Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze Review

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made


Hemp Bombs at a Glance

Hemp Bombs is a source of delicious, high-quality extracts and oral products. Their variety of products makes taking your daily dose of CBD easy and convenient. It even incorporates CBD into some novel body products that may not be therapeutic in the strictest of terms but may offer other benefits (such as lubricant or beard products, for instance).

In addition, Hemp Bombs makes all of its products from CBD isolate, not full-spectrum extracts, which makes them accessible to anyone who is THC-restricted and substantially lowers the risk of a failed drug test. Hemp Bombs make their CBD isolate from organic, sustainably-grown hemp free of pesticides and heavy metals, which is only their first step to creating each high-quality CBD product they offer.

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Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze First-Hand Review

Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

In the container, this CBD salve smells intense, like a minty Sharpie marker. We don’t recommend getting a nose full unless you need to clear your sinuses. That said, the smell isn’t nearly as strong once it’s applied to the skin. It’s still very minty, but the harshness goes away, and it smells like any mentholated salve.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

This is not for tasting. Please do not eat the Pain Freeze CBD.


The Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze CBD Topical Rub looks a little weird in the container—if you’re familiar with the slime craze that’s been sweeping elementary schools, you’ll see some similarities. It’s a cloudy gel that feels wet when pressed but doesn’t behave like cream in that it doesn’t adhere to your fingers. To use it, you sort of need to scoop little bits of the gel out and rub them into the skin.

Though this takes a little practice, we ended up liking it: unlike some salves, which are oil-based and can feel heavy, this product absorbs quickly and efficiently into the skin (actually, it almost melts in on contact) and doesn’t leave any greasy or sticky residue behind. That said, it does contain alcohol, which some people with very sensitive skin may find drying.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

This CBD Pain Freeze is mentholated, so a cooling sensation sets in within 15-30 seconds after application and peaks around 5-10 minutes from application. We found we were substantially more comfortable than before we applied this product by that time. Our muscles felt relaxed, joints felt less inflamed, and the pain was markedly reduced or altogether alleviated. The effects lasted 1-2 hours for most of us, so while this isn’t a long-term product, it’s good for quick relief.

We found this product to be excellent for sore muscles and joints: our tester with rheumatoid arthritis loved it, and it worked to relieve tense and sore muscles in our backs, shoulders, thighs—anywhere we put it. The CBD Topical also works like a charm on tension headaches: we rubbed it on our necks and behind our ears, with a little on our temples for good measure (keep it away from your eyes, though!).

We need to note that you should keep this product away from your eyes and mucous membranes, meaning your nose, mouth, and genitals.  We don’t want anyone to see “cooling sensation” and get any frisky ideas—do not put this on your (or anyone else’s) junk!

Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze Suggested Use

Best Used For

The Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze CBD Topical Rub does an excellent job relieving tension and soothing muscle and joint pain. The menthol works to soothe the sensation of pain while the CBD relieves inflammation. We like this for just about any soreness we’ve tried it for: it’s good for chronic joint and muscle pain, post-workout soreness, back pain, tension headaches, menstrual cramps…everything. We should note that we didn’t test it on neuropathic pain, so we can’t confirm or deny that it works for that purpose.

Best Used With (Complimentary Product)

While this product works extremely well for quick pain relief, we strongly recommend pairing it with a systemic form of CBD, be it tinctures or gummies to combat inflammation from within on a long-term basis. We suggest using an oral form of CBD like tinctures or gummies for long-term relief, along with the CBD Pain Freeze as needed throughout the day.

Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze Price & Comparison

The Pain Freeze contains 50 mg of CBD in 1 oz and is the smaller of the two sizes offered by Hemp Bombs, with the larger option being a 4 oz container with 200 mg (the same dosage strength). Meaning, it’s a little challenging to know how much you’re putting on at any given time, but the price per milligram works out to about $0.30. The most comparable product carried by Ambary Gardens is the Muscle Recovery rub, which contains 250 mg in 2 oz of product, or 125 mg per oz. The cost per ounce of the two products is comparable, with Ambary Gardens’ price per milligram coming up to $0.26.

We like the cooling and soothing properties of this Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze, so that extra four cents per milligram isn’t a massive problem for us. That said, it’s not the most potent product available on the market, and your dose of CBD won’t be as high with it, which may be something to consider if your symptoms are severe.


This is a matter of preference—there are stronger products available on the market of comparable quality and price. That said, the cooling properties of this product helped KO pain for many of our testers; we think it’s a good option for a lot of people, particularly people with chronic pain or those using CBD for athletic recovery.

Label & Directions

Directions: Apply to small areas like the neck and shoulders, or massage liberally into large muscle groups for full-body relief. Rub a thin layer on the affected area no more than four times per day.

  • Joint and Arthritis Support
  • Relieve Minor Muscle Aches
  • Back and Knee Pain Relief

Not a marijuana-derived CBD product. Contains no THC.

First Hand Review


This CBD pain freeze is a life saver.

Jake B


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