Receptra Naturals Serious Rest + Chamomile CBD Oil Tincture (375-1500mg) Review

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  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


Receptra Naturals at a Glance

The team at Receptra is laser-focused on providing customers with the best quality and most trustworthy CBD products possible. They married scientific research and high-quality, natural ingredients to create a line of premium all-natural CBD products designed to satisfy their customer’s desire to live a healthy life. They take pride in making a product that they know will improve other people’s lives because it’s changed their own.

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First Hand Review


Recepta Naturals Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture has made a huge difference in my sleep patterns. Hemp drops are so easy to use, are effective and most important to me, I don’t get a hangover like I do from other sleep aids. It’s amazing how well-rested and fresh I feel with a good night’s sleep! I’M TOTALLY SOLD!

Cindy L


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