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Linx Blaze Onyx Product Overview

Cannabis concentrates have been ever-popular since their emergence, but electronic alternatives are quickly overshadowing traditional nail-and-torch rigs. Many of these devices’ convenience and portability, specifically pen-style, battery-operated models, are unparalleled in most other dabbing tools. 

It’s no wonder that so many people are eager to try these pocket-sized devices over bulky, fragile glass rigs, but sometimes cutting size can also mean cutting quality. In an attempt to identify the latest dab tools that can offer that concise portability without sacrificing the sensational experience offered by a high-quality dab rig, we reviewed the Linx Blaze Onyx Concentrate Vaporizer.

What's Included with the Linx Blaze Onyx Vape

The Linx Blaze Onyx comes neatly packaged inside a sleek, standard box. Inside, you’ll find a sturdy, compact black travel case just large enough to house the device and its different attachments neatly. We like this aspect of the vape kit, as it makes a great option for dabs on-the-go. 

Inside the case, you’ll find the main attraction: a slender, 510 threaded, 900 mAh battery. The pen-style battery is made from medical grade steel and set with a pristine black finish. A matching magnetic mouthpiece cover is included, and it slides on and off easily while protecting the mouthpiece from grime, dust, and other debris. 

This single-button beauty is accompanied by two different atomizers, the Blaze Ace Atomizer and the Blaze Zero Atomizer. Each type is made from unique, medical-grade materials specialized to offer two different, high-quality concentrate experiences. You will also find two of Linx Vapor’s signature glass mouthpieces, a simple dab tool, and a convenient, compact charging cable fitted with a magnetic clasp that keeps it tidy inside the carrying case. 

The Linx Blaze Unit Itself

This mod is quite attractive and modern in design. It is available in two colors: onyx and steel. This unit and the two atomizer options contain no plastic or wasteful materials, opting instead for medical-grade steel, quartz, ceramic, and glass. The components contain no potentially toxic materials like paint or foreign fibers, which provides a safer, cleaner vaping experience. 

The 900 mAh battery charges quickly (roughly 3 hours conferred a full charge), and the battery life of this vaporizer is longer than any pen-style vaporizer of this size that we’ve tried. Plus, the mod offers four different heating levels, easily toggled by three rapid clicks of the vaporizer’s single button. The battery housing is around 4 inches long, and the dab pen is ultra-portable no matter which atomizer you choose.

Both atomizers offer the same updated design, featuring a larger chamber space and improved airflow holes for greater, denser vapor output—the difference between the two lies in the unique and flavorful experience offered by each model.

The Blaze Ace Atomizer is a first-of-its-kind inlaid heating, coil-less quartz atomizer. The atomizer, which features a large heating chamber, offers a moderate vapor output. The heating is a little slow, especially if you’re dabbing at lower temperatures, but it seemed to heat evenly every time and is overall a pretty conservative way to dab. However, the flavor offered by the vaporizer is unrivaled.

This is definitely a key piece for all the quartz fans out there. The Linx Blaze Ace atomizer fared considerably better compared to the many traditional quartz bangers we’ve tested. If you’re one of the many cannabis enthusiasts who prefer quartz for the clean, richly flavorful dab experience it provides, this atomizer won’t let you down. 

The ceramic Blaze Zero Atomizer offers a contrasting experience that is every bit as impressive while different from the Ace. The recessed ceramic plate is unlike anything we’ve seen so far, offering plenty of room for larger dab doses. This atomizer heats quickly but never resulted in that burnt taste that’s so common with lower quality plates.

Although we are sometimes wary of ceramic, which tends to crack under the high heat and pressure of dabbing, this atomizer is advertised to “deliver superior lifespan.” While we only used it for a short time, we think this ceramic plate will hold well to long-term use. It definitely stood up to multiple rounds of high-temp dabbing over the week we spent with the Linx Blaze Onyx. 

This recessed atomizer is designed to be paired with Linx Budder Cups, a combination that really puts this vaporizer at the top of its class. The small, portable, reusable glass cups allow you to individually measure your concentrate material and cap them with the included silicone lids. The tiny dab cups fit perfectly inside the recessed plate for easy dosing and clean up, and they definitely are a necessary accessory for those who want to get the most out of this vape mod. 

