we still stand behind as a great option for beginners). As frequent CBD users, we were delighted at the increased dosage (33 mg  per dose as opposed to 1 0mg per dropper-full of the 300 mg version), which makes it pretty simple to get our daily dose.

We reached for the mint-flavored CBD Drops first thing in the morning, filling the pipette almost all the way full (a haphazard attempt at replicating our daily 25 mg dose). Overall, they taste mild and just slightly minty, a refreshing twist on the overpowering mouthwash-like flavor of many mint additives.

It took a little over an hour before reaching a pleasant onset. First, we felt a little looser—much better than our frequently tense, stressed state. The effects gradually crescendoed from there, offering a significant lift to our day. After two hours, we felt focused and light on our feet. In short, these CBD drops were already meeting the expectations of our regular dose.

This breezy mental clarity lasted hours and it was past 3 p.m. (over seven hours after dosing) before we felt any brain fog or exhaustion creeping on. Around 5 p.m., exhaustion morphed to lower back and hip pain (a daily occurrence thanks to previous spinal injuries), so we decided to take another dose.

This time, we paired these CBD drops with FOCL’s Relief Cream, which relieved the bite pretty quickly. Still, true relief came about 45 minutes later when these drops brought on the same loose, total-body relief as before.

We enjoyed these CBD drops on their own and in combination with FOCL’s topical cream, but the most notable part of our experience was the sustained relief. More than eight hours after our second dose, back and leg pain was still minimal—something only the absolute best products can accomplish.

Ultimately, these CBD drops are a perfect example of why we stand behind FOCL, a brand that’s proven their transparency and dedication to quality time and time again. These potent CBD drops may make a great choice for advanced users who need a powerful, tasty, daily dose of CBD relief. 

FOCL Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Drops Product Quality

With our sights set on the 1,000 mg CBD Drops, we found nothing to fret over. Luckily, a deep dive into the CBD company’s manufacturing process also left us feeling pretty confident. FOCL takes pride in transparency and willingly divulges the details, like sourcing premium hemp material from their own non-GMO New Mexico hemp farm or from other trusted U.S. growers. After being soil-and-sun grown in some of the nation’s best hemp farms, the hemp material is processed at a GMP, FDA-certified Food Grade facility.

Afterwards, FOCL relies on a Supercritical CO2 extraction process to collect the hemp material and carefully refines it to remove THC. Because they don’t use harsh chemicals for extraction, you can trust that these CBD drops will be free of residual solvents. Don’t take our word for it—third-party lab results are available on every product page. These thorough tests not only show accurate potency information, but also rule out pesticides, solvents, mycotoxins, and other contaminants. Plus, they verify the absence of THC, which is important to THC-sensitive or restricted consumers. 

To increase this accessibility, every bottle is vegan and free of gluten, sugar and food dye. They come in at a pretty attractive price point of $65 (or less than $0.07 per milligram) which makes them the perfect CBD supplement for anyone and for anytime of day! Plus, FOCL offers a subscription option that knocks 20 percent off the price and ships for free, so you can get these CBD drops for just $52 a bottle.


First Hand Review


I've been having excruciating pain in one hip and am happy to report that FOCL really helps. I can do half a dose in the morning and evening and still have my mobility! Thrilled.

Eliza T.


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