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Are CBD Gummies Right For Me?

CBD gummies are easily the most popular type of CBD edible, and most brands have their own take on this chewy treat. Gummies offer convenient, pre-measured doses that taste delicious and mask the hemp flavor associated with many CBD products. With doses ranging from 10mg to 25mg and more, you’re sure to find one to meet your CBD wellness needs.

Many CBD gummies are similar to late-night convenience store favorites, like the infamous peach rings or sour gummy bears. Others offer a unique spin, like including spirulina and turmeric to boost antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, or offering a small dose of melatonin to aid in building a CBD routine for sleep.

You can find both full spectrum CBD gummies and gummies made with CBD isolate, so there are options even for THC-prohibited users who are worried about drug tests.

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Why Choose CBD Gummies?

Many CBD users choose gummies simply because they are delicious, but there may be other benefits involved with this dosing method. For instance, they potentially offer extended effects compared to some other methods. They also are incredibly portable, discreet, and appealing for people of all ages.

What does CBD Feel Like?

The onset time for gummies and other edibles can be up to 90 minutes because edibles must first pass through the digestive process before they reach the bloodstream. However, the delayed, slow absorption of CBD is said to potentially offer extended effects.

Many people experience relief for 8 hours or more, especially when using CBD gummies as part of a synergistic CBD wellness regimen. For instance, gummies pair nicely with a CBD vaporizer dose, which takes effect instantly but wears off after a few hours

How to Use CBD Gummies?

Gummies can easily be taken alongside a meal or on their own, and are easy and discreet to transport for on-the-go dosing. They are an appealing way to add CBD to your wellness regimen without adding another pill, so they may be appealing to elderly CBD users or other users who have difficulty swallowing pills. They often look as appealing as they taste, so it’s recommended to keep them out of reach from children.

What’s the Right Dosage?

CBD gummies may be the best option for users who already know what CBD dose they need, but you can start with small doses (like 5mg gummies) and slowly work your way up to an effective dose. There’s no harm in increasing your dose by 5mg increments since you can’t overdose on CBD.

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