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  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Vegan

The Product Rundown: General Thoughts

These gummies are some of the most fun-looking edibles we’ve seen in our CBD sampling — they’re brightly colored gummy worms coated with a crystalline white powder. Each flavor (and there’s an assortment) is delicious, the texture is the perfect balance of soft and chewy, and they have a pleasantly sour bite to them.

In theory, the dose of 50 mg per gummy worm (300 mg per package) should be pretty intense for most of us. However, that didn’t end up being our experience — and we’ve been taking CBD long enough to know how we should feel at different doses. These gummies didn’t aid sleep or alleviate pain and anxiety the same way others we’ve had in the past did, and they didn’t work as well as the same dosage strength in an oil or capsule.

Why We Don’t Recommend This Product

We honestly thought there was something wrong with us the first time we tried these gummies. We took a gummy before bed to help aid sleep, as we so often do. We should note that this dose is higher than what we usually take (closer to 25-30 mg for most of us) for sleep, but we figured it would just be extra effective.

We did not have an easier time sleeping at all — it took forever to fall asleep, we woke up multiple times in the night, and we noticed more pain while we were trying to sleep compared to our normal bedtime dose of CBD. This was weird to us, so the next night, we tried two — and experienced the same thing. It was like we hadn’t taken any CBD at all.

We have a theory as to why this might be, but we have no way of proving or substantiating the idea. However, we suspect that the CBD within the gummies was in the powder on their surface, rather than in the gummies themselves. Since CBD needs to be attached to a fat molecule to be absorbed by the body, this would explain why we felt little to no effect from the gummies we consumed.

That’s just a theory — again, we don’t have a way of knowing exactly what happened. However, our experience with the gummies certainly gave us pause. We know how we generally respond to edibles and oral doses of CBD, and these gummies did not produce those results. At this dosage strength, we expected pain and anxiety relief, mood enhancement, and relaxation, but we didn’t feel much of anything.

Is the Issue With the Brand As a Whole, Or Just This Product

To be completely frank, we didn’t have the most positive experience with Savage CBD’s product line. Their vapor products, while flavorful and potent, contain PG (a compound that breaks down into known carcinogens like arsenic and formaldehyde when vaporized), their labels are confusing, vague, and difficult to read, and the only product we had good results with was the lemon-lime tincture. Everything else ultimately ended up being a miss, and that makes it hard for us to stand behind Savage CBD as a brand. They’re not the worst CBD company out there, but they’re certainly not the best, either.


I must say how skeptical I was of this product. But I have not felt such relief from my constant neck and shoulder pain in many, many months! I was able to sleep through the nights without tossing and turning or waking up numerous times. Product tasted quite delicious as well so I had to be mindful to eat just one! I am now a believer, a new fan, Read more about I must say how skeptical I was of thisand soon to be frequent customer. This was/is worth my time and money. Thank you so much for delivering an awesome product and exceeding my expectations.

Jerri H

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