FOCL Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Drops (300mg) Product Review

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FOCL At a Glance

The ingredients look natural at first glance, but a deeper look at FOCL gives us even more confidence in these CBD drops. In order to keep a close eye on quality, the brand opened their own non-GMO, organic hemp farm in New Mexico Valley. Here, they grow their hemp crops in quality soil under natural sunlight, harvesting only the best hemp material for their CBD line. The brand uses an industry-leading Supercritical CO2 extraction process to extract the cannabinoids without the need for chemical solvents. Then, this proprietary hemp formula is used to manufacture the CBD Drops in an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility. Then, each batch is tested in a third-party lab for potency and purity. FOCL doesn’t skimp on lab tests, either. Each analysis can be found on their site, and they prove the accurate cannabinoid potency as well as the absence of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and other potential contaminants. 

To make the products even more accessible, FOCL formulated them using only vegan and gluten-free ingredients. All this goodness costs $35 a bottle, which rounds out to $0.12 per milligram. Not bad at all for quality CBD tinctures, but you can shave 10-percent off the price and get free shipping with the convenient subscription option. 


FOCL Premium CBD Oil Drops (300mg) Overview

FOCL CBD Drops are an integral part of FOCL’s Wellness Stack, but do they offer a powerful CBD dose on their own? All three flavors of FOCL’s CBD Drops (Cherry, Mint, and Orange Cream) boast 300 mg of hemp extract per bottle, or 10 mg of hemp extract per dose. According to the brand, they are the perfect way to boost the CBD dose of their Wellness Stack, or they can be used on their own to get real CBD relief. 

FOCL’s CBD Drops are like any standard tincture in many ways—packaged in a glass bottle with a handy, metered dropper lid. The ingredients list is comfortably short and includes MCT oil from baby coconuts, FOCL’s proprietary hemp extract, stevia, and natural flavors. MCT oil is necessary for optimal CBD absorption. Stevia means no added sugar, and the absence of artificial colors and flavors leaves these tinctures with a natural golden tint that varies only slightly depending on the flavor you choose. 

Other than natural ingredients to alter the flavor of each formula, these tinctures don’t contain any targeted ingredients. Instead, they are great for everyday use and may pose an option for any symptoms that respond to CBD. Unlike FOCL’s Day or Night formulas, these drops are great for any time of the day. 

FOCL CBD Drops First-Hand Review

We wanted to test FOCL’s CBD Drops fairly, both as a part of the Wellness Stack and on their own. Although we grabbed all of FOCL’s products at the same time, we decided to spend a few days trying these drops on their own first, which gave us a chance to taste each of the three flavors. They all are alike in a few ways: The flavor is mild and they are just slightly sweetened, not sugary or syrupy at all. The Cherry flavor tastes almost exactly like Cherry Chapstick. The Mint variety tasted like we’d rinsed our mouth with the world’s mildest mouthwash. The Orange Cream was the most unique, and tasted like an orange push-pop ice cream, minus almost all of the sugar. All three flavors were extremely palatable and covered the natural hemp flavor well. 

FOCL says these drops bring a sense of calm and clear-headedness, so it only made sense that we took a single dropper (10 mg of hemp extract) just before starting our day. The onset of effects was slower than we’d imagined, almost an hour and a half, but that may have been the only downside. The onset was smooth, causing us to feel physically and mentally at ease, which put us in the mood for yoga practice. Aside from the lingering sense of balance, though, the most impressive effect was increased stamina. Through our practice, we noticed a significant difference in our body—limber muscles, more stretch, and less discomfort. Even after a lengthy Vinyasa flow, we still had more energy to give to the day. 

This balanced, relaxed experience was consistent each time we took FOCL’s CBD Drops, and the effects lasted more than six hours before we felt them fade. The positive experience made us even more eager to try FOCL’s Wellness Stack to see how the bundle worked in combination with these drops. However, when we started using the Day and Night Capsules, we didn’t feel the need to add more CBD to the regimen. 

One day during the testing period, we started to feel a migraine creep on, which posed a great opportunity to see how these drops would fare. One dropper, or 10 mg of hemp extract, offered the same relief from pain that we’ve come to expect from high-quality CBD. The effects took a little over an hour to kick in full force, but it suddenly stopped the migraine in its tracks. We didn’t need to redose, and by the time the effects from the tincture began to fade, it was time for the Night Capsule dose. 



Ultimately, we have nothing bad to say about FOCL or their CBD Drops. On their own, they make a great option for beginners. We think they also make a convenient addition to FOCL’s Wellness Stack that allows the CBD content of the regimen to be tailored to fit anyone’s needs. Everything lines up—from the brand’s farming oversight to lab testing to the efficacy we experienced first hand—for us to feel comfortable recommending FOCL CBD Drops to anyone needing CBD relief.

First Hand Review


The Orange cream flavor is very good. The quality seems to be excellent so far. I'm half way through my first bottle. It has helped me with chronic pain and anxiety and I sleep better. We all need help during these stressful times!

Linda B.


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