Performance of the Linx Blaze Onyx

The device itself is pretty straightforward, and the included instructions guide you through its use. Usage doesn’t vary much from many other dab-friendly vape pens, but it may take a moment to get comfortable with each atomizer and temperature setting. Getting started dabbing with the Linx Blaze Vaporizer is simple and straightforward, even for those new to dabbing and concentrates.

First, unscrew the cap and insert the atomizer you intend to use. Add the concentrate of your choosing, being careful not to overpack the chamber. Then screw the lid back into place.

Next, press the button five times in a row to turn it on. This is part of a safety feature that prevents the unit from being accidentally used by children. The device will begin to heat to its preset temperature as soon as it comes on (the heating time will vary slightly depending on the atomizer you use with it). 

Press the button three times in rapid succession to change the temperature setting. There are four different settings (explained in detail in the product manual). A different color LED light indicates each setting. Continue to adjust the temperature setting this way until you find the one you prefer. 

Next, allow the device to heat up. The device heats quickly, but it does start to get pretty warm to the touch. If you’d like, the silicone sleeve (sold separately) helps protect against accidental fingertip burns. This extra might be especially useful if you like to take extended dab sessions but may not be necessary for the occasional puff or two.

Finally, remove the magnetic mouthpiece cover and take a slow, steady draw from the device. The device stays heated long enough to finish your bowl but will shut off on its own after a period of inactivity. This is intended as an additional safety bonus. Allow it to cool completely before reloading for another round (if you so desire) or returning the vape to its case.

The Linx Blaze Onyx Vape vs. Competitors: How It Holds Up

This vaporizer was so easy to love, and there are immediately a few features that stand out from the (crowded field of) competition. First, the module truly has the most capable battery we have seen to date for this type of device. We used the device frequently over the course of several days without needing to charge, which is honestly a major improvement to most vaporizers’ short-lived hour charge. It also charges quickly compared to other units. When you do need to recharge, it doesn’t take all day — three hours charges the unit fully. 

With both included atomizers, we found that the vapor output was consistent and moderate without compromising flavor. Both fared well at high as well as low temperatures. At the medium-high setting with the Blaze Ace atomizer, the flavor was the cleanest we’ve found possible across all dabbing devices we’ve tested. 

Of course, the Zero Atomizer design is truly industry-leading, and (when paired with the Budder Cups) no other handheld device offers comparable portability, ease of use, and convenience. 

We thought the magnetic metal mouthpiece cover was ingenious when we first saw it in the Linx Eden, Linx’s dual-use vape pen. The feature is equally as thoughtful and impressive in the Linx Blaze vaporizer. We love being able to carry this vape pen anywhere and everywhere without the glass mouthpiece becoming gunked up with pocket lint or debris from our purse or backpack.

The only downside we can really find after thoroughly testing this vaporizer is how hot it gets on the outside. While the heating time is impressive, the hot spots on the outside of the vape might deter some people. It also takes a while to cool down, so it may not be the best option for groups that will need to reload frequently.

We found that the chamber was large enough to hold pretty hefty doses and that the device heated efficiently even with frequent use, so the long cooldown likely won’t be a problem for most people. That said, if you’re looking to dab with a large smoke circle, this may not be quite the right fit. 


This vaporizer costs $135.99 from Linx Vapor’s website. Although it is slightly more expensive than the Linx Eden, it is also much more capable of handling cannabis concentrates over vape oils. When the large chambers, two atomizer options, and the extended, powerful battery life are considered, this price is honestly a steal. It’s not uncommon for devices of this quality and longevity to cost upwards of $200, so we’d definitely agree that this device offers a great value and a luxurious vapor experience that’s a dream for dab lovers of all stripes. 


Next to competing pen-style vaporizers, we feel like the Linx Blaze vape more than holds its own. While it’s a bit pricey compared to the $20 disposable pens at head shops and dispensaries, the experience it provides is unparalleled. Perfect for vapor connoisseurs and concentrate lovers, the Linx Blaze creates dense, flavorful vapor without any risk of combustion. It is perfect for uncompromising dabs on the go and meticulously designed down to the last detail. For the discerning dabber, it’s hard to beat the Linx Blaze Vaporizer.

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Only wax pen that’s even worth buying!!! No joke solid product.

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