Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Product Review: Original, 120-1500mg

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  • Lab Test
  • USA Made


Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

Opening the jar, the contents smell fruity and sweet with a slightly tart scent, similar to Sour Patch Kids or perhaps sour gummy worms. The scents of the individual flavors reflect the fruits they’re modeled after: the orange gummies smell citrusy and sweet, the lemon ones smell a bit like Lemon Heads, the blue gummies smell of blue raspberry, the green ones smell like apple, and the red ones smell of cherry, similar to cherry jello.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

Each flavor is subtly different, but retains a similar tart-sweet overall profile. While the gummies have a trace of an herbal flavor to them, it’s hardly noticeable through the candy taste. The gummies taste much like how they smell—our personal favorites were the blue raspberry and the orange, but there wasn’t a bad flavor in the bunch. That said, the cherry flavor in particular is kind of heavy-hitting, so if you’re not a fan of artificial cherry flavor you may not like those. Our bottle contained a good assortment of flavors, so if there’s one you don’t care for you won’t be stuck with it.  There’s no lingering aftertaste or weird medicinal flavor—these gummies could absolutely pass for regular candy.

It would be easy to mistake these for regular old sour gummy bears if you didn’t know what was in them. Since they’re not in a child-resistant bottle, you should definitely keep them out of reach of any little ones you have—the gummies won’t hurt them or present an overdose risk, but you don’t want your kid consuming an entire bottle of any type of gummy bears in one sitting, CBD or otherwise!


The gummies are comparable in consistency to regular sour gummies, with a chewy candy bear coated in slightly sour crystals. They’re easy to eat and don’t require excessive chewing: as far as gummy candies go, they’re on the softer side. We’d say they’re softer than Sour Patch Kids and a little more tender than sour gummy worms, but not as soft as original gummy bears fresh from the factory.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

Like most edible products, the Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies take a little while to kick in. We found it took an average of 45 minutes to feel their effects, though this was closer to 30 minutes on an empty stomach and more like an hour for a few of us who tend to have slower metabolisms.

We felt the effects of a single gummy for an average of 8 hours, though this varied a little bit depending on a variety of factors from closer to 6 hours to up to 12 hours. Since each gummy contains 15 mg of CBD, the effects were milder than they would have been at a higher dose (which may be necessary for some consumers, depending on their condition and treatment goals), but were still noticeable and effective for a variety of symptoms.

Our testers who struggle with anxiety felt more relaxed and at ease, noting an overall sense of wellbeing and peace.  We noticed a decreased response to stressful situations—things that normally sent us into panic attacks were manageable, and we were calmer under pressure. In particular, the gastrointestinal distress often felt by anxiety sufferers (including many of us) was greatly diminished, including nausea, stomach pain, and bowel problems.

Those of us who often experience muscle pain noticed pronounced relaxation and pain relief all over our bodies. From tense shoulders to sore post-workout muscles to tension headaches, these gummies were effective against a number of different types of pain. We also noticed a reduction in symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramping (generally ranked as moderate to heavy—one of our testers suffers from PCOS, and another has endometriosis). Those of us with more intense pain supplemented with a few puffs off a vape or an extra gummy the first day or two, but even without the added boost we noticed a difference in our baseline level of pain.

For one of our testers living with rheumatoid arthritis, the reduction in joint pain was particularly noticeable—they often experience severe joint pain, especially during weather changes, and that pain was notably diminished after consuming a single gummy.  A second gummy decreased their joint pain to a barely noticeable level—this tester noted that the CBD in the gummies was more effective in treating their joint pain than prescription pain relievers.

Best used for

These gummies are a great way to incorporate a systemic dose of CBD into your routine if you aren’t one for taking pills or softgels and don’t care for tinctures; they’re tasty and, since a dose contains just two grams of sugar, you won’t wreck your diet or send your blood sugar skyrocketing (or mess you up too badly if you’re trying to ease up on carbs).

We noticed improvements in symptoms of depression, anxiety, joint pain, and muscle pain in our testing. These gummies could be helpful for people suffering from a variety of ailments, such as muscle spasms, rheumatoid arthritis, bipolar disorder, Parkinson’s disease, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, even cancer.  If you’re suffering from an inflammatory illness and are looking to add CBD to your health regimen, these gummies are a great option you’ll enjoy taking.

After consuming a gummy a day for a week, we felt a noticeable difference in our symptoms and enjoyed the convenience of the gummies as well as their effectiveness. Since CBD is most effective when consumed regularly, we like these as a simple and tasty daily addition to our regimen. Because they’re consumed orally, and therefore take a longer amount of time to kick in, these gummies are better suited as a preventive than for treating sudden onset of symptoms.

Best used with (Complimentary Product)

We like to pair these gummies with a few puffs from a vaporizer or a CBD dab to treat acute symptoms, such as sudden pain, tremors, or an anxiety attack.  Additionally, if you’re looking to target pain and inflammation, we recommend using them in conjunction with the Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Rub to ease sore muscles and joints through the skin while the gummies work through your system.


Each bottle contains 900 mg total of CBD for 60 gummies, which works out to 15 mg CBD per gummy.  At $99 per bottle, each gummy costs about $1.65, which isn’t a bad price for the dose—for reference, Ambary Gardens’ 15 mg CBD softgels cost about $1.67 per gel cap.  They’re comparable in price and, for the quality of the product, we think they’re a good value.

These gummies are a tasty and novel way to incorporate your daily dose of CBD. They also come in higher dosage of 25 mg per gummy (that’s 1500 mg per bottle) if you find you need something a little stronger, though it follows that they cost a bit more (the increase is proportional:  about $2.35 per gummy, and is comparable to the cost of the same dose in an Ambary Gardens softgel).


There are tons of CBD gummies available on the market, so what sets Hemp Bombs apart? For starters, Hemp Bombs products are guaranteed to be free of THC, so you won’t accidentally fail a drug test. We also like that, in addition to the benefits of natural, hemp-derived CBD, Hemp Bombs includes a proprietary blend of L-theanine, scutellaria, and passiflora, which work together help boost the anxiety-busting and relaxing properties of these gummies. There’s also some evidence to support that L-theanine may help make cancer treatment more effective, which is especially good news if you’re using these gummies as part of a cancer care regimen.

That said, we need to note something specifically for pregnant consumers: there is some evidence that passiflora may be a uterine stimulant and could therefore contribute to miscarriage. While the dose is small, we’d recommend playing it safe and skipping out on these if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive.

These gummies pass our CBD buyer’s guide test for quality and purity. They are made with organically grown industrial hemp and lab test their products to ensure that they contain 0% THC, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to pass a drug test without worry.


Serving Size: 1 gummy

Servings per container: 60

Pure Cannabidiol (CBD): 15 mg per serving

Calories:  9

Sodium:  3 mg

Total Carbohydrate:  2 g

Sugars:  2 g


  • Proprietary blend:  Certified Pure Cannabidiol (CBD), L-Theanine, Scutellaria, Passiflora
  • Other Ingredients:  Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Calcium Lactate, Silicon Dioxide, Natural and Artificial Flavors

Directions: Take 1-2 gummies during the day or at night.  Chew thoroughly before swallowing.

  • BioActive Pure European Hemp
  • Purity Tested by ISO Certified Labs
  • Eco-Friendly Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Cultivated from Industrial Hemp

First Hand Review


I’ve been using these for over a year to help with sleep problems and they worked great.



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